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Bound by Diversity
Sears, James T.. "Bound by Diversity." In: Unity emerges from a chorus of different voices. Sebastian Press pp. 271. 1994. [Book] [702.sea]
Abstract:Contributions by members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender communities. Embraces dialogue and debate in the interest of creating a community strengthened by our differences.

Crimes Against Women
Russell, Diana & Vandeven, Nicole. "Crimes Against Women." In: The proceedings of the International Tribunal. Les Femmes pp. 298. 1976. [Book] [200.rus]
Abstract:Story of the first Tribunal on Crimes Against Women held in Brussels, Belgium in 1976.

Hate Crimes Seminar
, . "Hate Crimes Seminar." In: Working Together to Stop Hate Crimes. State of Illinois 1998. [Document] [200.ill]
Abstract:Documents from Hate Crimes Seminar sponsored by the Il. Attorney General`s office in 1998.

Pharr, Suzanne. "Homophobia." In: A Weapon of Sexism. Chardon Press pp. 91. 1988. [Book] [208.pha]
Abstract:Analysis of why homophobia exists and the way it works.

Homosexuality and the Law
Knutson, Donald. "Homosexuality and the Law." In: Volume 1 of the Monograph Series, Research on Homosexuality. The Haworth Press, Inc. pp. 160. 1980. [Book] [702.knu]
Abstract:Essays to encourage dialogue among professionals to help dispel the notion that the worth of individual men & women can be determined by stereotypical conduct attributed to "homosexuals."

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