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An evaluation of the Violent Offender Prosecution Program in Kankakee, Sangamon and Winnebago Cntys.
, . "An evaluation of the Violent Offender Prosecution Program in Kankakee, Sangamon and Winnebago Cntys.." Illinois Criminal Justice and Information Authority pp. 60. 1999. [Document] [1108.jij]
Abstract:Report describes impact and effects of the Violent Offender Prosecution Program, discusses the factors for program replication and makes recommendations.

Clinical Approaches to Sex Offenders and Their Victims
Hollin, Clive R. & Howells, Kevin. "Clinical Approaches to Sex Offenders and Their Victims." John Wiley & Sons pp. 329. 1992. [Book] [1108.hol]
Abstract:Up-to-date thinking, research findings, & practice relevant to both offenders & victims.

Cultural Diversity in Sexual Abuser Treatment
Lewis, MSW, EdD, Alvin D.. "Cultural Diversity in Sexual Abuser Treatment." In: Issues and Approaches. Safer Society Press pp. 232. 1999. [Book] [1108.lew]
Abstract:18 respected, seasoned professionals in sex abuser treatment offer insights from their experience in treating culturally diverse populations.

Handbook for Sexual Abuser Assessment and Treatment
Carich, PhD, Mark S. & Mussack, PhD, Steven E.. "Handbook for Sexual Abuser Assessment and Treatment." Safer Society Press pp. 249. 2001. [Book] []
Abstract:Points of view support the urge of treatment providers to keep looking for more effective approaches, & provide a firm basis in current practice & the history of the field.

Identifying and Treating Sex Offenders
Geffner, Robert & Crumpton Franey, Kristina. "Identifying and Treating Sex Offenders." In: Current Approaches, Research and Techniques. Haworth Maltreatment Press pp. 292. 2003. [Book] [1108.gef]
Abstract:Series of articles and studies on the evaluation and treatment of sex offenders.

Identifying and Treating Youth Who Sexually Offend
Geffner, Robert & Crumpton Franey, Kristina. "Identifying and Treating Youth Who Sexually Offend." In: Current Approaches, Techniques and Research. Haworth Maltreatment Press pp. 335. 2005. [Book] [1108.gef]
Abstract:Designed to assist professionals working with youth who sexually offend. Panel discusses the leatest research and provides theory, techniques and guidelines for the assessment and treatment of this population.

Juvenile Sexual Offending
Ryan, Gail D. & Lane, Sandy L.. "Juvenile Sexual Offending." In: Causes, Consequences, and Correction. Lexington Books pp. 435. 1991. [Book] [1107.rya]
Abstract:Designed to aid in the acquisition of the specific knowledge needed to understand the causes, consequences, and correction of juvenile sexual offending.

Male Sexual Abuse
Gonsiorek, John C. & Bera, Walter H.. "Male Sexual Abuse." In: A Trilogy of Intervention Strategies. SAGE Publications pp. 342. 1994. [Book] [1108.gon]
Abstract:Examines 3 different clinical intervention approaches in working with adolescent & young adult males who are victims or perpetrators of sexual abuse.

Kahn, Timothy. "Pathways." In: Guide for parents of youth beginning treatment. Safer Society Press pp. 48. 1990. [Paper/Booklet] [1108.kah]
Abstract:Aimed at the parents of sexually aggressive youth and how they can help with rehabilitation.

Retraining Adult Sex Offenders
Knopp, Fay Honey. "Retraining Adult Sex Offenders." In: Methods and Models. Safer Society Press pp. 319. 1984. [Book] [1108.kno]
Abstract:Descriptive study of 10 sex-offender treatment programs.

Sex Offender Treatment
Coleman, Eli & Dwyer, S. Margretta. "Sex Offender Treatment." In: Biological Dysfunction, Intrapsychic Conflict, Interpersonal Violence. The Hawthorne Press pp. 177. 1996. [Book] [1108.col]
Abstract:Assists sex therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists working in sex offender tratment in providing more effective services.

