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Feminist Perspectives on Social Work and Human Sexuality
Valentich, Mary & Gripton, James. "Feminist Perspectives on Social Work and Human Sexuality." Haworth Press pp. 131. 1985. [Book] [215.val]
Abstract:Feminist perspectives are applied to a wide range of issues influencing the social work profession and thus, social work practice.

Dworkin, Andrea. "Intercourse." The Free Press pp. 257. 1987. [Book] [215.dwo]
Abstract:Dworkin asserts that the essece of female oppression is rooted in nothing less than the act of sexual intercourse.

Pure Lust
Daly, Mary. "Pure Lust." In: Elemental Feminist Philosophy. Beacon Press pp. 467. 1984. [Book] [215.dal]
Abstract:Using the new realm of spheres, Daly focuses on and spirals off of the traditional Deadly Sin of Lust.

Remembering Conquest
Lewis, Nantawan Boonprasat & Fortune, Maria. "Remembering Conquest." In: Feminist/Womanist Perspectives on Religion, Colonization and Sexual Violence. Haworth Pastoral Press pp. 91. 1999. [Book] [202.lew]
Abstract:Essays exploring sexual violence as a weapon of American neocolonialism and white supremacy.

Sexual Violence: The Unmentionable Sin
Fortune, Marie M.. "Sexual Violence: The Unmentionable Sin." In: An Ethical and Pastoral Perspective. The Pilgrim Press pp. 240. 1983. [Book] [217.for]
Abstract:Broken into two parts: examining the roots of the violence and then providing a pastoral perspective of help.

The Hite Report on the Family
Hite, Shere. "The Hite Report on the Family." In: Growing up under patriarchy. Grove Press pp. 420. 1994. [Book] [201.hit]
Abstract:Argues that the family isn`t collapsing but becoming deocratized.

Understanding Criminal Victimization
Fattah, Ezzat. "Understanding Criminal Victimization." In: An Introduction to Theoretical Victimology. Prentice-Hall Canadian Inc. pp. 393. 1991. [Book] [215.fat]
Abstract:Examines concepts and problems in the study of victimization and the interactions of victims and victimizers.

Understanding Violence Against Women
Crowell, Nancy & Burgess, Ann. "Understanding Violence Against Women." national Research Council pp. 223. 1996. [Book] [215.cro]
Abstract:Conclusions of a panel studying Violence Against Women.

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