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Criminal Justice Politics and Women
SchWeber, Claudine & Feinman, Clarice. "Criminal Justice Politics and Women." In: The Aftermath of Legally Mandated Change. The Haworth Press pp. 133. 1985. [Book] [400.sch]
Abstract:Articles by women on how changes in the law have worked.

Illinois Criminal Sexual Assault Law
, . "Illinois Criminal Sexual Assault Law." In: A Report on the Public Hearings. ICASA pp. 27. 1986. [Document] [402.ica]
Abstract:Report stemming from ICASA sponsored hearings on the criminal sexual assault law in 1986.

It`s the Law
Carrel, Annette. "It`s the Law." In: A young person`s guide to our legal system. Volcano Press pp. 183. 1994. [Book] []
Abstract:General review of the U.S. court system.

Legal Issues in Child Abuse and Neglect
Myers, John. "Legal Issues in Child Abuse and Neglect." Sage pp. 206. 1992. [Book] [412.mye]
Abstract:Familiarizes professionals with the legal implications of their day-to-day work.

Mandated Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse
Kalichman, Seth. "Mandated Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse." In: Ethics, Law and Policy. American Psychological Association pp. 245. 1993. [Book] [402.kal]
Abstract:A sourcebook on mandated reporting.

More Harm than Help
, . "More Harm than Help." In: The Ramifications for Rape Survivors of Mandatory HIV Testing of Rapists. Center for Women Policy Studies pp. 37. 1991. [Document] [402.cwp]
Abstract:Reviews and provides recommendations for laws on HIV testing of rapists.

Rape and the Limits of Law Reform
Marsh, Jeanne & Geist, Alison. "Rape and the Limits of Law Reform." Auburn House Publishing Company pp. 171. 1982. [Book] [402.mar]
Abstract:Begins with a review of cases, moves on to perceptions of advocates and how what happens after a law is changed.

Rape Study Committee
, . "Rape Study Committee." In: Report to the House of Representatives and the 82nd General Assembly of the state of Illinois. State of Illinois pp. 202. 1982. [Book] [401.rsc]
Abstract:Study of Illinois sexual assault laws from 1982. Library also includes report from 1980.

Response to Rape: Detours on the road to Equal Justice
, . "Response to Rape: Detours on the road to Equal Justice." U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee pp. 64. 1983. [Document] [401.sjc]
Abstract:Report given to the SJC. Includes review, stats and recommendations.

Sexual Relationships between Adult Males and Young Teen Girls
Elstein, Sharon & Davis, Noy. "Sexual Relationships between Adult Males and Young Teen Girls." In: Exploring the Legal and Social Responses. American Bar Association pp. 41. 1997. [Document] [400.els]
Abstract:Review of laws and procedures with recommendations to improve the system.

Understanding Sexual Violence
, . "Understanding Sexual Violence." In: The Judge`s Role in Stranger and Nonstranger Rape and Sexual Assault Cases. National Judicial Education Program pp. 160. 2003. [Video] [400.nie]
Abstract:Video curriculum teaches judges about how victims react differently to sexual assault and how judges should handle a courtroom in sexual assault cases. Features three videos and 160 pages of material.

Unwanted Sex
Schulhofer, Stephen. "Unwanted Sex." In: The Culture of Intimidation and the Failure of Law. Harvard University Press pp. 318. 1998. [Book] [402.sch]
Abstract:Discusses the need to refocus laws against rape and sexual harassment.

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