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Issues in Intimate Violence
Bergen, Raquel Kennedy. "Issues in Intimate Violence." In: Sexual Assault Victims Generall. Sage pp. 314. 1998. [Book] [100.ber]
Abstract:Designed specifically for undergraduate students, this book provides a comprehensive and accessible anthology that prepares the foundation for understanding a wide range of violence that commonly occurs in families and between intimates. It is a collection of 22 scholarly but readable chapters.

Misinformation Concerning Child Sexual Abuse and Adult Survivors
Whitfield, Charles & Silberg, Joyanna. "Misinformation Concerning Child Sexual Abuse and Adult Survivors." Haworth Maltreatment & Trauma Press pp. 217. 2001. [Book] [100.whi]
Abstract:Collection of articles working to counter those who disregard the trauma of sexual abuse.

Old Crimes in New Times
Dill, Sara. "Old Crimes in New Times." In: Human Trafficking and The Modern Justice System. American Bar Association pp. 6. 2006. [Journal Article] [209.dil]
Abstract:Article from Criminal Justice magazine on human trafficking and how it fits in the justice system.

Out of Bounds
Benedict, Jeff. "Out of Bounds." In: Inside the NBA`s Culture of Rape, Violence and Crime. Harper Collins pp. 254. 2005. [Book] [100.ben]
Abstract:Investigation into the violent culture of the NBA and the aftermath it creates.

Rape Victimology
Schultz, Leroy. "Rape Victimology." In: To increase your professional effectiveness. Charles C Thomas pp. 405. 1975. [Book] [100.sch]
Abstract:The book includes several articles published prior to 1975 on rape victims.

Rape: Victims of Crisis
Burgess, Ann Wolbert & Holmstrom, Lynda Lytle. "Rape: Victims of Crisis." Robert J. Brady pp. 307. 1974. [Book] [301.bur]
Abstract:Groundbreaking work on the trauma associated with rape.

Sexual Exploitation
Russell, Diana. "Sexual Exploitation." In: Rape, Child Sexual Abuse and Workplace Harassment. Sage Publications pp. 317. 1984. [Book] [100.rus]
Abstract:Research on sexual assault compiled by Diana Russell.

Sexual Violence/London Rape Crisis Center
, London RCC. "Sexual Violence/London Rape Crisis Center." In: The Reality for Women. Women`s Press pp. 144. 1984. [Book] [100.lon]
Abstract:The women of London Rape Crisis Centre discuss the politics of rape and its use as a form of social control, as well as offering full practical information about the medical and legal aspects and the emotional reactions of the woman involved, her freinds and family. The book is addressed to women who have been raped, and those who are involved in supporting them.

You don`t have to settle
Jackson, Veraunda. "You don`t have to settle." In: How to make your Vision a Reality. Ehap Inc. pp. 214. 2003. [Book] [200.jac]
Abstract:Jackson`s second motivational book on how to improve your life.Jackson`s second motivational book on how to improve your life.

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