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Bullying at School
Olweus, Dan. "Bullying at School." In: Understanding Children`s Worlds. Blackwell Publishing pp. 127. 1993. [Book] [604.olw]
Abstract:Provides effective ways of counteracting and preventing bully/victim problems at schools. Provides research based methods. Based on a program in Norway that reduced bullying by 50-percent.

Child Sexual Abuse Overview: A Summary of 26 Literature Reviews and Special Projects
, . "Child Sexual Abuse Overview: A Summary of 26 Literature Reviews and Special Projects." National Clearinghouse on Family Violence pp. 34. 1989. [Paper/Booklet] [603.fvp]
Abstract:It is also available in Spanish.

Educating for Change
, . "Educating for Change." In: Recommended Materials on Violence Against Women and Children. Centre for Research on Violence Against Women and Children pp. 76. 1995. [Paper/Booklet] [600.crv]
Abstract:List and description of resources available on preventing violence against women and children.

Gender Violence, Gender Justice
Stein, Nan & Cappelo, Dominic. "Gender Violence, Gender Justice." Wellesley College Center for Research on Women pp. 124. 1999. [Paper/Booklet] [601.ste]
Abstract:Teaching guide for teachers of English, literature, social studies, psychology, health, peer counseling and family and consumer sciences. For grades 7-12.

Growing Smart: What`s Working for Girls in School
Hansen, Sunny & Walker, Joyce. "Growing Smart: What`s Working for Girls in School." American Association of University Women Educ. Foundation pp. 102. 1995. [Book] [601.han]
Abstract:Report includes executive summary and an action guide.

In Search of Love
, . "In Search of Love." In: Dating Violence Among Urban Youth. Motivational Educational Entertainment pp. 168. 1996. [Paper/Booklet] [603.mee]
Abstract:Results of a study done by the CDC. Includes analysis. There is also a video.

One Size Does Not Fit All
Quinn, Kathleen. "One Size Does Not Fit All." ICASA Coalition Commentary Spring 2002 pp. 1, 3-5. 2002. [Journal Article] [603.qui]
Abstract:Article focuses on what works in prevetion education programs and how programs must be adjusted to the audience.

Preventing Violence in Relationships
Schewe, Paul. "Preventing Violence in Relationships." In: Interventions Across the Life Span. American Psychological Association pp. 265. 2002. [Book] [603.sch]
Abstract:Compilation of articles and research on a variety of issues regarding violence prevention. Focuses on healthy interpersonal relationship skills as the basis for preventing violence.

Protecting the Gift
de Becker, Gavin. "Protecting the Gift." In: Keeping Children and Teenagers Safe (And Parents Safe). The Dial Press pp. 336. 1999. [Book] [601.deb]
Abstract:Book works to empower parents to trust their instincts when it comes to protecting their children. Shows warning signs and offers suggestions to enhance the child`s safety.

Protecting Young Children from Sexual Abuse
Gilbert, Neil & Berrick, Jill Duerr. "Protecting Young Children from Sexual Abuse." In: Does Preschool Training Work?. Lexington Books pp. 158. 1989. [Book] [601.gil]
Abstract:Examines if sexual prevention education works at a preschool level and what directions educators could take to make teaching more effective.

Responding to Sexual Assault on Campus
, . "Responding to Sexual Assault on Campus." State Council of Higher Education for Virginia pp. 26. 1991. [Paper/Booklet] [604.vir]
Abstract:Three-part manual focusing on preventing sexual assault in a university setting.

Sexual Abuse of Children
Schlesinger, Benjamin. "Sexual Abuse of Children." In: A Resource Guide and Annoted Bibliography. University of Toronto Press pp. 198. 1982. [Book] [106.sch]
Abstract:Book is designed for educators and students. Most useful for in-services training courses.

Shortchanging Girls, Shortchanging America
, . "Shortchanging Girls, Shortchanging America." In: A nationwide poll that assesses self-esteem, educational experiences, interest in math and science. American Association of University Women pp. 19. 1994. [Document] [205.aau]
Abstract:Commissioned by the American Association of University Women

The Gift of Fear
de Becker, Gavin. "The Gift of Fear." In: Survival Signals that protect us from violence. Little Brown and Company pp. 331. 1997. [Book] [601.deb]
Abstract:Groundbreaking book that shows how people can predict violent behavior in others.

With the Best of Intentions
Berrick, Jill Duerr & Gilbert, Neil. "With the Best of Intentions." In: The Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Movement. Guilford Press pp. 221. 1991. [Book] [601.ber]
Abstract:Traces the origins and developments of prevention programs. Recommends changes to the way programs are implemented and developed.

Youth Violence Prevention
Powell, Kenneth E. & Hawkins, Darnell E.. "Youth Violence Prevention." In: Descriptions and Baseline Data from 13 Evaluation Projects. Oxford University Press pp. 134. 1996. [Book] [603.pow]
Abstract:Supplement to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine

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