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Children Who Molest
Gil, PhD, Eliana. "Children Who Molest." In: A Guide for Parents of Young Sex Offenders. Launch Press pp. 26. 1987. [Book] [1107.gil]
Abstract:A guide for parents

Juvenile Sexual Offending
Ryan, Gail D. & Lane, Sandy L.. "Juvenile Sexual Offending." In: Causes, Consequences, and Correction. Lexington Books pp. 435. 1991. [Book] [1107.rya]
Abstract:Designed to aid in the acquisition of the specific knowledge needed to understand the causes, consequences, and correction of juvenile sexual offending.

Kahn, Timothy. "Pathways." In: Guide for parents of youth beginning treatment. Safer Society Press pp. 48. 1990. [Paper/Booklet] [1108.kah]
Abstract:Aimed at the parents of sexually aggressive youth and how they can help with rehabilitation.

Sexually Aggressive Children
Araji, Sharon K.. "Sexually Aggressive Children." In: Coming to Understand Them. SAGE Publications pp. 246. 1997. [Book] [1107.ara]
Abstract:Provides a comprehensive overview of sexual abuse perpetrated by children 12 years old and younger.

The Juvenile Sex Offender
Barbaree, Howard E. & Marshall, William L.. "The Juvenile Sex Offender." The Guilford Press pp. 329. 1993. [Book] []
Abstract:Provides a detailed examination of the juvenile offender & what is known about the development of sexually assaultive behavior.

The Youthful Sex Offender:
Knopp, Fay Honey. "The Youthful Sex Offender:." In: The Rationale & Goals of Early Intervention & Treatment. Safer Society Press pp. 31. 1985. [Book] [1108.kno]
Abstract:A compelling rationale for early, specialized, therapeutic intervention in sexually aggressive behaviors by youth.

Treating Child Sex Offenders and Victims
Salter, Anna C.. "Treating Child Sex Offenders and Victims." In: A Practical Guide. SAGE Publications pp. 343. 1988. [Book] [1108.sal]
Abstract:Intent is to put together in one place information regarding the treatment of sex offenders, their families, and victims such that a mental health clinician, experienced in treating clients in general, might use this manual as an entry to the process of developing specialized skills in child sexual abuse treatment.

When Children Molest Children
Cunningham, Carolyn & MacFarlane, Kee. "When Children Molest Children." In: Group treatment strategies for young sexual abusers. Safer Society Press pp. 230. 1991. [Book] [1108.cun]
Abstract:Includes activities designed to engage children in their own treatment.

Working With Young People Who Sexually Abuse
Calder, Martin C.. "Working With Young People Who Sexually Abuse." In: New pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. Russell House Publishing pp. 309. 1999. [Book] [1107.cal]
Abstract:Consolidate & extends our current knowledge & practice base in relation to young people who sexually abuse.

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