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A Book About Sexual Assault
, . "A Book About Sexual Assault." Montreal Health Press Inc. pp. 50. 1987. [Paper/Booklet] [300.mon]
Abstract:General information about sexual assault.

Cognitive Processing Therapy for Rape Victims
Resick, Patricia & Schnicke, Monica K.. "Cognitive Processing Therapy for Rape Victims." In: A Treatment Manual. Sage pp. 178. 1993. [Book] [301.res]
Abstract:Provides a session-by-session presentation of cognitive processing therapy that includes case descriptions, homework assignments and work sheets.

Counseling the Older Adult
McDonald, Patricia Alpaugh & Haney, Margaret. "Counseling the Older Adult." In: A Training Manual in Clinical Gerontology. Jossey-Bass pp. 190. 1988. [Book] []
Abstract:Provides step-by-step method for understanding the basic problems of the elderly. Organized into a workbook format.

Free of the Shadows
Adams, Caren & Fay, Jennifer. "Free of the Shadows." In: Recovering From Sexual Violence. New Harbinger Publications pp. 208. 1989. [Book] [314.ada]
Abstract:Provides practical suggestions for getting through the days & months ahead following trauma of rape.

Play Therapy with Adults
Schaefer, Charles. "Play Therapy with Adults." Wiley and Sons pp. 392. 2003. [Book] [301.sch]
Abstract:Collection of articles on using play therapy to help adults.

Psychological Trauma and the Adult Survivor
McCann, I. Lisa & Pearlman, Laurie Anne. "Psychological Trauma and the Adult Survivor." In: Theory, Therapy and Transformation. Brunner/Mazel pp. 360. 1990. [Book] [306.mcc]
Abstract:Discussion of the Constructivist Self Development theory which centers on the interaction between the survivor`s subjective response to trauma and its objective context.

Quest for Respect
Braswell, Linda. "Quest for Respect." In: A Healing Guide for Survivors of Rape. Pathfinder Publishing pp. 67. 1992. [Book] [301.bra]
Abstract:A companion book for rape victims, which respects each person`s unique style of healing from the crime of rape or incest.

Halpern, Susan. "Rape." In: Helping the Victim. Medical Economics Company pp. 169. 1980. [Book] [301.hal]
Abstract:Treatment manual covers all aspects--from false suppositions about rape and rape victims to the long-term follow-up care of the patient.

Rape: The Misunderstood Crime
Allison, Julie A. & Wrightsman, Lawrence S.. "Rape: The Misunderstood Crime." Sage Publications pp. 307. 1993. [Book] [306.all]
Abstract:Comprehensive account of why rape as a crime and its affects are misunderstood by most people.

Rape: Victims of Crisis
Burgess, Ann Wolbert & Holmstrom, Lynda Lytle. "Rape: Victims of Crisis." Robert J. Brady pp. 307. 1974. [Book] [301.bur]
Abstract:Groundbreaking work on the trauma associated with rape.

Sex in the Forbidden Zone
Rutter, Peter. "Sex in the Forbidden Zone." In: When Men in Power, Therapists, Doctors, Clergy, Teachers, and Others, Betray Women`s Trust. Jeremy P. Tarcher pp. 240. 1989. [Book] [112.rut]
Abstract:Author explains the familial and cultural influences that drive so many men to betray the trust placed in them and so many women to collude in their own victimization.

The Rape Victim
Koss, Mary & Harvey, Mary. "The Rape Victim." In: Clinical and Community Interventions. Sage pp. 313. 1991. [Book] [104.kos]
Abstract:From the cause to the effects, from disclosure to treatment, the book examines rape.

The Trauma of Sexual Assault
Petrak, Jenny & Hedge, Barbara. "The Trauma of Sexual Assault." In: Treatment, Prevention and Practice. Wiley and Sons pp. 354. 2002. [Book] []
Abstract:Focuses on adults victims and considers the psychological impact of sexual assault on women and men,provides a model of psychological and social management.

Trauma Recovery and Empowerment
Harris, Maxine. "Trauma Recovery and Empowerment." In: A Clinician`s Guide for Working with Women in Groups. The Free Press pp. 413. 1998. [Book] [301.har]
Abstract:Guides leaders through the entire trauma recovery process. Broken into sections that are detailed in samples and works.

Treating Sexually Abused Women Inmates: A Group Treatment Manual
Ganz, Shelly. "Treating Sexually Abused Women Inmates: A Group Treatment Manual." Shelly Ganz pp. 79. 2002. [Document] [711.gan]
Abstract:Work by Prairie Center counselor that shows how to set up group counseling sessions and provides 10 session ideas.

Victims of Sexual Aggression
Stuart, PhD, Irving R. & Greer, PhD, Joanne G.. "Victims of Sexual Aggression." In: Treatment of Children, Women and Men. Van Nostrand Reinhold Company pp. 269. 1984. [Book] [306.stu]
Abstract:Covers a wide range of current therapies for dealing with trauma caused by sexual assault. Gives you a firm understanding of the psychological effects suffered by victims and what can be done to mitigate them.

Web of Meaning
Ryan, Gail. "Web of Meaning." In: A Developmental-Contextual Approach in Sexual Abuse Treatment. Safer Society Press pp. 172. 1999. [Book] [302.rya]
Abstract:Discusses the need to develop therapeutic interventions specifically tailored to the individual rather than the event.

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