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Gabrielle Union responds to California gang rape coverage
Actress Gabrielle Union discusses the aftermath of the California gang rape story.

Change the Power Balance to Prevent Rape
PTA magazine article by Polly Poskin on the gang rape in California.

Violence against women surges on TV
New report showing a dramatic increase in the acts of violence against women shown on network television shows.

20 present at gang rape of high school student
Police are searching for suspects in the gang rape of a 15-year-old girl outside of a Homecoming Dance in California.

Advocates testify on nursing home safety
Advocates testified before the nursing home safety task force on the need to keep offenders out of nursing homes.

Chicago police stonewalling rape cases
Article regarding the difficulty of having rape cases investigated and prosecuted in Chicago.

Testimony Delivered to Nursing Home Safety Task Force

Here is the testimony ICASA delivered to the Nursing Home Safety Task Force regarding the need to improve the safety of the elderly in Illinois nursing homes.

30 Senators Choose Politics Over People
  Commentary by Polly Poskin, Executive Director of the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault, responds to 30 U.S. Senators choosing politics over people.

Girl, raped at 13, fights against DNA rape kit backlog
  A teenage rape victim is working to end the backlog of rape kits in the system.

Hollywood shows true thoughts with Polanski case
John Kass takes on Hollywood and its defense of Roman Polanski raping a child.

Pepsi apology not an apology
Pepsi issued an "apology" for its iPhone application on how to "score" with women, but refuses to remove the application.

Anti-Rape bill doesn't get full support of Senate
  Jon Stewart's report on how 30 Senators voted against an anti-rape bill.

Advertisers attacking women

Commentary regarding recent woman-bashing advertisements by Burger King and Ralph Lauren.

Polanski case shows how we discuss rape differently
Column in the Chicago Tribune regarding the aftermath of the Roman Polanski case and how it highlights different attitudes about rape.

Nursing homes mix residents, sex offenders
Report by the Chicago Tribune on the number of sex offenders and other felons employed by nursing homes throughout the state.

Polanski arrested on sex charge from 1970s
Director Roman Polanski was arrested in Switzerland on charges of raping a 13-year-old girl in the 1970s. Polanski has lived outside of the United States since the case emerged in the 1970s.

Reform group seeks change in laws on prostitution
End Demand, a group of advocates, is seeking to put the focus for prostitution on the consumers and not the women victimized by prostitution.

Victims of repeated abuse suffer complex trauma

Article on how victims of repeated sexual abuse suffer from an intense, complex trauma.

New Protection for rape victims in Civil Cases

Finally, in every courtroom, the present will take precedent over the past for rape victims.  The long-needed change comes to fruition with the signing of HB 3794 by Governor Pat Quinn. The bill extends the rape shield law to civil cases, meaning no longer will rape victims be forced to endure irrelevant victim-blaming and finger-pointing in any courtroom.

Girl, 9, details rape in congo

Account of the continuing rape atrocities in the Congo through the voice of a 9-year-old victim.

Parents should parent
Opinion article on the  need for parents to take a stand against what their children want to do versus what they should do.

Waitresses forced into prostitution ring by Long Island bar owners
Federal agents have arrested several people in connection with running a prostitution ring from their Long Island bar.

Sports Misogyny and Public Opinion
Article on the societal backlash against the victim in the Ben Rothliesberger case.

Rape in Arizona sheds light on rapes in Liberia
The brutal rape of a girl in Arizona has shed light on the violence experienced by women and girls in Liberia.

Aurora DV Shelter closes due to state budget crisis
Mutual Ground located in Aurora closed its domestic violence shelter Wednesday because of the state budget crisis.

Rally at Capitol against budget cuts
Coverage of the rally at the Capitol.

Thousands rally against budget cuts
Thousands gathered inside and outside of the Illinois State Capitol to protest devastating budget cuts to social services.

ICASA rallies against budget cuts
Pictures from the rally in Springfield to protest devastating budget cuts to social services.

ICASA denounces budget cuts to victim services
ICASA press release regarding proposed budget cuts that would devastate victim services.

Rally held in Champaign against budget cuts
Social service agencie rallied in Champaign against pending budget cuts.

Sterling residents rally against budget cuts
YWCA of Sauk Valley held a rally against the proposed budget cuts to human services.

Information on rally scheduled for 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, June 23 in Springfield.

Social Service agencies will rally against pending budget cuts on Saturday in Champaign.

Rally against budget cuts held in Chicago
ABC News Coverage of rally held Tuesday at the Thompson Center in Chicago

Agencies rally against budget butchery
Rape crisis centers and other social service agencies took part in a rally against the devastating budget cuts proposed to begin July 1. The YWCA Metropolitan Chicago organized the event.

