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A Community Secret
Agtuca, Jacqueline R.. "A Community Secret." In: For the Filipina in an Abusive Relationship. Seal Press pp. 70. 1988. [Book] [1000.agt]
Abstract:To help Filipinas being abused understand they are not alone & that many people in the Filipino community are willing to help them protect themselves.

Bi Any Other Name
Hutchins, Loraine & Kaahumanu, Lani. "Bi Any Other Name." In: Bisexual People Speak Out. Alyson Publications, Inc. pp. 379. 1991. [Book] [702.hut]
Abstract:Bisexual people tell the stories of their lives, name their experiences, and take pride in themselves.

Bound by Diversity
Sears, James T.. "Bound by Diversity." In: Unity emerges from a chorus of different voices. Sebastian Press pp. 271. 1994. [Book] [702.sea]
Abstract:Contributions by members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender communities. Embraces dialogue and debate in the interest of creating a community strengthened by our differences.

Bridges of Respect
Whitlock, Katherine. "Bridges of Respect." In: Creating Support for Lesbian and Gay Youth. American Friends Service Committee pp. 107. 1989. [Book] [702.whi]
Abstract:Guide for adults who work with youth to recognize the needs of a neglected, largely invisible population of lesbian and gay young people.

Dangerous Families
Sycamore, Matt Bernstein. "Dangerous Families." In: Queer Writing on Surviving. Harrington Park Press pp. 236. 2004. [Book] [702.syc]
Abstract:Writings by survivors of childhood abuse; exploring their complicated, frightening, & fulfilling lives.

Focusing on Pride
CALCASA, . "Focusing on Pride." In: Sexual Assault Prevention in the LGBT Community (Part 1). California Coalition Against Sexual Assault pp. 30. 2001. [Book] [702.cal]
Abstract:Designed as an introduction to the LGBT community, along with recommendations on working with LGBT sexual assault survivors.

Gender Loving Care
Ettner, Randi. "Gender Loving Care." In: A Guide to Counseling Gender-Variant Clients. W.W. Norton & Company pp. 181. 1999. [Book] [702.ett]
Abstract:Comprehensive guide to understanding & treating gender identity disorders.

Pharr, Suzanne. "Homophobia." In: A Weapon of Sexism. Chardon Press pp. 91. 1988. [Book] [208.pha]
Abstract:Analysis of why homophobia exists and the way it works.

Homosexuality and the Law
Knutson, Donald. "Homosexuality and the Law." In: Volume 1 of the Monograph Series, Research on Homosexuality. The Haworth Press, Inc. pp. 160. 1980. [Book] [702.knu]
Abstract:Essays to encourage dialogue among professionals to help dispel the notion that the worth of individual men & women can be determined by stereotypical conduct attributed to "homosexuals."

I Thought People Like That Killed Themselves
Rofes, Eric E.. "I Thought People Like That Killed Themselves." In: Lesbians, Gay Men and Suicide. Grey Fox Press pp. 162. 1983. [Book] [702.rof]
Abstract:Book was developed from an article written for THE ADVOCATE in 1979 which explored the subject of lesbians, gay men and suicide.

Invisible Lives
Barrett, Martha Barron. "Invisible Lives." In: The Truth About Millions of Women-Loving Women. Harper & Row pp. 349. 1990. [Book] [702.bar]
Abstract:Revealing look at what it is like to be a lesbian in America today -- more than 120 interviews with diverse women.

Rothblum, Esther D. & Cole, Ellen. "Lesbianism." In: Affirming Nontraditional Roles. The Haworth Press pp. 224. 1989. [Book] [702.rot]
Abstract:Collection of articles

Naming the Violence
Lobel, Kerry. "Naming the Violence." In: Speaking Out About Lesbian Battering. The Seal Press pp. 233. 1986. [Book] [1002.lob]
Abstract:First book to break the silence around lesbian battering and to challenge us to face the meaning of violence between women.

True Selves
Brown, Mildred & Rounsley, Chloe Ann. "True Selves." In: Understanding Transsexualism, For Families, Friends, Coworkers and helping professionals. Jossey-Bass pp. 269. 1996. [Book] [702.bro]
Abstract:Comprehensive book discussing all aspects of transsexualism.

Understanding Sexual Identity
Rench, Janice E.. "Understanding Sexual Identity." In: A Book for Gay and Lesbian Teens and Their Friends. Lerner Publications Company pp. 56. 1990. [Book] [702.ren]
Abstract:Offers support for gay & lesbian teens & answers questions that many people--gay or nongay--have about sexual identity.

Violent Betrayal
Renzetti, Claire M.. "Violent Betrayal." In: Partner Abuse in Lesbian Relationships. Sage Publications pp. 202. 1992. [Book] [1002.ren]
Abstract:Based on a nationwide study of violence in lesbian relationships.

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