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Managing Traumatic Stress Through Art
Cohen, Barry M. & Barnes, Mary-Michola. "Managing Traumatic Stress Through Art." In: Drawing From the Center. The Sidran Press pp. 137. 1995. [Book] [306. coh]
Abstract:Introduces inventive ways to understand, manage, and transform the aftereffects of trauma.

Rape: Victims of Crisis
Burgess, Ann Wolbert & Holmstrom, Lynda Lytle. "Rape: Victims of Crisis." Robert J. Brady pp. 307. 1974. [Book] [301.bur]
Abstract:Groundbreaking work on the trauma associated with rape.

The Rape Victim
Koss, Mary & Harvey, Mary. "The Rape Victim." In: Clinical and Community Interventions. Sage pp. 313. 1991. [Book] [104.kos]
Abstract:From the cause to the effects, from disclosure to treatment, the book examines rape.

Trauma and Recovery
Herman, Judith Lewis. "Trauma and Recovery." In: The aftermath of violence from domestic abuse to political terror. Basic Books pp. 276. 1992. [Book] [300.her]
Abstract:Herman`s 1992 groundbeaking work. Two copies include a new afterword written in 1997.

Understanding the Rape Victim
Katz, Sedelle & Mazur, Mary Ann. "Understanding the Rape Victim." In: A Synthesis of Research Findings. John Wiley & Sons pp. 340. 1979. [Book] [310.kat]
Abstract:Presents information regarding the rape victim, in order to both aid professionals who come into contact with rape victims & to better understand the crime of rape from the victim`s perspective.

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