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Dangerous Relationships
Russell, Diana E.H.. "Dangerous Relationships." In: Pornography, Misogyny, and Rape. Sage Publications pp. 206. 1998. [Book] [804.rus]
Abstract:Discussion of how pornography harms women and children.

Fuel on the Fire
Rosenberg, Jean. "Fuel on the Fire." In: An Inquirey into pornography and Sexual Aggression in a free Society. Safer Society Press pp. 88. 1989. [Book] [805.ros]
Abstract:Look at the relationships between sexual media and sexual aggression.

Making Violence Sexy
Russell, Diana E.H.. "Making Violence Sexy." In: Feminist Views on Pornography. Teachers College Press pp. 302. 1993. [Book] [800.rus]
Abstract:Collection of feminist articles that show pornography causes harm to women.

Paul, Pamela. "Pornified." In: How pornography is transforming our lives, our relationships, and our families. Times Books pp. 304. 2005. [Book] [800.pau]
Abstract:Drawing on the results of more than a hundred interviews and an exclusive nationwide poll, Paul exposes how porn has infilitrated and unsettled our lives.

Dines, Gail & Jensen, Robert. "Pornography." In: The Production and Consumption of Inequality. Routledge Press pp. 184. 1998. [Book] [800.din]
Abstract:Analysis of the pornography industry.

Sexual Abuse in America: Epidemic of the 21st Century
Freeman-Longo, Robert & Blanchard, Geral. "Sexual Abuse in America: Epidemic of the 21st Century." Safer Society Press pp. 220. 1998. [Book] [200.fre]
Abstract:Book provides wide range of information from causes of sexual abuse to the media`s role in sexual abuse to prevention strategies.

Who wants to be a Porn Star
Dines, Gail & Jensen, Robert. "Who wants to be a Porn Star." In: Sex and violence in today`s pornography industry. 2007. [Document] [din.800]
Abstract:Powerpoint Presentation regarding pornography and its harmful effects on societyPowerpoint Presentation regarding pornography and its harmful effects on society

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