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Adults Molested as Children: A Survivor`s Manual for Women & Men
Bear, Euan & Dimock, Peter T.. "Adults Molested as Children: A Survivor`s Manual for Women & Men." Safer Society Series pp. 66. 1988. [Book] [314.bea]
Abstract:For adults who are beginning to remember & process the sexual abuse inflicted on them in childhood.

Secret Feelings and Thoughts
Narimanian, Rosemary. "Secret Feelings and Thoughts." In: A book about male victimization by sexual abuse. Philly Kids Play It Safe pp. 56. 1990. [Book] [308.nar]
Abstract:Text explores issues surrounding sexual victimization with the victim, moving them to an acceptance of themselves & freedom from shame.

The Abuse of Men
Brothers, Barbara Jo. "The Abuse of Men." In: Trauma Begets Trauma. The Haworth Press pp. 120. 2002. [Book] [308.bro]
Abstract:Focuses not solely on the males who have been abused but also on their partners and family members.

The Male Survivor
Mendel, Matthew Parynik. "The Male Survivor." In: Impact of Sexual Abuse. Sage Publications pp. 239. 1995. [Book] []
Abstract:Examines the phenomenon and long-term impact of sexual abuse on male children, and dispells many myths regarding the invulnerability of male victims.

The Me Nobody Knows
Bean, Barbara & Bennett, Shari. "The Me Nobody Knows." In: A guide for teen survivors. Jossey-Bass pp. 157. 1993. [Book] [106.bea]
Abstract:Written specifically for teens who have been abuses. Uses written, visual and relaxation exercises to show teens how to cope.

The Working Handbook
Roane, Thomas H.. "The Working Handbook." In: A Professional`s Manual for Intervention with Sexually Abused Boys. Child Care Publications pp. 62. 1989. [Book] [308.roa]
Abstract:Teaching manual for the professional interviewing & assessing sexually abused boys.

Treating the Young Male Victim of Sexual Assault:
Porter, Eugene. "Treating the Young Male Victim of Sexual Assault:." In: Issues & Intervention Strategies. Safer Society Press pp. 85. 1986. [Book] [308.por]
Abstract:Provides an understanding of the context in which male sexual victimization occurs, the ways in which boys are likely to respond, and the primary approaches to their treatment.

Victims No Longer
Lew, Mike. "Victims No Longer." In: Men Recovering from Incest & Other Sexual Child Abuse. Nevraumont Publishing Co. pp. 393. 1988. [Book] [308.lew]
Abstract:Speaks directly to men who were abused as children; addressing their pain, their needs, their fears and hopes.

Victims of Sexual Aggression
Stuart, PhD, Irving R. & Greer, PhD, Joanne G.. "Victims of Sexual Aggression." In: Treatment of Children, Women and Men. Van Nostrand Reinhold Company pp. 269. 1984. [Book] [306.stu]
Abstract:Covers a wide range of current therapies for dealing with trauma caused by sexual assault. Gives you a firm understanding of the psychological effects suffered by victims and what can be done to mitigate them.

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