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And Justice For Some
Murphy, Wendy. "And Justice For Some." In: An expose of the lawyers and judges who let dangerous criminals go free. Sentinel pp. 271. 2007. [Book] [400.mur]
Abstract:Critical look at the justice system by this famed lawyer and victim`s rights advocate.

Battered Women in the Courtroom
Ptacek, James. "Battered Women in the Courtroom." In: The Power of Judicial Responses. Northeastern University Press, Boston pp. 240. 1999. [Book] [400.pta]
Abstract:Exposes many of the myths & dilemmas about the abuse of women & offers crucial insights into the power of judges to encourage or discourage women from claiming their rights.

Being a Witness
, . "Being a Witness." In: Answers to some of the questions you might have. Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault pp. 10. 1988. [Document] [412.iow]
Abstract:Large print brochure, aimed at teaching children about court.

Child Victims, Child Witnesses
Goodman, Gail & Bottoms, Bette. "Child Victims, Child Witnesses." In: Understanding and Improving Testimony. Guilford Press pp. 334. 1993. [Book] []
Abstract:Discuss the involment of children testifying in cases.

Going to Court
Layton, James. "Going to Court." In: A guide for Young People. Rape Crisis Assistance, Springfield Mo. pp. 34. 1985. [Paper/Booklet] [408.lay]
Abstract:Illustrated basic information on the judicial system. Is not specific to sexual assault.

On Trial
Dziech, Billie Wright & Schudson, Charles. "On Trial." In: America`s Courts and their Treatment of Sexually Abused Children. Beacon Press pp. 226. 1989. [Book] [401.dzi]
Abstract:Examines how child victims and their families are treated in the judicial system.

Step by Step: Preparing for Court
Lee, Judy. "Step by Step: Preparing for Court." In: A Guide for Teen Sexual Assault Victims. Haven pp. 30. 1988. [Paper/Booklet] [408.lee]
Abstract:Illustrated guide to going to court.

Step by Step: Preparing for Court
Lupiloff-Brazz, Marlene. "Step by Step: Preparing for Court." In: A Guide for Child Sexual Assault Victims. Haven pp. 20. 1988. [Paper/Booklet] [412.lup]
Abstract:Basic discussion on the court system.

Under 10 .. And in the Witness Chair
Stott, Frances. "Under 10 .. And in the Witness Chair." Illinois Child Witness Project pp. 38. 1990. [Book] [408.sto]
Abstract:A speech by Dr. Frances Stott given to a conference of appellate prosecutors.

Understanding Sexual Violence
, . "Understanding Sexual Violence." In: The Judge`s Role in Stranger and Nonstranger Rape and Sexual Assault Cases. National Judicial Education Program pp. 160. 2003. [Video] [400.nie]
Abstract:Video curriculum teaches judges about how victims react differently to sexual assault and how judges should handle a courtroom in sexual assault cases. Features three videos and 160 pages of material.

Unequal Justice
Gray, Ellen. "Unequal Justice." In: The prosecution of child sexual abuse. The Free Press pp. 256. 1993. [Book] [405.gra]
Abstract:Results from national study on sexual abuse and how children are treated in the courts.

Working with the Courts in Child Protection
Feller, Jane. "Working with the Courts in Child Protection." U.S. Department of Health and Human Services pp. 74. 1992. [Document] [412.dhh]
Abstract:Provides basic information to understand the workings of the court system.

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