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A Guide to Rape Awareness and Prevention
Ferguson, Robert & Ferguson, Jeanine. "A Guide to Rape Awareness and Prevention." Turtle Press pp. 126. 1994. [Book] [609.fer]
Abstract:A woman`s guide to leading a safe yet active lifestyle.

Acquaintance Rape
Bateman, Py. "Acquaintance Rape." In: Awareness and Prevention. Alternatives to Fear pp. 24. 1984. [Paper/Booklet] [602.bat]
Abstract:Tips for avoiding putting yourself in situations where acquaintance rape is more likely.

Being Safe
Abarbanel, Gail. "Being Safe." In: Protecting Yourself, Your Family and Your Home. Rape Treatment Center pp. 29. 1981. [Paper/Booklet] [609.aba]
Abstract:Practical tips on safety.

Housewise, Streetwise
Casbon, Jay & Dennard, Rita. "Housewise, Streetwise." pp. 49. 1985. [Document] [609.cas]
Abstract:Staff training, program organization and personal safety curriculum designed to teach survival skills in a positive and practical way to third graders.

Protecting the Gift
de Becker, Gavin. "Protecting the Gift." In: Keeping Children and Teenagers Safe (And Parents Safe). The Dial Press pp. 336. 1999. [Book] [601.deb]
Abstract:Book works to empower parents to trust their instincts when it comes to protecting their children. Shows warning signs and offers suggestions to enhance the child`s safety.

Scenarios In Self-Defense
Brandl, Mary & Bendickson, Anita. "Scenarios In Self-Defense." BPS Communications pp. 57. 1989. [Paper/Booklet] [609.bra]
Abstract:Discussion of different crime scenarios and how and if self-defense could help.

Self Defense
Leung, Debbie. "Self Defense." In: The Womanly art of self-care intuition and choice. R&M Press pp. 174. 1991. [Book] [609.leu]
Abstract:Based on curriculum by FISTs (Feminists in Self-Defense Training.

Street Smarts
Rafkin, Louise. "Street Smarts." In: A Personal Safety Guide for Women. Harper pp. 182. 1995. [Book] [609.raf]
Abstract:Tips to ensure safety at home, school, in the car, at work and on the street.

The Assault on Age
, . "The Assault on Age." King County Rape Relief pp. 10. 1990. [Paper/Booklet] [609.hsw]
Abstract:Booklet describes how older adults can protect themselves against crimes.

The Date Rape Prevention Book
Lindquist, Scott. "The Date Rape Prevention Book." In: The Essential Guide for Girls and Women. Sourcebooks, Inc. pp. 208. 2000. [Book] [609.lin]
Abstract:Shows how women can break the "date rape triangle"

The Gift of Fear
de Becker, Gavin. "The Gift of Fear." In: Survival Signals that protect us from violence. Little Brown and Company pp. 331. 1997. [Book] [601.deb]
Abstract:Groundbreaking book that shows how people can predict violent behavior in others.

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