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A New Approach to Women & Therapy
Greenspan, Miriam. "A New Approach to Women & Therapy." In: Why current therapies fail women--&what women & therapists can do about it!. McGraw-Hill Book Company pp. 355. 1983. [Book] [309.gre]
Abstract:Presents a revolutionary new view of female psychology & therapy & takes a detailed & critical look at the current ways of thinking about & treating women.

Advances in Art Therapy
Wadeson, Harriet & Durkin, Jean. "Advances in Art Therapy." John Wiley and Sons pp. 459. 1989. [Book] [306.wad]
Abstract:Explores developments in applications, methodology and training of art therapy using articles from a variety of practitioners.

Cedar House
Kendig, Bobbi & Lowry, Clara. "Cedar House." In: A Model Child Abuse Treatment Program. The Haworth Maltreatment & Trauma Press pp. 212. 1998. [Book] [306.ken]
Abstract:Describes the treatment approach, the clientele, and the community networking of Cedar House, a pioneering and successful child abuse treatment program in Long Beach, CA.

Cognitive Processing Therapy for Rape Victims
Resick, Patricia & Schnicke, Monica K.. "Cognitive Processing Therapy for Rape Victims." In: A Treatment Manual. Sage pp. 178. 1993. [Book] [301.res]
Abstract:Provides a session-by-session presentation of cognitive processing therapy that includes case descriptions, homework assignments and work sheets.

Counseling Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Draucker, Claire Burke. "Counseling Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse." Sage Publications pp. 168. 1992. [Book] [306.dra]
Abstract:Identifies the significant healing processes that are vital to eachieve recovery and the appropriate counseling techniques for each section.

Crisis Intervention
Duggan, Hayden A.. "Crisis Intervention." Lexington Books pp. 142. 1984. [Book] [306.dug]
Abstract:General overview of crisis intervention.

Lynn, Steven Jay & Rhue, Judith. "Dissociation." In: Clinical and Theoretical Perspectives. Guilford Press pp. 477. 1994. [Book] [306.lyn]
Abstract:Covers the major aspects of dissociation from predominant models and diagnostic and treatment approaches to significant research, clinical, and conceptual issues.

Ethics in Psychotherapy & Counseling
Pope, Kenneth S. & Vasquez, Melba J.T.. "Ethics in Psychotherapy & Counseling." In: A Practical Guide for Psychologists. Jossey-Bass Publishers pp. 206. 1991. [Book] [306.pop]
Abstract:Examines the ethical responsibilities that confront psychotherapists and counselors in their day-to-day practice.

Extending EMDR
Manfield, Philip. "Extending EMDR." In: A Casebook of Innovative Applications. W.W. Norton & Company pp. 292. 1998. [Book] []
Abstract:Explores areas where EMDR may be helpful, including long-term childhood abuse and complex PTSD.

Feminist Perspectives Therapy
Worrell, Judith & Remer, Pamela. "Feminist Perspectives Therapy." In: Empowering Diverse Women. John Wiley & Sons pp. 383. 2003. [Book] [309.wor]
Abstract:Addresses core issues in feminist psychological practice along with strategies and techniques for understanding the development and experiences of women throughout their lives.

From Surviving to Thriving`
Dinsmore, Christine. "From Surviving to Thriving`." In: Incest, Feminism, and Recovery. State University of New York Press pp. 190. 1991. [Book] [309.din]
Abstract:Analyzes incest recovery from a feminist perspective. Based on research with incest survivors & years of therapy with survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Handbook of Clinical Intervention in Child Sexual Abuse
Sgroi, Suzanne. "Handbook of Clinical Intervention in Child Sexual Abuse." Lexington Books pp. 384. 1982. [Book] [306.sgr]
Abstract:Based on getting a network of help to victims and coordinating that help.

Healing the Divided Self
Phillips, Maggie & Frederick, Claire. "Healing the Divided Self." In: Clinical & Ericksonian Hypnotherapy for Post-traumatic & Dissociative Conditions. W.W. Norton & Company pp. 371. 1995. [Book] [306.phi]
Abstract:Provides a step-by-step guide for the use of hypnotic techniques in the treatment of the entire spectrum of dissociative disorders.

Healing the Incest Wound
Courtois, Christine A.. "Healing the Incest Wound." In: Adult Survivors in Therapy. W.W. Norton and Company pp. 394. 1988. [Book] [303.cou]
Abstract:Provides knowledge and clinical guidelines to help victims of incest. Broken into three sections.

Hope in Healing
Edwards, Tess & Derouard, Mary. "Hope in Healing." Source RE Source pp. 74. 1994. [Book] [314.edw]
Abstract:Based on our experience of the devastating impact of childhood sexual abuse on adult life.

