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Date Rape
, . "Date Rape." In: Violence Between Friends. American School Publishers 1991. [Video] []
Abstract:Features interviews with two adolescent survivors of sexual assault. Examines why rape is prevalent and why victims are afraid to tell police and others that they were raped by an acquaintance.

Flirting or Hurting
, . "Flirting or Hurting." GPN Educational Media 1997. [Video] []
Abstract:Video focuses on providing a forum for students to discuss sexual harassment in the schools. Is broken into three segments and includes a study guide.

Gonna Make It
, . "Gonna Make It." Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape 2002. [Video] []
Abstract:MTV-Style video has won acclaim. Features the singing of J-Saint and Kelly B. Earned rave reviews at the 2002 National Sexual Violence Prevention Conference. Deals with the issues of incest and acquaintance rape.

Heart on a Chain
, . "Heart on a Chain." In: The Truth about Date Violence. MTI Film and Video 1993. [Video] []
Abstract:Addresses the issue of dating violence by speaking directly to young abusers and victims.

Is It Love; Is it Gross; Is it Sexual Harassment
, . "Is It Love; Is it Gross; Is it Sexual Harassment." In: video. Meridian Education Corporation 1996. [Video] []
Abstract:26 minutes long.

Playing the Game
, . "Playing the Game." In: Video on Date Rape. 1989. [Video] []
Abstract:15:30 minutes long.

, . "Scoring." In: A Story About Date Rape. Coronet/MTI 1993. [Video] []
Abstract:Young men and women examine issues of sexual assault, its causes and consequences.

Sex Without Consent
, . "Sex Without Consent." In: When a Kiss Is Not Just a Kiss. Intermedia 1994. [Video] []
Abstract:Comes with a study guide. 36 minutes. Narrative story designed to elicit thinking and dialogue about the issues of sex without consent.

Someone You Know
, . "Someone You Know." In: Acquaintance Rape. Coronet/MTI 1986. [Video] []
Abstract:Victims of acquaintance rape tell their stories. 30 minutes

Spin the Bottle
, . "Spin the Bottle." In: sex, lies and alcohol. Media Education Foundation 2004. [Video] []
Abstract:By Jackson Katz and Jean Kilbourne. Video critiques the role that contemporary culture plays in glamorizing excessive drinking and high-risk behaviors. 44 minutes long.

Stalking: Real Fear, Real Crime Roll Call Tape
, . "Stalking: Real Fear, Real Crime Roll Call Tape." Lifetime Television 2004. [Video] []
Abstract:Produced by the National Center for Victims of Crime in conjunction with Lifetime Television.

Teen Issues: Date Rape
, . "Teen Issues: Date Rape." In: No isn`t always enough. Planned Parenthood of San Diego 1987. [Video] []
Abstract:Dramatic program for teenagers and parents. Written and performed by the New Image Teen Theatre. 30 minutes

Teen Sex
, . "Teen Sex." In: Drawing the Line. Alternatives to Fear 1988. [Video] []
Abstract:Television documentary about an acquaintance rape prevention program developed by the rape crisis center, Alternatives to Fear, in Seattle. 20 minutes.

Teens Stopping Rape
, . "Teens Stopping Rape." In: Video. United Learning Inc. 1991. [Video] []
Abstract:29:15 minutes.

The Prosecution of Rohypnol and GHB Related Sexual Assaults
, . "The Prosecution of Rohypnol and GHB Related Sexual Assaults." In: APRI. American Prosecutors Research Institute 1999. [Video] []
Abstract:Guide for prosecutors and law enforcement officers on the effective, victim-centered investigation and prosecution of drug-facilitated sexual assaults.

The Secrecy Connection -- Chemical Abuse & Sexual Violence
, . "The Secrecy Connection -- Chemical Abuse & Sexual Violence." In: Tapes 1 and 2. Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape 1992. [Video] []
Abstract:Series of training videos for substance abuse counselors. Video 1 provides basic information on sexual assault of adults and children. Video 2 explores how drug and alcohol treatment methods can be at odds with sexual assault recovery.

They Never Call it Rape
, . "They Never Call it Rape." In: ABC News. Coronet/MTI 1990. [Video] []
Abstract:ABC News documentary on campus gang rape. Focuses on what gang rape is and how offenders receive minimal punishment. 20 minutes

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