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Alcohol and Drugs are Women`s Issues
Roth, Paula. "Alcohol and Drugs are Women`s Issues." In: Volume Two: The Model Program Guide. Scarecrow Press pp. 143. 1991. [Book] [212.rot]
Abstract:Step-by-step guide to replicating the innovative, award-winning model program developed by the Women`s Alcohol and Drug Education Project of the Women`s Action Alliance.

And They Call it Help
Armstrong, Louise. "And They Call it Help." In: The Psychiatric Policing of America`s Children. Addison-Wesley pp. 383. 1993. [Book] [300.arm]
Abstract:Investigation into whether children today have more psychiatric problems than ever or if this is a by product of our adult society being brainwashed by the language and business of the psychiatric industry.

Boys will be Boys
Miedzian, Myriam. "Boys will be Boys." In: Breaking the link between masculinity and violence. Anchor Books pp. 354. 1988. [Book] [202.mie]
Abstract:Exploration of how and why males are turning to violence and what can be done about it.

Miner, Valerie & Longino, Helen E.. "Competition." In: A Feminist Taboo?. The Feminist Press pp. 260. 1987. [Book] [200.min]
Abstract:Offers various voices--in contradiction and in agreement--about an issue that has been simmering for years.

Confronting Rape
Matthews, Nancy. "Confronting Rape." In: The Feminist Anti-Rape Movement and the State. Routledge pp. 188. 1994. [Book] [202.mat]
Abstract:A study of six rape crisis centers in Los Angeles and how the state has influenced the center`s work.

Crimes Against Women
Russell, Diana & Vandeven, Nicole. "Crimes Against Women." In: The proceedings of the International Tribunal. Les Femmes pp. 298. 1976. [Book] [200.rus]
Abstract:Story of the first Tribunal on Crimes Against Women held in Brussels, Belgium in 1976.

Demand: The Driving Force of Sex Trafficking
Hughes, Donna M.. "Demand: The Driving Force of Sex Trafficking." ICASA Coalition Commentary pp. 1, 3-4. 2003. [Journal Article] [211.hug]
Abstract:Article focuses on how demand drives sex trafficking and how countries are attempting to normalize sex trafficking.

Engendered Lives
Kaschak, Ellyn. "Engendered Lives." In: A new psychology of women`s experience. Basic Books pp. 265. 2001. [Book] [202.kas]
Abstract:A look at the lived and ordinary experience of women to present the first psychology of women that integrates all aspects of experience, from the physical to the sociocultural.

Female Chauvinist Pigs
Levy, Ariel. "Female Chauvinist Pigs." In: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture. Free Press pp. 236. 2005. [Book] [202.lev]
Abstract:Updated look at how too many women are embracing raunch culture and hurting other women.

Radford, Jill & Russell, Diana. "Femicide." In: The Politics of Woman Killing. Twayne Publishers pp. 379. 1992. [Book] [202.rad]
Abstract:More than 40 contributors document and describe the phenomenon of femicide as it occurs across continents and cultures.

Feminist Forum
Heide, Wilma. "Feminist Forum." In: Commentaries by the Women`s Studies Committee and Friends. Sangamon State University pp. 43. 1982. [Paper/Booklet] [202.hei]
Abstract:Essays by authors on a variety of subjects.

Feminist Perspectives on Eating Disorders
Fallon, Patricia & Katzman, Melanie. "Feminist Perspectives on Eating Disorders." The Guilford Press pp. 465. 1994. [Book] [500.fal]
Abstract:Looks at the relationship between eating disorder and the everyday problems facing women.

Feminist Perspectives on Wife Abuse
Yllo, Kersti & Bograd, Michele. "Feminist Perspectives on Wife Abuse." In: A study. Sage pp. 318. 1988. [Book] [202.yll]
Abstract:Several essays from a variety of well known authors.

Four Theories of Rape in American Society
Baron, Larry & Straus, Murry. "Four Theories of Rape in American Society." In: A State-Level Analysis. Yale University Press pp. 250. 1989. [Book] [202.bar]
Abstract:Authors bring together four theories of rape and make one conclusion of why rape rates are different in different states.

Good Girls and Bad Girls
Bell, Laurie. "Good Girls and Bad Girls." In: Feminists and Sex Trade Workers Face to Face. Seal Press pp. 231. 1987. [Book] [202.bel]
Abstract:Discussion of the social division and repression that has perpetuated the categories of good girls and bad girls. It`s a documentation of a conference that brought together sex workers and feminists.

Home Girls
Smith, Barbara. "Home Girls." In: A Black Feminist Anthology. Rutgers University Press pp. 361. 2000. [Book] [701.smi]
Abstract:Collection of writings by Black feminist and lesbian activists.

