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A Stranger in the Family
DiNicola, Vincenzo. "A Stranger in the Family." In: Culture, Families, and Therapy. W.W. Norton & Company pp. 380. 1997. [Book] [305.din]
Abstract:Offers a model of cultural family therapy for working with families across cultures, particularly immigrants, refugees, and minorities in mainstream society.

After the Nightmare
Ovaris, Wendy. "After the Nightmare." In: The Treatment of Non-Offending Mothers of Sexually Abused Children. Learning Publications, Inc. pp. 86. 1991. [Book] [304.ova]
Abstract:Present insights into the experiences of non-offending mothers when their children have been sexually abused.

Back From the Brink
Catherall, Don R.. "Back From the Brink." In: A Family Guide To Overcoming Traumatic Stress. Bantam Books pp. 274. 1992. [Book] [305.cat]
Abstract:Exploration of Post Traumatic Stress disorder, which can affect anyone, from a child victimized by sexual abuse to a survivor of an auto accident.

Children and Trauma
Monahon, Cynthia. "Children and Trauma." In: A Guide for Parents and Professionals. Josey-Bass pp. 222. 1993. [Book] [305.mon]
Abstract:Teaches parents and professionals about the effects of traumas on children and offers a blueprint for restoring a child`s sense of safety and balance.

He Told Me Not To Tell
Fay, Jennifer. "He Told Me Not To Tell." King County Rape Relief pp. 27. 1979. [Book] [600.fay]
Abstract:For parents to learn about child sexual abuse.

I Can`t Get Over It
Matsakis, Aphrodite. "I Can`t Get Over It." In: A Handbook for Trauma Survivors. New Harbinger pp. 373. 1992. [Book] [306.mat]
Abstract:Book shows how post-traumatic stress disorder affects not just soldiers, but also survivors of many other types of trauma.

Mothers surviving child sexual abuse
Hooper, Carol-Ann. "Mothers surviving child sexual abuse." Tavistock/Routledge pp. 200. 1992. [Book] [305.hoo]
Abstract:Based on research with women whose children have been sexually abused & offers a new analysis of mothers`reactions & responses.

No Secrets No Lies
Stone, Robin. "No Secrets No Lies." In: How Black Families Can Heal from Sexual Abuse. Broadway Books pp. 285. 2004. [Book] [701.sto]
Abstract:Resource guide for families seeking to understand, prevent and overcome childhood sexual abuse and its impact on adult survivors.

Nonoffending Mothers of Sexually Abused Children:
Bolen, Rebecca. "Nonoffending Mothers of Sexually Abused Children:." In: A case of Institutionalized Sexism?. Violence Against Women Journal pp. 29. V. 9.2003. [Journal Article] [205.bol]
Abstract:Study of the treatment of non-offending mothers and how the system is set up to go against them.

PhotoTherapy Techniques
Weiser, Judy. "PhotoTherapy Techniques." In: Exploring the Secrets of Person Snapshots & Family Albums. Jossey-Bass Publishers pp. 384. 1993. [Book] [305.wei]
Abstract:Shows how mental health professionals can use clients` personal photos and family albums as catalysts for therapeutic communication.

Reaching for the Light
Rose, Emilie. "Reaching for the Light." In: A Guide for Ritual Abuse Survivors and their Therapists. The Pilgrim Press pp. 238. 1996. [Book] [107.ros]
Abstract:A guide to understanding and dealing with the impact of ritual and cult abuse. It is written by a survivor of ritual abuse.

Sibling Abuse
Wiehe, Vernon. "Sibling Abuse." In: Hidden Physical, Emotional and Sexual Trauma. Lexington Books pp. 185. 1990. [Book] [302.wie]
Abstract:Written for therapists and parents. Talks about impact of sibling abuse and what parents can do to prevent it.

Sibling Abuse Trauma
Caffaro, John V. & Conn-Caffaro, Allison. "Sibling Abuse Trauma." In: Assessment and Intervention Strategies for Children, Families and Adults. Haworth Maltreatment and Trauma Press pp. 299. 1998. [Book] [302.caf]
Abstract:Presents an overview of sibling abuse from relationship development to assessment to intervention.

