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A Law for victims
, . "A Law for victims." In: Information on the legal system. ICASA 1984. [Video] []
Abstract:Video is 24 minutes long. Portrays the changes in Illinois law regarding sexual assault and abuse.

A Teacher Saved My Life
, . "A Teacher Saved My Life." In: Mandated Reporting. Illinois Department of Children and Family Services 1991. [Video] []
Abstract:Specifically for teachers, video discusses child abuse and mandated reporting in Illinois.

, . "AIDS." In: Bulletin for Law Enforcement. Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement Academy 1990. [Video] []
Abstract:Presents general information about AIDS and how law enforcement professionals can protect themselves from contracting the disease.

Elder Physical and Sexual Abuse: The Medical Piece
, . "Elder Physical and Sexual Abuse: The Medical Piece." California District Attorneys Association 2003. [Video] []
Abstract:Two-volume set shows how to evaluate evidence in context to recognize signs of elder physical and sexual abuse.

Helping a Sexual Assault Survivor
, . "Helping a Sexual Assault Survivor." Campus Outreach Services 2004. [Video] []
Abstract:Video and handbook provides a step by step process of learning to help someone that has been raped. The video is 30-minutes long.

Interviewing for Child Sexual Abuse
, . "Interviewing for Child Sexual Abuse." In: A Forensic Guide. 1998. [Video] []
Abstract:Video includes a study guide.

Interviewing Techniques & the Use of Anatomically Correct Dolls
, . "Interviewing Techniques & the Use of Anatomically Correct Dolls." In: PCAR. Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape 1986. [Video] []
Abstract:60-minute video directed by D. Jo Sterner and Adam Krea. Tells how to use anatomically correct dolls when working with child victims.

Medical Advocacy
, . "Medical Advocacy." In: Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault. WCASA 2000. [Video] []
Abstract:Training video for medical advocates. Specific to Wisconsin law.

Not in This Family
, . "Not in This Family." In: Training Video For Mandated Reporters and Child Abuse and Neglect. State of Illinois Office of the Attorney General with DCFS 1998. [Video] []
Abstract:The training video has been produced to provide these professionals with a strong foundation for recognizing, responding to and reporting incidents of child abuse.

Preparing Children For Court
, . "Preparing Children For Court." In: PCAR. Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape 1986. [Video] []
Abstract:Ann Sadler and E. Ann Hyman discuss guidelines for preparing children for the courtroom experience.

Seattle Police Rape Sensitivity Training
, . "Seattle Police Rape Sensitivity Training." In: Video. Seattle Police Department 1984. [Video] []
Abstract:Three segments: Victim Sensitivity, Victim Reactions and Suspect Types.

Sentencing the Victim
, . "Sentencing the Victim." IVS 2002. [Video] []
Abstract:Documentary about Joanna Katz and her struggle to move through the system after being raped.

Sexual Assault Response Teams
, . "Sexual Assault Response Teams." In: Partnering for Success. Office for Victims of Crime 2006. [Video] []
Abstract:Training video demonstrates the progress being made to improve victim services and to enchance prosecution of sexual assault cases. It is designed as a resource for professionals who work with victims of sexual assault. It is eight minutes long.

Taking the Stand
, . "Taking the Stand." In: For Kids Who Testify. The Victim Witness Assistance Program 1990. [Video] []
Abstract:Two children are given a tour of the courtroom. The video uses humor to show the children what they can expect.

Testifying About Child Sexual Abuse
, . "Testifying About Child Sexual Abuse." In: A Courtroom Guide. Guilford Publications 1998. [Video] []
Abstract:Helps professionals understand their role in legal proceedings, prepare and deliver testimoy effectively and minimize the stress involved for children.

That Delicate Balance II:
, . "That Delicate Balance II:." In: Our Bill of Rights -- Two Accused: Chronicle of a Date Rape Trial. PBS 2001. [Video] []
Abstract:58 minutes.

The Emotionally Disturbed Victim
, . "The Emotionally Disturbed Victim." In: Foster placement. Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape 1986. [Video] []
Abstract:About foster placement, separation, loss and attachment. Directed by Fran Morrison. 37 minutes.

The Prosecution of Rohypnol and GHB Related Sexual Assaults
, . "The Prosecution of Rohypnol and GHB Related Sexual Assaults." In: APRI. American Prosecutors Research Institute 1999. [Video] []
Abstract:Guide for prosecutors and law enforcement officers on the effective, victim-centered investigation and prosecution of drug-facilitated sexual assaults.

The Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit
, . "The Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit." In: Illinois State Police Division of Forensic Services. IL State Police Division of Forensic Services 2002. [Video] []
Abstract:Shows how to collect, label, & seal evidence and appropriately fill out the forms that come with the kit.

When Children Are Witnesses
, . "When Children Are Witnesses." In: Video. Kidsrights 1989. [Video] []
Abstract:The video teaches professional skills for helping children who will be going through courtroom proceedings.

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