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A Look at Child Sexual Abuse
Conte, Jon. "A Look at Child Sexual Abuse." In: A look at Child Sexual Abuse. National Committee for Prevention of Child Abuse pp. 47. 1986. [Book] [106.con]
Abstract:Effects of childhood sexual experiences on child victims.

A Sourcebook on child sexual abuse
Finkelhor, David. "A Sourcebook on child sexual abuse." In: a guide. Sage pp. 275. 2001. [Book] [106.fin]
Abstract:Sourcebook written by Finkelhor and associates.

Assessing Allegations of Sexual Abuse in Preschool Children
Hewitt, Sandra K.. "Assessing Allegations of Sexual Abuse in Preschool Children." In: Understanding Small Voices. Stern`s Books pp. 302. 1999. [Book] [302.hew]
Abstract:Written to help a front-line practitioner. Provides concrete and easily understood information about basic child development, interview procedures and case management theory.

Betrayal of Innocence
Forward, Susan & Buck, Craig. "Betrayal of Innocence." In: Incest and its Devastation. Penguin Books pp. 193. 1978. [Book] [105.for]
Abstract:Investigates 25 incest cases and how the victim and aggressor can put the experience into the proper perspective.

By Silence Betrayed
Crewdson, John. "By Silence Betrayed." In: Sexual Abuse of Children in America. pp. 266. 1988. [Book] [106.cre]
Abstract:The book raises tough questions about society, its responsibility to children and its character.

Child Sexual Abuse: A Hidden Factor in Adolescent Sexual Behavior
, . "Child Sexual Abuse: A Hidden Factor in Adolescent Sexual Behavior." Illinois Department of Children and Family Services pp. 12. 1990. [Document] [106.idc]
Abstract:Findings from a statewide survey of teenage mothers in Illinois.

Childhood: It Should Not Hurt
Reeves, Claire. "Childhood: It Should Not Hurt." LTI Publishing pp. 144. 2003. [Book] [106.Ree]
Abstract:Written by founder of Mothers Against Sexual Abuse.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in the U.S., Canada and Mexico
Estes, Richard & Weiner, Neil Alan. "Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in the U.S., Canada and Mexico." University of Pennsylvania pp. 38. 2001. [Document] [706.est]
Abstract:Report on trafficking/prostitution of children.

Conspiracy of Silence
Butler, Sandra. "Conspiracy of Silence." In: The Trauma of Incest. pp. 213. 1985. [Book] [106.but]
Abstract:Updated with "The Problem Reconsidered" and a forward by Judith Herman.

Evaluation of the Sexually Abused Child
Heger, Astrid & Emans, S. Jean. "Evaluation of the Sexually Abused Child." In: A Medical Textbook and Photographic Atlas. Oxford University Press pp. 244. 1992. [Book] [501.heg]
Abstract:Combines a step-by-step discussion of how to interview & evaluate sexually abused children with a complete photographic atlas containing 120 color illustrations documenting signs of abuse.

Family Sexual Abuse
Patton, Michael Quinn. "Family Sexual Abuse." In: Frontline Research and Evaluation. Sage pp. 246. 1991. [Book] [106.pat]
Abstract:Explores 11 research projects covering several issues.

Father-Daughter Incest
Herman, Judith Lewis. "Father-Daughter Incest." In: A study. Harvard University Press pp. 282. 1981. [Book] [106.her]
Abstract:Book showing that incest is not harmless. She does this through an intensive clinical study of 40 incest victims and numerous interviews with professionals in the field.

Father-Daughter Rape
Ward, Elizabeth. "Father-Daughter Rape." In: Father-Daughter Rape. The Women`s Press pp. 249. 1985. [Book] [106.war]
Abstract:Opens with a series of personal accounts. Feminish analysis evaluates the existing literature and assaults traditional psychoanalysis for its failure to give credence to reports of child abuse.

Homeless, Runaway and Throwaway Youth
Anderson, Janet. "Homeless, Runaway and Throwaway Youth." In: Sexual Victimization and the Consequences of Life on the Streets. Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs pp. 15. 2004. [Newsletter] [106.and]
Abstract:Newsletter issue focused on victimization of homeless adolescents.

I Like Me
, . "I Like Me." In: Growing Songs for Healthy Children. Blue Tower Training Center 2004. [Video] [106.son]
Abstract:Audio CD of songs to teach young children about sexual abuse and good touch, bad touch.

