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Breaking the Silence
, . "Breaking the Silence." In: Preventing Violence Against Asian American Women. National Asian Women`s Health Organization 2006. [Book] [600.naw]
Abstract:Discussion Group Curriculum features three modules.Discussion Group Curriculum features three modules. Focuses on fostering communication between asian american women and anti-violence advocacy groups.

Bullying Behavior
Geffner, Robert & Loring, Marti. "Bullying Behavior." In: Current Issues, Research and Interventions. Haworth Maltreatment & Trauma Press pp. 200. 2001. [Book] [604.gef]
Abstract:Provides insight on how bullying influences later relationships and provides prevention programs for elementary schools.

Child Sexual Abuse Overview: A Summary of 26 Literature Reviews and Special Projects
, . "Child Sexual Abuse Overview: A Summary of 26 Literature Reviews and Special Projects." National Clearinghouse on Family Violence pp. 34. 1989. [Paper/Booklet] [603.fvp]
Abstract:It is also available in Spanish.

Crimes Against Women
Russell, Diana & Vandeven, Nicole. "Crimes Against Women." In: The proceedings of the International Tribunal. Les Femmes pp. 298. 1976. [Book] [200.rus]
Abstract:Story of the first Tribunal on Crimes Against Women held in Brussels, Belgium in 1976.

CYD Journal: Youth Involvement in Community Violence Prevention
, . "CYD Journal: Youth Involvement in Community Violence Prevention." CYD pp. 98. 2005. [Book] [600.cyd]
Abstract:Collection of reviews on violence prevention programs.

Educating for Change
, . "Educating for Change." In: Recommended Materials on Violence Against Women and Children. Centre for Research on Violence Against Women and Children pp. 76. 1995. [Paper/Booklet] [600.crv]
Abstract:List and description of resources available on preventing violence against women and children.

Empowering Adolescent Girls
LeCroy, Craig Winston & Daley, Janice. "Empowering Adolescent Girls." In: Examining the Present and building skills for the future with the Go GRRRLS Program. W.W. Norton pp. 306. 2001. [Book] [602.lec]
Abstract:Book strives to provide positive images for girls. Provides a program to teach young girls. There is also a workbook available.

Handbook of Prevention and Treatment with Children and Adolescents
Ammerman, Robert T. & Hersen, Michel. "Handbook of Prevention and Treatment with Children and Adolescents." In: Intervention in the Real-World Context. John Wiley and Sons pp. 654. 1997. [Book] [601.amm]
Abstract:Collection of articles discussing a variety of intervention strategies and problems faced.

He Told Me Not To Tell
Fay, Jennifer. "He Told Me Not To Tell." King County Rape Relief pp. 27. 1979. [Book] [600.fay]
Abstract:For parents to learn about child sexual abuse.

Helping Your Child to be safe
Wittet, Scott. "Helping Your Child to be safe." Washington State Department of Health and Social Services pp. 40. 1987. [Paper/Booklet] [600.wit]
Abstract:Provides information aimed at people from Southeast Asia. Written in English, Cambodian and Lao

Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Assault
Osattin, Alison. "Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Assault." In: A Guide to Training Materials and Programs for Health Care Providers. Centers for Disease Control pp. 112. 1998. [Book] [602.osa]
Abstract:Listing of materials and programs compiled by the CDC.

It`s Not Your Fault
Jance, Judith A.. "It`s Not Your Fault." Kidsrights pp. 20. 1985. [Paper/Booklet] [600.jan]
Abstract:Aims to teach children basic sexual abuse prevention skills and help show those that have been abused that they are not responsible for the abuse.

Kid`s Guide to Who You Can Trust
Herrerias, Catalina. "Kid`s Guide to Who You Can Trust." In: Protect Yourself at Home, at School and on the Internet. jist pp. 17. 2003. [Book] [600.her]
Abstract:Short informational guide on safety. It includes worksheets.

Kids Online
Hughes, Donna Rice. "Kids Online." In: Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace. Baker Book House pp. 269. 1998. [Book] [602.hug]
Abstract:Provides step-by-step directions for keeping kids safe while allowing them to benefit from the Internet.

Lift Every Voice
Public Health, & CDC, . "Lift Every Voice." In: End Sexual Violence. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention 2003. [Video] []
Abstract:Addresses issues related to rape prevention & education for underserved communities.Addresses issues related to rape prevention & education for underserved communities.

Living with My Family
Deaton, Wendy & Johnson, Kendall. "Living with My Family." pp. 30. 2002. [Paper/Booklet] [1000.dea]
Abstract:Workbook is a tool for working one-on-one with children who have been traumatized by domestic violence.

No More Secrets For Me
Wachter, Oralee. "No More Secrets For Me." Little Brown and Company pp. 46. 1983. [Book] [600.wac]
Abstract:Aimed at children between the ages of 2 and 14.

Preventing Violence in Relationships
Schewe, Paul. "Preventing Violence in Relationships." In: Interventions Across the Life Span. American Psychological Association pp. 265. 2002. [Book] [603.sch]
Abstract:Compilation of articles and research on a variety of issues regarding violence prevention. Focuses on healthy interpersonal relationship skills as the basis for preventing violence.

Reaching Men
Funk, Rus. "Reaching Men." In: Strategies for Preventing Sexist Attitudes, Behaviors and Violence. JIST pp. 315. 2005. [Book] []
Abstract:Provides information and strategies that educators and advocates against sexism and violence can use to create effective men`s programs.