The Mother`s Book
Byerly, Carolyn M.. "The Mother`s Book." In: How to Survive the Incest of Your Child. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company pp. 59. 1985. [Book] [305.bye]
Abstract:Focus of the book is on father-daughter incest; book is addressed to "You, the Mother," since this is the person for whom this book is written.

The Mother`s Book
Byerly, Carolyn M.. "The Mother`s Book." In: How to Survive the Molestation of Your Child. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company pp. 89. 1997. [Book] [305.bye]
Abstract:Answers the call for information about how mothers can successfully cope with both intrafamilial & nonfamilial child sexual abuse.

The Sexual Healing Journey
Maltz, Wendy. "The Sexual Healing Journey." In: A Guide for Survivors of Sexual Abuse. Harper Perennial pp. 347. 1991. [Book] [314.mal]
Abstract:Encouraging, hope-filled book can help survivors of all types of sexual abuse achieve the loving & safe sexual lives they so reichly deserve.

The Sexual Healing Journey - Revised Edition
Maltz, Wendy. "The Sexual Healing Journey - Revised Edition." In: A Guide for Survivors of Sexual Abuse. Quill pp. 346. 2001. [Book] [314.mal]
Abstract:Encouraging, hope-filled book can help survivors of all types of sexual abuse achieve the loving and safe sexual lives they so richly deserve.

Treating Incest in Rural Families
Sandall, Hilary & Bell, Claire M.. "Treating Incest in Rural Families." In: Fourth Edition. State of Minnesota pp. 102. 1986. [Document] [708.san]
Abstract:Guideline to a set of principles & procedures for the treatment of sexual abuse in rural families.

Treating Sexually Abused & Their Nonoffending Parents
Deblinger, Esther & Heflin, Anne Hope. "Treating Sexually Abused & Their Nonoffending Parents." In: A Cognitive Behavioral Approach. Sage Publications pp. 256. 1996. [Book] [306.deb]
Abstract:Addresses the needs and behaviors of sexually abused children and treats the importance of parent/caretaker involvement with great respect, intelligence, and creativity.

Trust After Trauma
Matsakis, Aphrodite. "Trust After Trauma." In: A Guide to Relationships for Survivors & Those Who Love Them. New Harbinger Publications pp. 344. 1998. [Book] [305.mat]
Abstract:Stimulating & practical guide to the difficult journey from traumatic isolation & aloneness to meaning & human intimacy.

What About Me
Cameron, Grant. "What About Me." In: A Guide for Men Helping Female Partners Deal with Childhood Sexual Abuse. Creative Bound, Inc. pp. 147. 1994. [Book] [304.cam]
Abstract:Will help men understand the issues surrounding childhood sexual abuse and prepare them for the rocky journey through the healing process with a survivor.

What to do When the Police Leave
Jenkins, Bill. "What to do When the Police Leave." In: A Guide to the First Days of Traumatic Loss. WBJ Press pp. 157. 2001. [Book] [305.jen]
Abstract:Gives concise, practical, and authoritative answers to the question that inevitably follows the newsGives concise, practical, and authoritative answers to the question that inevitably follows the newsGives concise, practical, and authoritative answers to the question that inevitably follows the news

When the Bough Breaks
Matsakis, Aphrodite. "When the Bough Breaks." In: A Helping Guide for Parents of Sexually Abused Children. New Harbinger Publications, Inc. pp. 258. 1991. [Book] [305.mat]
Abstract:With exercises, examples, & instructions, guides you in being the best parent you possibly can be to your child in this painful situation.

When Your Child Has Been Molested
Hagans, Kathryn B. & Case, Joyce. "When Your Child Has Been Molested." In: A Parent`s Guide to Healing & Recovery. Lexington Books pp. 159. 1988. [Book] [305.hag]
Abstract:The first book to provide the information, comfort, and advice families need to successfully make it through the trauma of a child molestation.

Working with parents of aggressive children
Cavell, Timothy A.. "Working with parents of aggressive children." In: A Practitioner`s Guide. American Psychological Association pp. 265. 2000. [Book] [304.cav]
Abstract:Focuses on Cavell`s Responsive Parent Therapy program, which is structured to work with the parents of young school-age children.

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