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50 Ways to Love Your Country
, "50 Ways to Love Your Country." In: How to find your political voice and become a catalyst for change. Inner Ocean Publishing pp. 145. 2004. [Book] []
Abstract:50 articles on different activities a person can utilize to cause change.

Assisting Child Victims of Sexual Abuse
Whitcomb, Debra. "Assisting Child Victims of Sexual Abuse." In: How Two Communities Developed Programs for the Special Needs of Child Victims. An Aspen Publication pp. 215. 1981. [Book] [302.whi]
Abstract:These two programs--in Seattle, WA & Washington, DC--have been recognized as Exemplary Projects by the National institute of Justice of the US Department of Justice.

Confronting Rape
Matthews, Nancy. "Confronting Rape." In: The Feminist Anti-Rape Movement and the State. Routledge pp. 188. 1994. [Book] [202.mat]
Abstract:A study of six rape crisis centers in Los Angeles and how the state has influenced the center`s work.

Feminist Perspectives on Social Work and Human Sexuality
Valentich, Mary & Gripton, James. "Feminist Perspectives on Social Work and Human Sexuality." Haworth Press pp. 131. 1985. [Book] [215.val]
Abstract:Feminist perspectives are applied to a wide range of issues influencing the social work profession and thus, social work practice.

Just Sex
Gold, Jodi & Villari, Susan. "Just Sex." In: students rewrite the rules on sex, violence, activism, and equality. Rowman and Littlefield Publishers pp. 321. 2000. [Book] [214.gol]
Abstract:Compilation of writings of student activists and young scholars wrestling with complex issues of power inequities, free speech and societal constructions of gender and sexuality in accessible and mainstream diologues.

The Female Fear
Gordon, Margaret & Riger, Stephanie. "The Female Fear." In: The social cost of Rape. The Free Press pp. 230. 1989. [Book] [202.gor]
Abstract:Examines the sense of fear that limits the way women lead their lives.

The First Ms. Reader
Klagsbrun, Francine. "The First Ms. Reader." In: An anthology of articles.. Warner Paperback Library pp. 282. 1973. [Book] [200.kla]
Abstract:How women are changing their lives -- in work, sex, politics, love, poers, and life styles.

The Pro-Choice Movement
Staggenborg, Suzanne. "The Pro-Choice Movement." In: Organization and Activism in the Abortion Conflict. Oxford University Press pp. 228. 1991. [Book] [201.sta]
Abstract:Traces the development of the pro-choice movement from its origins through the 1980s.

Violence Against Women
Bender, David. "Violence Against Women." In: Current Controversy series. Greenhaven Press pp. 320. 1994. [Book] [202.ben]
Abstract:Collection of articles regarding violence against women.

Women`s Growth in Diversity
Jordan, Judith V.. "Women`s Growth in Diversity." In: More Writings from the Stone Center. The Guilford Press pp. 342. 1997. [Book] [200.jor]
Abstract:Second compilation of writings on the special paths of women`s psychological development.

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