I Can`t Get Over It
Matsakis, Aphrodite. "I Can`t Get Over It." In: A Handbook for Trauma Survivors. New Harbinger pp. 373. 1992. [Book] [306.mat]
Abstract:Book shows how post-traumatic stress disorder affects not just soldiers, but also survivors of many other types of trauma.

Just Before Dawn
Hindman, Jan. "Just Before Dawn." In: From the Shadows of Tradition to New Reflections in Trauma Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Vict.. AlexAndria Publications pp. 462. 1999. [Book] [306.hin]
Abstract:Offers a new dimension concentrating on the "robbery of childhood" and its effects.

Managing Traumatic Stress Through Art
Cohen, Barry M. & Barnes, Mary-Michola. "Managing Traumatic Stress Through Art." In: Drawing From the Center. The Sidran Press pp. 137. 1995. [Book] [306. coh]
Abstract:Introduces inventive ways to understand, manage, and transform the aftereffects of trauma.

Multiple Personality and Dissociation
Calof, David L. & LeLoo, Mary. "Multiple Personality and Dissociation." In: Understanding incest, Abuse, and MPD. Parkside Publishing pp. 93. 1993. [Book] []
Abstract:An edited version of an interview for those interested in understanding addiction, abuse, dysfunction, & the healing process.

Play Therapy with Children in Crisis
Webb, Nancy Boyd. "Play Therapy with Children in Crisis." In: Individual, Group and Family Treatment. The Guilford Press pp. 506. 1999. [Book] [302.web]
Abstract:Second edition of this casebook. Focuses on treatment of children who have experienced crisis resulting from psychological, physical or environmental events.

Psychological Trauma and the Adult Survivor
McCann, I. Lisa & Pearlman, Laurie Anne. "Psychological Trauma and the Adult Survivor." In: Theory, Therapy and Transformation. Brunner/Mazel pp. 360. 1990. [Book] [306.mcc]
Abstract:Discussion of the Constructivist Self Development theory which centers on the interaction between the survivor`s subjective response to trauma and its objective context.

Psychotherapy of Abused and Neglected Children
Pearce, John W. & Pezzot-Pearce, Terry D.. "Psychotherapy of Abused and Neglected Children." The Guilford Press pp. 368. 1997. [Book] [306.pea]
Abstract:Designed to assist mental health professionals, carefully laying the groundwork for realistic and effective treatment intervention.

Rape: The Misunderstood Crime
Allison, Julie A. & Wrightsman, Lawrence S.. "Rape: The Misunderstood Crime." Sage Publications pp. 307. 1993. [Book] [306.all]
Abstract:Comprehensive account of why rape as a crime and its affects are misunderstood by most people.

Resolving the Trauma of Incest
Meiselman, Karin. "Resolving the Trauma of Incest." In: Reintegration Therapy with Survivors. Jossey-Bass Publishers pp. 320. 1990. [Book] [306.mei]
Abstract:Authors says that effective therapy with incest survivors requires a nutruring therapeutic relationship and shows how to develop that relationship.

Shattered Assumptions
Janoff-Bulman, Ronnie. "Shattered Assumptions." In: Towards a New Psychology of Trauma. The Free Press pp. 256. 1992. [Book] [306.jan]
Abstract:Constructs comprehensive framework for understanding the psychology of victimization and trauma.

She Who was Lost is Remembered
Wisechild, Louise M.. "She Who was Lost is Remembered." In: Healing From Incest Through Creativity. The Seal Press pp. 278. 1991. [Book] [306.wis]
Abstract:Over thirty women artists,writers, musicians, playwrights and poets have joined together in this anthology to tell the story of sexual abuse at the hands of family members and how they used creativity to mend their spirits and their bodies.

The Healing Power of Play
Gil, Eliana. "The Healing Power of Play." In: Working with abused children. The Guilford Press pp. 210. 1991. [Book] [302.gil]
Abstract:Ways for therapists to facilitate constructive play therapy and intervene in posttraumatic play to help children who have been traumatized by abuse or neglect.

The Mosaic Mind
Goulding, Regina A. & Schwartz, Richard. "The Mosaic Mind." In: Empowering the Tormented Selves of Child Abuse Survivors. W.W. Norton pp. 365. 1995. [Book] [303.gou]
Abstract:Uses the internal family systems theory to study child abuse survivors.

Transforming Abuse
Schmidt, K. Louise. "Transforming Abuse." In: Nonviolent Resistance and Recovery. New Society pp. 175. 1995. [Book] [306.sch]
Abstract:Applies a non-enemy ethic of intervention and healing hat short-circuits the cycle of violence against women and children.

