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And They Call it Help
Armstrong, Louise. "And They Call it Help." In: The Psychiatric Policing of America`s Children. Addison-Wesley pp. 383. 1993. [Book] [300.arm]
Abstract:Investigation into whether children today have more psychiatric problems than ever or if this is a by product of our adult society being brainwashed by the language and business of the psychiatric industry.

Being a Witness
, . "Being a Witness." In: Answers to some of the questions you might have. Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault pp. 10. 1988. [Document] [412.iow]
Abstract:Large print brochure, aimed at teaching children about court.

Child Victim-Witness Protocol
, . "Child Victim-Witness Protocol." Sand Diego Regional Child Victim-Witness Task Force pp. 45. 1991. [Document] [405.sdr]
Abstract:Protocol used in San Diego for child witnesses.

Children`s Story
Smith, Sandra Butler. "Children`s Story." In: Sexually Molested Children in Criminal Court. Launch Press pp. 78. 1985. [Book] [405.smi]
Abstract:Guide to how to treat children in the legal system.

It`s the Law
Carrel, Annette. "It`s the Law." In: A young person`s guide to our legal system. Volcano Press pp. 183. 1994. [Book] []
Abstract:General review of the U.S. court system.

Jeopardy in the Courtroom
Ceci, Stephen & Bruck, Maggie. "Jeopardy in the Courtroom." In: A Scientific Analysis of Children`s Testimony. American Psychological Association pp. 336. 1995. [Book] [412.cec]
Abstract:Research into child abuse cases across history to see how children are used in the courtroom.

Legal Issues in Child Abuse and Neglect
Myers, John. "Legal Issues in Child Abuse and Neglect." Sage pp. 206. 1992. [Book] [412.mye]
Abstract:Familiarizes professionals with the legal implications of their day-to-day work.

Mandated Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse
Kalichman, Seth. "Mandated Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse." In: Ethics, Law and Policy. American Psychological Association pp. 245. 1993. [Book] [402.kal]
Abstract:A sourcebook on mandated reporting.

My Court Notebook
, . "My Court Notebook." In: Family Court. State of South Carolina pp. 25. 1988. [Document] [412.ssc]
Abstract:Workbook for kids to use while waiting in court.

On Trial
Dziech, Billie Wright & Schudson, Charles. "On Trial." In: America`s Courts and their Treatment of Sexually Abused Children. Beacon Press pp. 226. 1989. [Book] [401.dzi]
Abstract:Examines how child victims and their families are treated in the judicial system.

Protecting Abused and Neglected Children
Wald, Michael & Carlsmith, J.M.. "Protecting Abused and Neglected Children." In: A guide. Stanford University Press pp. 249. 1988. [Book] [106.wal]
Abstract:Presents the results of a study on whether it is better to leave abused or neglected children at home with specialized services offered or to place them in foster care. Study took place in California.

Sexual Relationships between Adult Males and Young Teen Girls
Elstein, Sharon & Davis, Noy. "Sexual Relationships between Adult Males and Young Teen Girls." In: Exploring the Legal and Social Responses. American Bar Association pp. 41. 1997. [Document] [400.els]
Abstract:Review of laws and procedures with recommendations to improve the system.

Shifting the Burden of Truth
Crnich, Joseph & Crnich, Kimberly. "Shifting the Burden of Truth." In: Suing Child Sexual Abusers: A Legal Guide for Survivors and their Supporters. Recollex Publishing pp. 251. 1992. [Book] [406.crn]
Abstract:Handbook on how to sue child sexual abusers.

Solomon Says
Armstrong, Louise. "Solomon Says." In: A Speakout on Foster Care. Pocket Books pp. 274. 1989. [Book] [412.arm]
Abstract:A book on the foster care system.

Step by Step: Preparing for Court
Lee, Judy. "Step by Step: Preparing for Court." In: A Guide for Teen Sexual Assault Victims. Haven pp. 30. 1988. [Paper/Booklet] [408.lee]
Abstract:Illustrated guide to going to court.

Step by Step: Preparing for Court
Lupiloff-Brazz, Marlene. "Step by Step: Preparing for Court." In: A Guide for Child Sexual Assault Victims. Haven pp. 20. 1988. [Paper/Booklet] [412.lup]
Abstract:Basic discussion on the court system.

The Battle and the Backlash
Hechler, David. "The Battle and the Backlash." In: The Child Sexual Abuse War. Lexington Books pp. 375. 1988. [Book] [412.hec]
Abstract:Investigative report by a former reporter.

The Child Witness
Perry, Nancy & Wrightsman, Lawrence. "The Child Witness." In: Legal Issues and Dilemmas. Sage Publications pp. 288. 1991. [Book] [412.per]
Abstract:Review of social science research, legislation and recent court decisions that relate to children as witnesses in court.

The Role of Law Enforcement in the Response to Child Abuse and Neglect
Pence, Donna. "The Role of Law Enforcement in the Response to Child Abuse and Neglect." U.S. Department of Health and Human Services pp. 78. 1992. [Document] [412.pen]
Abstract:Part of the User Manual Series.

Under 10 .. And in the Witness Chair
Stott, Frances. "Under 10 .. And in the Witness Chair." Illinois Child Witness Project pp. 38. 1990. [Book] [408.sto]
Abstract:A speech by Dr. Frances Stott given to a conference of appellate prosecutors.

Understanding Child Sexual Maltreatment
Faller, Kathleen Coulborn. "Understanding Child Sexual Maltreatment." In: Understanding Child Sexual Maltreatment. Sage pp. 250. 1990. [Book] [106.fal]
Abstract:Book is written primarily for mental health professionals but is a valuable resource for all involved.

Unequal Justice
Gray, Ellen. "Unequal Justice." In: The prosecution of child sexual abuse. The Free Press pp. 256. 1993. [Book] [405.gra]
Abstract:Results from national study on sexual abuse and how children are treated in the courts.

When a Child Reports a Crime
, . "When a Child Reports a Crime." In: Encouraging children to report crime and responding appropriately when they do. National Crime Prevention Council pp. 75. 1992. [Book] [404.ncp]
Abstract:Advice on how to get children to report any crime.

Working with the Courts in Child Protection
Feller, Jane. "Working with the Courts in Child Protection." U.S. Department of Health and Human Services pp. 74. 1992. [Document] [412.dhh]
Abstract:Provides basic information to understand the workings of the court system.

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