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Classrooms & Courtrooms
Stein, Nan. "Classrooms & Courtrooms." In: Facing Sexual Harassment in K-12 Schools. Teachers College Press pp. 152. 1999. [Book] [907.ste]
Abstract:Discusses many of the murky aspects of sexual harassment in school--those that do not lie simply beyond & over the lines, but rather, between the lines.

Expect Respect
Beck, Irene. "Expect Respect." In: A Sexual Harassment Prevention Module for Middle School. American Association of University Women pp. 184. 1998. [Paper/Booklet] [604.bec]
Abstract:Ideas and curriculum on a program to prevent sexual harassment.

Gender Violence in Elementary and Secondary Schools
Stein, Nan. "Gender Violence in Elementary and Secondary Schools." ICASA Coalition Commentary Fall 2001 pp. 4. 2001. [Journal Article] [604.ste]
Abstract:Focuses on sexual harassment and gender violence in schools and provides 13 steps to prevent the problem.

Gender Violence, Gender Justice
Stein, Nan & Cappelo, Dominic. "Gender Violence, Gender Justice." Wellesley College Center for Research on Women pp. 124. 1999. [Paper/Booklet] [601.ste]
Abstract:Teaching guide for teachers of English, literature, social studies, psychology, health, peer counseling and family and consumer sciences. For grades 7-12.

Get Smart! 2nd edition
Katz, Montana & Vieland, Veronica. "Get Smart! 2nd edition." In: What You Should Know (but won`t learn in class) About Sexual Harassment and Sex Discrimination. The Feminist Press at the City Universityy of New York pp. 170. 1993. [Book] [907.kat]
Abstract:Provides the tools to help achieve sexual equality in college.

Hostile Hallways
, . "Hostile Hallways." In: The AAUW Survey on Sexual Harassment in America`s Schools. The American Association of University Women Educational Fou pp. 25. 1993. [Document] [907.aau]
Abstract:First nationally representative survey of adolescent sexual harassment in school.

Ivory Power
Paludi, Michele A.. "Ivory Power." In: Sexual Harassment on Campus. State University of New York Press pp. 309. 1990. [Book] [907.pal]
Abstract:Discusses current research & theory on sexual harassment on college campuses.

No Excuses: Sexual Harassment
, . "No Excuses: Sexual Harassment." In: (includes Teacher`s Resource Book). Human Relations Media, Inc. 1999. [Video] [907.hrm]
Abstract:To help the entire school community focus on the issues, understand the legal obligations of school administrators to establish & enforce anti-harassment policies, & help students understand their rights & the limits of their behaviors.

Secrets in Public
Stein, Nan & Marshall, Nancy L.. "Secrets in Public." In: Sexual Harassment in Our Schools. Center for Research on Women pp. 26. 1993. [Book] [907.ste]
Abstract:A report on the results of a "Seventeen Magazine" Survey

Sexual Harassment
Sumrall, Amber Coverdale & Taylor, Dena. "Sexual Harassment." In: Women Speak Out. The Crossing Press pp. 321. 1992. [Book] [902.sum]
Abstract:Women write not only of their experiences but also of how they responded to them.

The Lecherous Professor
Dziech, Billie Wright & Weiner, Linda. "The Lecherous Professor." In: Sexual Harassment on Campus. University of Illinois Press pp. 251. 1990. [Book] [907.dzi]
Abstract:Addresses the issue of sexual harassment on campus, including the dilemma of teacher-student dating, newly devised policy statements on sexual harassment from several institutions, and faculty uneasiness about administrative directives on sexual harassment.

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