Illinois Child Welfare
, . "Illinois Child Welfare." In: Multidisciplinary journal dedicated to improving services for children and their families. Illinois Department of Children and Family Services pp. 183. 2005. [Book] [106.dcf]
Abstract:Collection of articles from IDCFS.Collection of articles from IDCFS.

Issues in Intimate Violence
Bergen, Raquel Kennedy. "Issues in Intimate Violence." In: Sexual Assault Victims Generall. Sage pp. 314. 1998. [Book] [100.ber]
Abstract:Designed specifically for undergraduate students, this book provides a comprehensive and accessible anthology that prepares the foundation for understanding a wide range of violence that commonly occurs in families and between intimates. It is a collection of 22 scholarly but readable chapters.

Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma
Geffner, Robert. "Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma." Haworth Press pp. 360. 1997. [Book] [106.gef]
Abstract:Collection of articles including information on sibling child sexual abuse, treating sexual concerns of adult incest survivors, strategies for dissociative identity disorders in adult sexual abuse survivors and characteristics and treatment of incest offenders.

Lasting Effects of Child Sexual Abuse
Wyatt, Gail Elizabeth & Powell, Gloria Johnson. "Lasting Effects of Child Sexual Abuse." Sage Publications pp. 288. 1988. [Book] [106.wya]
Abstract:Purpose of the book is to bring together some of the more advanced research, treatment, relevant theory, and current social and policy issues regarding the lasting effects upon child victims, adult survivors, and their families.

Making the Grade on Women`s Health
Law Center, National Women`s & School of Medicine, U of Pennsylvania. "Making the Grade on Women`s Health." In: A National and State-By-State Report Card. National Women`s Law Center pp. 256. 2001. [Book] [212.nwl]
Abstract:Documents the state of women`s health at the national level and for each state.

Misinformation Concerning Child Sexual Abuse and Adult Survivors
Whitfield, Charles & Silberg, Joyanna. "Misinformation Concerning Child Sexual Abuse and Adult Survivors." Haworth Maltreatment & Trauma Press pp. 217. 2001. [Book] [100.whi]
Abstract:Collection of articles working to counter those who disregard the trauma of sexual abuse.

Nursery Crimes
Finkelhor, David & Williams, Linda Meyer. "Nursery Crimes." In: Sexual Abuse in Day Care. Sage pp. 272. 1988. [Book] [106.fin]
Abstract:Study of sexual abuse in day care facilities. Makes recommendations.

Online Victimization: A Report on the Nation`s Youth
Finkelhor, David & Mitchell, Kimberly. "Online Victimization: A Report on the Nation`s Youth." Crimes Against Children Research Center pp. 53. 2000. [Document] [411.fin]
Abstract:Study on children and the use of the Internet by predators stalking them.

Photo-documentation in the Investigation of Child Abuse
, . "Photo-documentation in the Investigation of Child Abuse." In: Portable Guide to Investigating Child Abuse. U.S. Dept. of Justice pp. 14. 1996. [Paper/Booklet] [501.usd]
Abstract:Provides valuable pointers regarding the selection & use of camera equipment, film, & photographic techniques most appropriate for use in cases of suspected child abuse.

Protecting Abused and Neglected Children
Wald, Michael & Carlsmith, J.M.. "Protecting Abused and Neglected Children." In: A guide. Stanford University Press pp. 249. 1988. [Book] [106.wal]
Abstract:Presents the results of a study on whether it is better to leave abused or neglected children at home with specialized services offered or to place them in foster care. Study took place in California.

Recognizing When a Child`s Injury or Illness Is Caused by Abuse
, . "Recognizing When a Child`s Injury or Illness Is Caused by Abuse." In: Portable Guide to Investigating Child Abuse. U.S. Dept. of Justice pp. 23. 1996. [Paper/Booklet] [501.usd]
Abstract:Provides many practical pointers to assist in determining whether a child`s injuries are accidental or intentional.

Sexual Abuse of Children
Schlesinger, Benjamin. "Sexual Abuse of Children." In: A Resource Guide and Annoted Bibliography. University of Toronto Press pp. 198. 1982. [Book] [106.sch]
Abstract:Book is designed for educators and students. Most useful for in-services training courses.

