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Adapting Military Sex Crime Investigations to Changing Times
, . "Adapting Military Sex Crime Investigations to Changing Times." National Academy of Public Administration pp. 217. 1999. [Book] [404.nap]
Abstract:Report given by a panel to the Department of Defense.

Child Victim-Witness Protocol
, . "Child Victim-Witness Protocol." Sand Diego Regional Child Victim-Witness Task Force pp. 45. 1991. [Document] [405.sdr]
Abstract:Protocol used in San Diego for child witnesses.

Child Victims, Child Witnesses
Goodman, Gail & Bottoms, Bette. "Child Victims, Child Witnesses." In: Understanding and Improving Testimony. Guilford Press pp. 334. 1993. [Book] []
Abstract:Discuss the involment of children testifying in cases.

Cyberstalking and Law Enforcement: Keeping Up With the Web
Hitchcock, J.A.. "Cyberstalking and Law Enforcement: Keeping Up With the Web." Crime Victims Report pp. 3. V. 6.2002. [Journal Article] [500.hit]
Abstract:Article on cyberstalking, with history and recent law enforcement efforts to combat the crime.

Diagnostic Imaging of Child Abuse
, . "Diagnostic Imaging of Child Abuse." U.S. Department of Justice pp. 12. 1996. [Paper/Booklet] [404.jus]
Abstract:DOJ produced pocket guide on child abuse.

DNA: Critical Issues for Those Who Work with Victims
, . "DNA: Critical Issues for Those Who Work with Victims." US Department of Justice 2007. [Video] [400.pre]
Abstract:Intended to raise awareness for those involved in cases with DNA evidence.

Guidelines for Officers Responding to Victims of Rape/Sexual Assault
, . "Guidelines for Officers Responding to Victims of Rape/Sexual Assault." Family Resources Inc. pp. 41. 1990. [Document] [404.qcr]
Abstract:Manual published by ICASA`s center in the Quad Cities.

Investigating Sexual Assault:
Archambault, Joanne. "Investigating Sexual Assault:." In: The Preliminary Response. SATI, Inc. 2004. [Video] [404.arc]
Abstract:Series provides comprehensive training on the criminal justice response to sexual violence. Designed in "roll call length" segments to be used for ongoing training.

On Trial
Dziech, Billie Wright & Schudson, Charles. "On Trial." In: America`s Courts and their Treatment of Sexually Abused Children. Beacon Press pp. 226. 1989. [Book] [401.dzi]
Abstract:Examines how child victims and their families are treated in the judicial system.

Solomon Says
Armstrong, Louise. "Solomon Says." In: A Speakout on Foster Care. Pocket Books pp. 274. 1989. [Book] [412.arm]
Abstract:A book on the foster care system.

Step by Step
Hindman, Jan. "Step by Step." In: 16 steps toward legally sound sexual abuse investigations. AlexAndria Associates pp. 43. 1987. [Paper/Booklet] [404.hin]
Abstract:Guideline for interviewing victims of sexual assault

The Child Witness
Perry, Nancy & Wrightsman, Lawrence. "The Child Witness." In: Legal Issues and Dilemmas. Sage Publications pp. 288. 1991. [Book] [412.per]
Abstract:Review of social science research, legislation and recent court decisions that relate to children as witnesses in court.

The Role of Real Rape and Real Victim Stereotypes in the Police Reporting Practices of SA women
Du Mont, Janice & Lee-Miller, Karen. "The Role of Real Rape and Real Victim Stereotypes in the Police Reporting Practices of SA women." Violence Against Women pp. 20. 2003. [Journal Article] [404.dum]
Abstract:Sample of 186 sexual assault cases seen at a hospital and their experiences in reporting to police.

Understanding Child Sexual Maltreatment
Faller, Kathleen Coulborn. "Understanding Child Sexual Maltreatment." In: Understanding Child Sexual Maltreatment. Sage pp. 250. 1990. [Book] [106.fal]
Abstract:Book is written primarily for mental health professionals but is a valuable resource for all involved.

Unequal Justice
Gray, Ellen. "Unequal Justice." In: The prosecution of child sexual abuse. The Free Press pp. 256. 1993. [Book] [405.gra]
Abstract:Results from national study on sexual abuse and how children are treated in the courts.

When a Child Reports a Crime
, . "When a Child Reports a Crime." In: Encouraging children to report crime and responding appropriately when they do. National Crime Prevention Council pp. 75. 1992. [Book] [404.ncp]
Abstract:Advice on how to get children to report any crime.

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