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A Teacher Saved My Life
, . "A Teacher Saved My Life." In: Mandated Reporting. Illinois Department of Children and Family Services 1991. [Video] []
Abstract:Specifically for teachers, video discusses child abuse and mandated reporting in Illinois.

Children at Risk
, . "Children at Risk." In: Ritual Abuse in America. Cavalcade Productions 1993. [Video] []
Abstract:Focuses on the satanic, ritual abuse of children. Numerous cases presented with interviews with the children and their family members. Presenting the minority opinion, there are also interviews with professionals who questions the existence of ritual abuse.

Essentials of Play therapy with Abused Children
, . "Essentials of Play therapy with Abused Children." In: A guide. Guilford Publications 1998. [Video] []
Abstract:Informational 40-minute video with Eliana Gil illuminates the benefits of play therapy for children who have been physically or sexually abused.

Facing It
, . "Facing It." In: Sexual Abuse Among Children. 1999. [Video] []
Abstract:Information about the sexual abuse of children.

Gonna Make It
, . "Gonna Make It." Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape 2002. [Video] []
Abstract:MTV-Style video has won acclaim. Features the singing of J-Saint and Kelly B. Earned rave reviews at the 2002 National Sexual Violence Prevention Conference. Deals with the issues of incest and acquaintance rape.

Healing Years
, . "Healing Years." In: Incest and Recovery. KB Films 1999. [Video] []
Abstract:Excellent video on the affects of incest on three women and how they recovered to be survivors. Sends a positive message to victims.

Hear Their Cries
, . "Hear Their Cries." In: Religous Responses to Child Abuse. Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence 1992. [Video] []
Abstract:Documentary on the role of clergy and lay leaders in preventing child abuse. 48 minutes.

Identifying Dissociation in Children
, . "Identifying Dissociation in Children." In: A guide. Cavalcade Productions 1995. [Video] []
Abstract:32 minutes.

If These Walls Could Talk
, . "If These Walls Could Talk." Home Box Office 1996. [Video] []
Abstract:HBO movie featuring Demi Moore, Sissy Spacek and Cher on dealing with unplanned pregnancies. It is on a DVD.

Is It Love; Is it Gross; Is it Sexual Harassment
, . "Is It Love; Is it Gross; Is it Sexual Harassment." In: video. Meridian Education Corporation 1996. [Video] []
Abstract:26 minutes long.

Not in This Family
, . "Not in This Family." In: Training Video For Mandated Reporters and Child Abuse and Neglect. State of Illinois Office of the Attorney General with DCFS 1998. [Video] []
Abstract:The training video has been produced to provide these professionals with a strong foundation for recognizing, responding to and reporting incidents of child abuse.

Preparing Children For Court
, . "Preparing Children For Court." In: PCAR. Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape 1986. [Video] []
Abstract:Ann Sadler and E. Ann Hyman discuss guidelines for preparing children for the courtroom experience.

Red Flag Green Flag
, . "Red Flag Green Flag." In: Video. Rape and Abuse Crisis Center in Fargo, N.D. 1985. [Video] []
Abstract:Dynamics of child sexual abuse are discussed for adults. Ways to initiate parent/teacher meetings are explored.

Secret Sounds Screaming
, . "Secret Sounds Screaming." In: The Sexual Abuse of Children. Women Make Movies 1993. [Video] []
Abstract:Varied speakers talking about the power dynamics of child abuse within the context of race and class.

Taking the Stand
, . "Taking the Stand." In: For Kids Who Testify. The Victim Witness Assistance Program 1990. [Video] []
Abstract:Two children are given a tour of the courtroom. The video uses humor to show the children what they can expect.

Teen Pregnancies
, . "Teen Pregnancies." In: The Role of the Older Guy. Intermedia 2001. [Video] []
Abstract:25 minutes. Part of the Avoiding Teen Pregnancy Series.

Testifying About Child Sexual Abuse
, . "Testifying About Child Sexual Abuse." In: A Courtroom Guide. Guilford Publications 1998. [Video] []
Abstract:Helps professionals understand their role in legal proceedings, prepare and deliver testimoy effectively and minimize the stress involved for children.

The Secrecy Connection -- Chemical Abuse & Sexual Violence
, . "The Secrecy Connection -- Chemical Abuse & Sexual Violence." In: Tapes 1 and 2. Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape 1992. [Video] []
Abstract:Series of training videos for substance abuse counselors. Video 1 provides basic information on sexual assault of adults and children. Video 2 explores how drug and alcohol treatment methods can be at odds with sexual assault recovery.

, . "Touch." In: What your Child Needs to Know. Illusion Theater 1983. [Video] []
Abstract:Production concerns body safety for elementary-age children. Adult actors illustrate aspects of good touch and bad tough, while children give responses to the situations.

When Children Are Witnesses
, . "When Children Are Witnesses." In: Video. Kidsrights 1989. [Video] []
Abstract:The video teaches professional skills for helping children who will be going through courtroom proceedings.

Where Angels Dare
, . "Where Angels Dare." In: Video. AIMS Media 1997. [Video] []
Abstract:Personal video about healing from incest and childhood sexual abuse is a testemant to human courage and the power of love. Story of six men and women. 27 minutes.

Why God, Why Me?
, . "Why God, Why Me?." In: Video. Varied Directions 1988. [Video] []
Abstract:Effects of incest on one woman`s life are explored. Story is told through a series of still photographs. 24 minutes.

Why Me?
, . "Why Me?." In: Incest Prevention. Coronet/MTI 1988. [Video] []
Abstract:Prevention video for children aged 5-10. Presents information about incest in a direct manner. Roundtable discussion with children and a story are presented.

Yes You Can Say No
, . "Yes You Can Say No." In: Video. Committee for Children 1993. [Video] []
Abstract:Appropriate for grades 2-6. 19 minutes.

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