Sexual Abuse of Children
, . "Sexual Abuse of Children." In: Implications for Treatment. The American Humane Association pp. 111. 1980. [Book] [106.aha]
Abstract:Discussion on the issue and its treatment.

Sexual Assault of Children and Adolescents
Burgess, Ann Wolbert & Groth, Nicholas. "Sexual Assault of Children and Adolescents." In: Sexual Assault of Children and Adolescents. Lexington Books pp. 245. 2001. [Book] [106.bur]
Abstract:Broken into three sections: Victims, Offenders and Services.

Sexual Exploitation
Russell, Diana. "Sexual Exploitation." In: Rape, Child Sexual Abuse and Workplace Harassment. Sage Publications pp. 317. 1984. [Book] [100.rus]
Abstract:Research on sexual assault compiled by Diana Russell.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Child Sexual Abuse
, . "Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Child Sexual Abuse." In: Portable Guides to Investigating Child Abuse. U.S. Dept of Justice pp. 15. 1996. [Paper/Booklet] [509.usd]
Abstract:Designed to present additional investigative techniques, utilizing the presence of a sexually transmitted disease, which will assist in identifying or eliminating suspects in sexual abuse cases.

Sibling Abuse Trauma
Caffaro, John V. & Conn-Caffaro, Allison. "Sibling Abuse Trauma." In: Assessment and Intervention Strategies for Children, Families and Adults. Haworth Maltreatment and Trauma Press pp. 299. 1998. [Book] [302.caf]
Abstract:Presents an overview of sibling abuse from relationship development to assessment to intervention.

The APSAC Handbook on Child Maltreatment
Briere, John & Berliner, Lucy. "The APSAC Handbook on Child Maltreatment." SAGE pp. 449. 1996. [Book] [106.bri]
Abstract:Chapters address all facets of the professional response to child abuse & neglect: prevention, assessment, intervention, & treatment.

The APSAC Handbook on Child Maltreatment
Myers, John E. B. & Berliner, Lucy. "The APSAC Handbook on Child Maltreatment." In: Second Edition. Sage Publications pp. 582. 2002. [Book] [106.bri]
Abstract:Provides comprehensive, inter-disciplinary coverage of the causes, consequences, treatment, and prevention of child abuse and neglect.

The Battle and the Backlash
Hechler, David. "The Battle and the Backlash." In: The Child Sexual Abuse War. Lexington Books pp. 375. 1988. [Book] [412.hec]
Abstract:Investigative report by a former reporter.

The Best Kept Secret
Rush, Florence. "The Best Kept Secret." In: Sexual Abuse of Children. McGraw-Hill Book Company pp. 226. 1980. [Book] [106.rus]
Abstract:Study of the sexual abuse of children.

The Me Nobody Knows
Bean, Barbara & Bennett, Shari. "The Me Nobody Knows." In: A guide for teen survivors. Jossey-Bass pp. 157. 1993. [Book] [106.bea]
Abstract:Written specifically for teens who have been abuses. Uses written, visual and relaxation exercises to show teens how to cope.

The Missing Voice
Ashley, Sandi. "The Missing Voice." Kendall/Hunt Publishing pp. 130. 1992. [Book] [110.ash]
Abstract:Collection of first-person accounts of sexual abuse. Written by the mothers of victims who are also either the wife or mother of the offender.

The Sexual Abuse of Children
Haugaard, Jeffrey & Reppucci, N. Dickon. "The Sexual Abuse of Children." Josey-Bass pp. 430. 1988. [Book] [106.hau]
Abstract:Analyzation of information available on child sexual abuse.

The Victimization of Children
Mullings, Janet & Marquart, James. "The Victimization of Children." In: Emerging Issues. Haworth Maltreatment and Trauma Press pp. 328. 2003. [Book] [106.mul]
Abstract:Collection of research on child victimization, abuse and neglect

Understanding Child Sexual Maltreatment
Faller, Kathleen Coulborn. "Understanding Child Sexual Maltreatment." In: Understanding Child Sexual Maltreatment. Sage pp. 250. 1990. [Book] [106.fal]
Abstract:Book is written primarily for mental health professionals but is a valuable resource for all involved.

When a Child Kills
Mones, Paul. "When a Child Kills." In: Abused Children who kill their parents. Pocket Books pp. 391. 1991. [Book] [106.mon]
Abstract:Discusses the cases of victims of incest who murder their parents.

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