Decatur agencies speak out against budget cuts

Growing Strong Sexual Assault Services joined a group of Decature area agencie speaking out against devastating budget cuts.

Star reveals childhood sexual abuse
Queen Latifah discusses the impact of being a victim of childhood sexual abuse.

Not every bridge is made of concrete
Opinion article written by the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault and the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence focusing on the Illinois state budget issues.

Group plans to fight back against sexual harassement on CTA
Women tired of harrassment on the CTA, focus on stopping problem.

Cicero town president accused of sexual harassment - again
A new lawsuit filed by a former city worker claims the city president sexually harassed her.

Thousands abused in Ireland's Catholic-run institutions
A nine-year probe into child abuse by Ireland's Catholic religious orders painted a damning portrait of a system that shielded child-molesters from justice and trapped generations of Ireland's poorest children to misery from the 1930s to the 1990s

War on Women in Congo
Commentary by Eve Enslar on the war on women in the Congo.

Illinois rape-kit testing backlog never went away
A report shows that the backlog for testing rape kits remains despite state government promises to reduce the backlog.

Is Rape Serious?
Op-Ed column from the NY Times columnist Nicholas Kristof  regarding the need for rape cases to be taken more seriously.

Sermons delivered against sexual violence
In a first-ever coordinated activity, ministers from around the Chicago area spoke out against sexual violence during their sermons on Sunday.

Rape response: Task Force urges coordinated effort
A local task force has proposed a new plan for emergency responders that calls for nurses trained to do forensic exams, advocacy services by rape crisis centers and a "victim sensitive" approach from investigators and prosecutors. The task force was set up by the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assaults and the Cook County Survivor Response Improvement Group.

DNA backlog angers rape victims

Report on the anger caused by the backlog on testing of rape kits by the Illinois State Police.

Sexting lands teen on sex offender list

Sexting is landing several teenagers in trouble with law enforcement.

ICASA thrilled with President's proclamation

ICASA press release on President Barack Obama's proclamation declaring April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Presidential Proclamation on Sexual Assault Awareness Month

President Barack Obama released a proclamation calling for a renewed effort to end sexual violence and naming April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Afghanistan rape law draws international ire

A recently passed law that would allow husbands to rape their wives in Afghanistan has drawn international ire.

SAAM Brings Needed Attention
Article focusing on Sexual Assault Awareness Month and its impact. Article appeared in the Spring 2009 Coalition Commentary.

Rape Victims and Emergency Care Response: A New Plan

Recording of a breakfast symposium held March 31, 2009 at the Union League Club in Chicago regarding a proposed plan to improve the response of Emergency Departments to rape victims.

Rape Victims and Emergency Care Response: A New Plan
Press release on a proposal to revamp hospital emergency departments and the handling of rape cases in Cook County.

Woman inmates

For years, rights groups warned that male guards were sexually assaulting female inmates in Michigan prisons. For years, those warnings went unheeded. Now, state taxpayers may pay a price too. More than 500 women are suing. They stand to collect $50 million so far, with more trials to come. This is their story. First of a five part series.

Reports of sexual assault soar
According to a new Department of Justice (DOJ) report, the rates of rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence in the United States have soared over the past two years. The National Crime Victimization Survey  estimated at least 248,300 rapes and sexual assaults occurred in 2007, a 25 percent increase from 2005 levels. Estimates of domestic violence incidents rose by 42 percent between 2005 and 2007.

Iowa rape crisis centers in dire need of funding
Crime victim advocates including Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller said  that domestic and sexual abuse assistance programs across Iowa will have to shut down or combine services if the Legislature doesn't provide millions of dollars in funding.

Kane County man sentenced in child porn case
A former attorney was sentenced to four years in prison on child pornography charges after telling a Kane County judge that he has battled his compulsion through years of counseling.

Commentary: Get Tougher on Sex Offenders
Commentary by Jane Velez-Mitchell calling for tougher sentencing for sex offenders.

Ex-CIA station chief suspected of rapes
A former chief of the CIA station in Algeria is suspected of raping two women. He has been relieved of his duties pending an investigation.

Serial Rapist strikes Chicago's NW side
A man has committed three rapes in Chicago's Logan Square/Bucktown neighborhoods.

Two teen girls accused of pimping other teen girls
Two teenage girls in Arizona have been arrested for running a prostitution ring involving other teenage girls.

Sexual Assault Reports rise in military in 2008
Reports of sexual assault among U.S. troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan rose 26 percent from the previous year, according to an annual Pentagon report.

Student sues University of Chicago over handling of rape case
A student that was raped is suing the University of Chicago for its handling of her sexual assault case.

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