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Cult and Ritual Abuse
Noblitt, James Randall & Perskin, Pamela Sue. "Cult and Ritual Abuse." In: Its History, anthropology and recent discovery in Contemporary America. Praeger Publishing pp. 223. 1993. [Book] [107.nob]
Abstract:Book studies the affects of ritual abuse through the experiences of a therapist`s work with victims.

Out of Darkness
Sakheim, David & Devine, Susan. "Out of Darkness." In: Exploring Satanism and Ritual Abuse. Lexington Books pp. 309. 1992. [Book] [107.sak]
Abstract:Focuses on the intersection of how extremist occult groups can severely abuse children, the resulting traumas that develop and how psychotherapists, clergy and law enforcement approach the problem.

Reaching for the Light
Rose, Emilie. "Reaching for the Light." In: A Guide for Ritual Abuse Survivors and their Therapists. The Pilgrim Press pp. 238. 1996. [Book] [107.ros]
Abstract:A guide to understanding and dealing with the impact of ritual and cult abuse. It is written by a survivor of ritual abuse.

Ritual Abuse of Children Task Force
, . "Ritual Abuse of Children Task Force." In: Draft Recommendations. pp. 11. 1990. [Document] [107.sjr]
Abstract:Paper working on developing information on ritual abuse.

The Ultimate Challenge
Woodsum, Gayle. "The Ultimate Challenge." In: A revolutionary, sane and sensible response to ritualistic and cult-related abuse. Thomas-Shore Inc. pp. 326. 1998. [Book] [107.woo]
Abstract:Provides a thorough presentation of what ritualistic and cult-related abuses are, why they exist, and how offenders get away with what they do.

Think Tank Report
, . "Think Tank Report." In: Investigation of Ritualistic Abuse Allegations. National Children`s Advocacy Center pp. 88. 1990. [Paper/Booklet] [107.nca]
Abstract:Presented information from a 1989 conference in Salt Lake City.

Understanding Ritual Abuse
Cook, Caren. "Understanding Ritual Abuse." University of Colorado pp. 36. 1991. [Document] [107.coo]
Abstract:Study of 33 ritual abuse survivors from 13 states.

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