Sex Offender Treatment
Miner, Michael & Coleman, Eli. "Sex Offender Treatment." In: Accomplishments, Challenges and Future Directions. Haworth Press, Inc. pp. 121. 2001. [Book] [1100.min]
Abstract:Collection of articles providing an overview on sex offender treatment.

Sex Offender Treatment Information
, . "Sex Offender Treatment Information." Catalyst Productions pp. 190. 1989. [Document] [1108.haw]
Abstract:Produced by the Hawaii Sex Offender Treatment Team.

Sexual Abuse and Residential Treatment
Braga, MD, Wander de C. & Schimmer, MAT, Raymond. "Sexual Abuse and Residential Treatment." The Hawthorne Press, Ltd. pp. 122. 1993. [Book] [1108.bra]
Abstract:Discussion of issues related to safety & prevention of abuse in residential care.

Sexual Offender Treatment
Coleman, Eli & Miner, Michael. "Sexual Offender Treatment." In: Biopsychosocial Perspectives. Haworth Press pp. 118. 1999. [Book] [1100.col]
Abstract:Overview of recent research on sex offenders that was presented at a 1998 conference.

The Violence of Men
Madanes, Cloe & Keim, James. "The Violence of Men." In: New Techniques for Working with Abusive Families: A Therapy of Social Action. Jossey-Bass Publishers pp. 215. 1995. [Book] []
Abstract:Presents a proven model of therapeutic intervention developed for professionals who work with violent men.

The Youthful Sex Offender:
Knopp, Fay Honey. "The Youthful Sex Offender:." In: The Rationale & Goals of Early Intervention & Treatment. Safer Society Press pp. 31. 1985. [Book] [1108.kno]
Abstract:A compelling rationale for early, specialized, therapeutic intervention in sexually aggressive behaviors by youth.

Treating Child Sex Offenders and Victims
Salter, Anna C.. "Treating Child Sex Offenders and Victims." In: A Practical Guide. SAGE Publications pp. 343. 1988. [Book] [1108.sal]
Abstract:Intent is to put together in one place information regarding the treatment of sex offenders, their families, and victims such that a mental health clinician, experienced in treating clients in general, might use this manual as an entry to the process of developing specialized skills in child sexual abuse treatment.

Treating Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse
Ingersoll, Sandra L. & Patton, Susan O.. "Treating Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse." Lexington Books pp. 180. 1990. [Book] []
Abstract:Provides therapists & other mental health professionals with the techniques & strategies they need to effectively treat perpetrators of incest.

Treating Sex Offenders
Prendergast, William. "Treating Sex Offenders." In: A Guide to Clinical Practice with adults, clerics, children and adolescents. The Haworth Press pp. 332. 2003. [Book] [1108.pre]
Abstract:Collection of articles on various categories of sex offenders and how best to treat those offenders.

When Children Molest Children
Cunningham, Carolyn & MacFarlane, Kee. "When Children Molest Children." In: Group treatment strategies for young sexual abusers. Safer Society Press pp. 230. 1991. [Book] [1108.cun]
Abstract:Includes activities designed to engage children in their own treatment.

Working with Sex Offenders
O`Connell, Michael A. & Leberg, Eric. "Working with Sex Offenders." In: Guidelines for Therapist Selection. SAGE Publications pp. 130. 1990. [Book] [1108.oco]
Abstract:Purpose is to outline a process by which community supervision agents, judges,prosecuting attorneys, probation & parole officers, & others can decide which therapists should be selected to treat sex offenders.

Working With Young People Who Sexually Abuse
Calder, Martin C.. "Working With Young People Who Sexually Abuse." In: New pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. Russell House Publishing pp. 309. 1999. [Book] []
Abstract:Consolidate & extends our current knowledge & practice base in relation to young people who sexually abuse.

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