Red Flag Green Flag People
Williams, Joy. "Red Flag Green Flag People." Rape and Abuse Crisis Center of Fargo-Moorhead pp. 28. 1980. [Paper/Booklet] [600.wil]
Abstract:Booklet to use with younger children

Safe Beginnings
Anderson, Orieda Horn & Paceley, Shirley. "Safe Beginnings." In: Protecting our Children from Sexual Abuse. Blue Tower Training Center pp. 183. 2003. [Book] [600.and]
Abstract:A how-to book that can help reduce the risk of sexual abuse for all children.

Sexual Abuse Free Environment for Teens
, . "Sexual Abuse Free Environment for Teens." Vermont Coalition Against Sexual Assault pp. 20. 1999. [Paper/Booklet] [602.vcs]
Abstract:Information on the SAFE-T Program organized by the Vermont Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

Sexual Assault and Abuse
Swift, Carolyn. "Sexual Assault and Abuse." In: Sociocultural Context of Prevention. Haworth Press pp. 186. 1995. [Book] [601.swi]
Abstract:Collection of articles.

Sexual Assault Prevention
, . "Sexual Assault Prevention." In: Catalog of Educational Materials. Massachusetts Department of Public Health pp. 172. 1997. [Paper/Booklet] [600.mas]
Abstract:A list of material available.

Sexual Assault Prevention Handbook
, . "Sexual Assault Prevention Handbook." Crime Prevention Center pp. 26. 1989. [Paper/Booklet] [600.cpc]
Abstract:Produced by the California Attorney General`s Office.

Sexual Coercion
Grauerholz, Elizabeth & Koralewski, Mary. "Sexual Coercion." In: A Sourcebook on its Nature, Causes and Prevention. Lexington Books pp. 240. 1991. [Book] [202.gra]
Abstract:Experts provide answers to questions about sexual coercion. Include statistics and summaries of reports.

Sprecher, Susan & McKinney, Kathleen. "Sexuality." Sage Publications pp. 184. 1993. [Book] [600.spr]
Abstract:A portrait of sexuality in the context of close relationships.

So What`s it to Me?
Stringer, Gayle M. & Rants-Rodriguez, Deanna. "So What`s it to Me?." In: Sexual Assault Information for Guys. King County Rape Relief pp. 35. 1987. [Book] [602.str]
Abstract:For teenagersFor teenagers

Spiderman and the Power Pack
, . "Spiderman and the Power Pack." National Committee for Prevention of Child Abuse pp. 8. 1988. [Paper/Booklet] [600.ncp]
Abstract:Comic book about preventing child sexual abuse.

Still More Games Trainers Play
Scannell, Edward & Newstrom, John. "Still More Games Trainers Play." McGraw Hill pp. 311. 1994. [Book] []
Abstract:101 different activities for trainers.

Stopping Rape
Funk, Rus. "Stopping Rape." In: A challenge for men. New Society Publishers pp. 177. 1993. [Book] []
Abstract:Book discusses how and why men should join the anti-rape movement.

Talking to Children/Talking to Parents about Sexual Assault
Loontjens, Lois. "Talking to Children/Talking to Parents about Sexual Assault." Network Publications pp. 68. 1984. [Paper/Booklet] [602.loo]
Abstract:Guide to discussing sexual assault with parents and how they can discuss it with children.

The Gift of Fear
de Becker, Gavin. "The Gift of Fear." In: Survival Signals that protect us from violence. Little Brown and Company pp. 331. 1997. [Book] [601.deb]
Abstract:Groundbreaking book that shows how people can predict violent behavior in others.

The Go GRRRLS Workbook
LeCroy, Craig Winston & Daley, Janice. "The Go GRRRLS Workbook." WW Norton pp. 111. 2001. [Book] [602.lec]
Abstract:Workbook with activities to help provide positive thoughts for girls on a variety of subjects from self-image to making and keeping friends.

The Macho Paradox
Katz, Jackson. "The Macho Paradox." In: Why Some Men Hurt Women and How all Men can Help. Source Books 2005. [Book] [600.kat]
Abstract:Latest work from renowned anti-violence activist which focuses on men and their role in stopping violence against women.

The Parent Pamphlet
, . "The Parent Pamphlet." Rape Information and Counseling Services pp. 10. 1986. [Paper/Booklet] [600.ric]
Abstract:Brochure produced by the Springfield rape crisis center.

The Rape Victim
Koss, Mary & Harvey, Mary. "The Rape Victim." In: Clinical and Community Interventions. Sage pp. 313. 1991. [Book] [104.kos]
Abstract:From the cause to the effects, from disclosure to treatment, the book examines rape.

Those are my Private Parts
Hansen, Diane. "Those are my Private Parts." Empowerment Productions pp. 30. 2008. [Book] [300.han]
Abstract:Book aimed to teach children about safety from abuse. Illustrated by the author`s daughter.

Wings to Fly
Bailey, Sally Dorothy. "Wings to Fly." In: Bringing Theatre Arts to Students with Special Needs. Woodbine House pp. 409. 1993. [Book] [704.bai]
Abstract:Comprehensive nuts and bolts handbook for special education and drama teachers.

With the Best of Intentions
Berrick, Jill Duerr & Gilbert, Neil. "With the Best of Intentions." In: The Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Movement. Guilford Press pp. 221. 1991. [Book] [601.ber]
Abstract:Traces the origins and developments of prevention programs. Recommends changes to the way programs are implemented and developed.

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