Transforming the Pain
Saakvitne, Karen W. & Pearlman, Laurie Anne. "Transforming the Pain." In: A Workbook on Vicarious Traumatization. W.W. Norton pp. 159. 1996. [Book] [306.saa]
Abstract:Deals with helping those who work with trauma victims.

Trauma and the Therapist
Pearlman, Laurie Anne & Saakvitne, Karen W.. "Trauma and the Therapist." In: Countertransference and Vicarious Traumatization in Psychotherapy with Incest Survivors. W.W. Norton & Company pp. 449. 1995. [Book] [303.pea]
Abstract:Explores the role and experience in the therapeutic relationship by examining countertransference and vicarious tramatization.

Trauma Recovery and Empowerment
Harris, Maxine. "Trauma Recovery and Empowerment." In: A Clinician`s Guide for Working with Women in Groups. The Free Press pp. 413. 1998. [Book] [301.har]
Abstract:Guides leaders through the entire trauma recovery process. Broken into sections that are detailed in samples and works.

Treating abused adolescents
Gil, Eliana. "Treating abused adolescents." The Guilford Press pp. 225. 1996. [Book] [302.gil]
Abstract:Step-by-step guidances for professionals on how they can communicate and work more effectively with adolescents who have suffered from abuse.

Treating Children with Sexually Abusive Behavior Problems
Burton, PhD, Jan Ellen & Rasmussen, PhD, Lucinda A.. "Treating Children with Sexually Abusive Behavior Problems." In: Guidelines for Child and Parent Intervention. The Haworth Maltreatment & Trauma Press pp. 279. 1998. [Book] [306.bur]
Abstract:Pioneering venture in the area of sexual abuse, this integrated treatment approach suggests ways to develop parallel treatment strategies for both parents and children who display harmful sexual behavior.

Treating PTSD
Foy, David W.. "Treating PTSD." In: Cognitive-Behavioral Strategies. The Guilford Press pp. 172. 1992. [Book] [306.foy]
Abstract:Presents a "cross-trauma" perspective that highlights the similarities of the treatment of PTSD in a variety of different traumatized populations, such as survivors of combat, child and adult sexual assault, and domestic violence, while at the same time highlighting the very important differences among these groups that require specific tailorings of these treatment protocols.

Treating Sexually Abused & Their Nonoffending Parents
Deblinger, Esther & Heflin, Anne Hope. "Treating Sexually Abused & Their Nonoffending Parents." In: A Cognitive Behavioral Approach. Sage Publications pp. 256. 1996. [Book] [306.deb]
Abstract:Addresses the needs and behaviors of sexually abused children and treats the importance of parent/caretaker involvement with great respect, intelligence, and creativity.

Treatment of Multiple Personality Disorder
Braun, Bennett. "Treatment of Multiple Personality Disorder." American Psychiatric Press pp. 204. 1986. [Book] [306.bra]
Abstract:Merges clinical understanding and MP research into therapeutic approaches that can be employed in clinical practice.

United We Stand
Gil, Eliana. "United We Stand." In: A Book for People with Multiple Personalities. Launch Press pp. 43. 1990. [Book] [315.gil]
Abstract:Written for individuals with multiple personalities, & explains what multiplicity is.

Victims of Sexual Aggression
Stuart, PhD, Irving R. & Greer, PhD, Joanne G.. "Victims of Sexual Aggression." In: Treatment of Children, Women and Men. Van Nostrand Reinhold Company pp. 269. 1984. [Book] [306.stu]
Abstract:Covers a wide range of current therapies for dealing with trauma caused by sexual assault. Gives you a firm understanding of the psychological effects suffered by victims and what can be done to mitigate them.

Web of Meaning
Ryan, Gail. "Web of Meaning." In: A Developmental-Contextual Approach in Sexual Abuse Treatment. Safer Society Press pp. 172. 1999. [Book] [302.rya]
Abstract:Discusses the need to develop therapeutic interventions specifically tailored to the individual rather than the event.

Women Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Chew, Judy. "Women Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse." In: Healing Through Group Work -- Beyond Survival. The Haworth Press pp. 160. 1998. [Book] [303.che]
Abstract:Offers the practical "how to`s" of conducting a 13-session group, emphasizing the discovery of solutions, strengths, & internal/external resources.

Women, Girls, & Psychotherapy
Gilligan, Carol & Rogers, Annie G.. "Women, Girls, & Psychotherapy." In: Reframing Resistance. Harrington Park Press pp. 272. 1991. [Book] [306.gil]
Abstract:Brings together papers on adolescent girls to reframe the clinical understanding of resistance to include both the notion of resistance as a health-sustaining process and the practice of resistance as a political strategy.

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