In our time
Brownmiller, Susan. "In our time." In: Memoir of a Revolution. Delta Trade Paperbacks pp. 360. 2002. [Book] [202.bro]
Abstract:Brownmiller`s memoir of four decades spent on the front lines of the women`s movement.

Issues in Intimate Violence
Bergen, Raquel Kennedy. "Issues in Intimate Violence." In: Sexual Assault Victims Generall. Sage pp. 314. 1998. [Book] [100.ber]
Abstract:Designed specifically for undergraduate students, this book provides a comprehensive and accessible anthology that prepares the foundation for understanding a wide range of violence that commonly occurs in families and between intimates. It is a collection of 22 scholarly but readable chapters.

Letters from a War Zone
Dworkin, Andrea. "Letters from a War Zone." In: Writings 1976-1989. E.P. Dutton pp. 333. 1988. [Book] [202.dwo]
Abstract:Collections of articles.

Life and Death
Dworkin, Andrea. "Life and Death." In: Unapologetic Writings on the Continuing War Against Women. The Free Press pp. 267. 1997. [Book] [202.dwo]
Abstract:Collection of writings.

Men, Women, and Aggression
Campbell, Anne. "Men, Women, and Aggression." In: From rage in marriage to violence in the streets: How Gender affects the way we act. Basic Books pp. 196. 1993. [Book] [202.cam]
Abstract:A look at the difference in aggression between men and women and how the different genders see aggression.

Not For Sale
Stark, Christine & Whisnat, Rebecca. "Not For Sale." In: Feminists Resisting Prostitution and Pornography. Spinifex pp. 445. 2004. [Book] [202.sta]
Abstract:Essays from feminists on the sex industry with radical critiques of racism, poverty, militarism and Essays from feminists on the sex industry with radical critiques of racism, poverty, militarism and corporate capitalism.

Clark, Lorenne & Lewis, Debra. "Rape:." In: The price of coercive sexuality. The Women`s Press pp. 222. 1977. [Book] [202.cla]
Abstract:Puts the crime of rape in its proper social and legal context and offers useful solutions.

Rape: Victims of Crisis
Burgess, Ann Wolbert & Holmstrom, Lynda Lytle. "Rape: Victims of Crisis." Robert J. Brady pp. 307. 1974. [Book] [301.bur]
Abstract:Groundbreaking work on the trauma associated with rape.

Refusing to be a Man
Stoltenberg, John. "Refusing to be a Man." In: Essays on Sex and Justice. Breitenbush Books pp. 225. 1989. [Book] [202.sto]
Abstract:Explores the heart of men`s belief that they are "men" and finds it to be an invention.

Remembering Conquest
Lewis, Nantawan Boonprasat & Fortune, Maria. "Remembering Conquest." In: Feminist/Womanist Perspectives on Religion, Colonization and Sexual Violence. Haworth Pastoral Press pp. 91. 1999. [Book] [202.lew]
Abstract:Essays exploring sexual violence as a weapon of American neocolonialism and white supremacy.

Researching Sexual Violence Against Women
Schwartz, Martin. "Researching Sexual Violence Against Women." In: Methodological and Personal Perspectives. Sage pp. 222. 1997. [Book] [101.sch]
Abstract:Provides information on the studies conducted on North American Campuses regarding sexual violence. Provides a strong overview of the entire field but also offers an answer to critics who claim feminists exaggerate their statistics.

Rethinking Rape
Cahill, Ann J.. "Rethinking Rape." Cornell University Press pp. 230. 2001. [Book] [202.cah]
Abstract:Applies current feminist theory to an urgent political and ethical issue to counter definitions of rape as mere assault.

Sexual Coercion
Grauerholz, Elizabeth & Koralewski, Mary. "Sexual Coercion." In: A Sourcebook on its Nature, Causes and Prevention. Lexington Books pp. 240. 1991. [Book] [202.gra]
Abstract:Experts provide answers to questions about sexual coercion. Include statistics and summaries of reports.

Sexual Harassment
Sumrall, Amber Coverdale & Taylor, Dena. "Sexual Harassment." In: Women Speak Out. The Crossing Press pp. 321. 1992. [Book] [902.sum]
Abstract:Women write not only of their experiences but also of how they responded to them.

Stopping Rape
Funk, Rus. "Stopping Rape." In: A challenge for men. New Society Publishers pp. 177. 1993. [Book] [606.fun]
Abstract:Book discusses how and why men should join the anti-rape movement.

Taking Back Our Lives
Russo, Ann. "Taking Back Our Lives." In: A Call to Action for the Feminist Movement. Routledge pp. 261. 2001. [Book] [202.rus]
Abstract:Call to action for the feminist movement to become inclusive, progressive and supportive.Call to action for the feminist movement to become inclusive, progressive and supportive.

