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Newsletters> 2004

2004 Fall: Legal prostitution: A bad idea
Article by Dr. Janice Raymond outlining why prostitution shouldn`t be legalized.
2004 Summer: Victories - Had One Lately?
ICASA Executive Director Polly Poskin`s commentary that appeared in the Summer 2004 Coalition Commentary.
2004 Summer: Rape Shield Laws prevail in Illinois
ICASA General Counsel Lyn M. Schollett`s commentary on rape shield laws.
2004 Spring: Debate on decency indecent
Commentary by ICASA Assistant Director Carol Corgan on the decency debate.
2004 Summer: Institutional Barries Revisited
Article on institutional barriers facing rape victims that appeared in the Summer 2004 Coalition Commentary. Written by Sean Black.
2004 Spring: Institutional Barriers Stand Tall
Lead article in the Spring 2004 Coalition Commentary on the barriers rape victims face when reporting the crime that took place in an institution. Written by Sean Black.
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