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A Wind of Change
Lederer, Laura. "A Wind of Change." In: Funders working to end violence against women. pp. 67. 1991. [Paper/Booklet] [1203.led]
Abstract:Taken from the National Network of Women`s Funds Conference in 1991.

Creating a Culture of Fundraising in your Organization
Roth, Stephanie. "Creating a Culture of Fundraising in your Organization." Grassroots Fundraising pp. 2. 2001. [Journal Article] [1203.rot]
Abstract:Article provides 10 tips for creating fundraising culture in an office.

Discover Total Resources
, . "Discover Total Resources." In: A Guide for Nonprofits. Mellon Bank pp. 45. 1985. [Paper/Booklet] [1203.mel]
Abstract:Contains ideas on finding new money resources.

Getting Major Gifts
Klein, Kim. "Getting Major Gifts." Grassroots Fundraising Journal pp. 38. 2000. [Paper/Booklet] [1203.kle]
Abstract:Edition of the Grassroots Fundraising Journal.

Marketing Workbook for nonprofit organizations
Stern, Gary. "Marketing Workbook for nonprofit organizations." Amherst Wilder Foundation pp. 131. 1992. [Book] [1207.ste]
Abstract:Strategies and workbook lessons for marketing.

People: Managing Your Most Important Asset
, . "People: Managing Your Most Important Asset." Harvard Business Review pp. 142. 1988. [Document] [1204.hbr]
Abstract:Includes articles by 16 authors on various aspects of managing people.

Raise more Money
Klein, Kim & Roth, Stephanie. "Raise more Money." In: The Best of the Grassroots Fundraising Journal. Chardon Press pp. 199. 2001. [Book] [1203.kle]
Abstract:Collection of articles from the Grassroots Fundraising Journal.

Speaking of Money
, . "Speaking of Money." In: A guide to fundraising for nonprofit board members. National Center for Nonprofit Boards 1998. [Video] []
Abstract:Narrated by Hugh Downs. 28 minutes.

The Nonprofit Management Handbook
Connors, Tracy Daniel. "The Nonprofit Management Handbook." In: Operating Policies and Procedures. John Wiley and Sons pp. 123. 1994. [Book] [1209.con]
Abstract:Covers all aspects of nonprofit management.

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