The Demon Lover
Morgan, Robin. "The Demon Lover." In: On the Sexuality of Terrorism. W.W. Norton pp. 395. 1989. [Book] [202.mor]
Abstract:A feminist analysis of the phenomenon of terrorism. Morgan argues that the terrorist has been the ultimate male sexual idol of a male-centered cultural tradition.

The Epidemic of Rape and Child Sexual Abuse in the United States
Russell, Diana & Bolen, Rebecca. "The Epidemic of Rape and Child Sexual Abuse in the United States." In: A study. Sage pp. 316. 2000. [Book] [101.rus]
Abstract:Follow-up to Russell`s 1984 book, Sexual Exploitation, examines the many, and often conflicting, findings of studies that have since been conducted on the incidence and prevalence of rape and child sexual abuse in the United States. 14 studies are evaluated.

The Female Fear
Gordon, Margaret & Riger, Stephanie. "The Female Fear." In: The social cost of Rape. The Free Press pp. 230. 1989. [Book] [202.gor]
Abstract:Examines the sense of fear that limits the way women lead their lives.

The First Ms. Reader
Klagsbrun, Francine. "The First Ms. Reader." In: An anthology of articles.. Warner Paperback Library pp. 282. 1973. [Book] [200.kla]
Abstract:How women are changing their lives -- in work, sex, politics, love, poers, and life styles.

The Lust to Kill
Cameron, Deborah & Frazer, Elizabeth. "The Lust to Kill." In: A Feminist Investigation of Sexual Murder. New York University Press pp. 207. 1987. [Book] [202.cam]
Abstract:Study of why literature fails to address the question of gender of murdereres: the absence of women in the ranks of sex-killers is taken for granted and obscured.

The Macho Paradox
Katz, Jackson. "The Macho Paradox." In: Why Some Men Hurt Women and How all Men can Help. Source Books 2005. [Book] [600.kat]
Abstract:Latest work from renowned anti-violence activist which focuses on men and their role in stopping violence against women.

The Will to Violence
Kappeler, Susanne. "The Will to Violence." In: The Politics of Personal Behavior. Teachers College Press pp. 288. 1995. [Book] [202.kap]
Abstract:Author argues that violence is not just a social phenomenon that can be analyzed scientifically. Rather. it is a type of action that individuals `will` or choose to perform.

Toward a Feminist Theory of the State
MacKinnon, Catharine. "Toward a Feminist Theory of the State." Harvard University Press pp. 326. 1989. [Book] [205.mac]
Abstract:MacKinnon`s analysis of politics, sexuality, and the law from the perspective of women.

Transforming Rape Culture
Buchwald, Emilie & Fletcher, Pamela. "Transforming Rape Culture." In: Essays. Milkweed Editions pp. 466. 1993. [Book] [202.buc]
Abstract:Seeks a cultural change: the transformation of basic attitudes about power, gender, race and sexuality.

Understanding Violence Against Women
Crowell, Nancy & Burgess, Ann. "Understanding Violence Against Women." national Research Council pp. 223. 1996. [Book] [215.cro]
Abstract:Conclusions of a panel studying Violence Against Women.

Violence Against Women
Bender, David. "Violence Against Women." In: Current Controversy series. Greenhaven Press pp. 320. 1994. [Book] [202.ben]
Abstract:Collection of articles regarding violence against women.

Violence Against Women
Bart, Pauline & Moran, Eileen. "Violence Against Women." In: The Bloody Footprints. Sage Publications pp. 294. 1993. [Book] [202.bar]
Abstract:Originally published as a special issue of Gender & Society.

Violence Against Women
Biden, Joseph. "Violence Against Women." In: A Week in the Life of America. United States Government 1993. [Document] [202.bid]
Abstract:Report on Violence Against Women that came as part of the 1993 Act. Includes speech by Senator Joseph Biden

Violence in the Lives of Black Women
West, Carolyn. "Violence in the Lives of Black Women." In: Battered, Black and Blue. The Haworth Press pp. 208. 2002. [Book] [701.wes]
Abstract:Written from a Black feminist perspective. Offers case studies, in-depth discussions and helpful suggestions for treatment and intervention.

Women and Male Violence
Schechter, Susan. "Women and Male Violence." In: The Visions and Struggles of the Battered Women`s Movement. South End Press pp. 366. 1982. [Book] [202.sch]
Abstract:An In-depth look at battering and the social movement against it.

Women at the Margins
Figueira-McDonough, Josefina & Sarri, Rosemary. "Women at the Margins." In: Neglect, Punishment and Resistance. Haworth Press pp. 432. 2002. [Book] [200.fig]
Abstract:Compilation of research and articles on different cultures and groups of women facing oppression.

Women`s Lives, Men`s Laws
MacKinnon, Catharine A.. "Women`s Lives, Men`s Laws." Harvard Press pp. 557. 2005. [Book] [200.mac]
Abstract:Collection of previously unpublished writings from MacKinnon from 1980 to the present.

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