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ICASA publishes Coalition Commentary, a quarterly newsletter about sexual assault. The newletter includes informative articles, opinion pieces and legal articles. For more information contact ICASA.
Unraveling the ABCs of DNA and Rape - Spring 2006
A look at how DNA impacts prosecution of rape cases.
Clergy Abuse: Unveiling the Coverup - Summer 2002

Article highlighting the coverup of sexual abuse by priests by the Catholic Church.

Just a Prude on Pornography - Summer 2005
Article by researcher and anti-pornography activist Robert Jensen.
Different Take on Party Games - Spring 2005
Article outlining how perpetrators use party games to facilitate sexual assault - specifically on college campuses.
Words Leave Lasting Impression - Summer 2001
Article on the impact language has in our society.
Sexual Abuse Impacts the Whole Family - Spring 2003
Article from sister of victim on the impact the sexual abuse of one family member has on the entire family.
Stand Up for All Victims of Violence - Fall 2001
Commentary by ICASA Executive Director Polly Poskin
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