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10 minutes to Better Board Meetings
Holmgren, Norah. "10 minutes to Better Board Meetings." Planned Parenthood pp. 27. 1994. [Paper/Booklet] [1202.hol]
Abstract:Offers guidelines for planning, participating or leading board meetings.

Assessing Organizational Racism
, . "Assessing Organizational Racism." Resource Sharing Project, RESHAPE newsletter May 2001 pp. 2. 2001. [Journal Article] [1200.rsp]
Abstract:Article developed by the Dismantling Racism Project.

Board Overboard
O`Connell, Brian. "Board Overboard." In: Laughs and Lessons for All but the Perfect Nonprofit. Jossey-Bass pp. 220. 1996. [Book] [1200.oco]
Abstract:A spoof of non-profit organizations.

Emotionally Involved
Campbell, Rebecca. "Emotionally Involved." In: The Impact of Researching Rape. Routledge pp. 176. 2002. [Book] []
Abstract:Describes the emotional impact of researching rape and how it feels to deal with working in the sexual violence field.

Evaluating the empowerment of women of color within your organization
Ross, Loretta. "Evaluating the empowerment of women of color within your organization." Ohio Coalition on Sexual assault pp. 1. V. 14.2003. [Journal Article] [1200.ros]
Abstract:Excerpt in OCASA`s newsletter from a longer article by Ross.

Good to Great
Collins, Jim. "Good to Great." In: Why some companies make the leap and others don`t. Haper Collins pp. 240. 2001. [Book] [1200.col]
Abstract:Research on why some companies become great and the reasons they do versus others that remain mediocre.

Guidebook for Directors of Nonprofit Corporations
Overton, George. "Guidebook for Directors of Nonprofit Corporations." American Bar Association pp. 120. 1993. [Book] [1200.ove]
Abstract:Comprehensive look at the roles and responsibilities of the director.

How to Change the World
Bornstein, David. "How to Change the World." In: Social Entrepreneurs and the power of new ideas. Oxford University Press pp. 316. 2004. [Book] [1200.bor]
Abstract:Stories of individuals who have taken chances and changed the world around them.

Intervention in Traumatized Organizations
Vivian, Pat & Horman, Shana. "Intervention in Traumatized Organizations." pp. 15. 2005. [Journal Article] [1200.viv]
Abstract:Focuses on what is a traumatized organization and the steps necessary to heal the organization.

Leadership without Easy Answers
Heifetz, Ronald. "Leadership without Easy Answers." Harvard University Press pp. 348. 1994. [Book] [1200.hei]
Abstract:Book presents a concrete prescription for taking the lead in almost any situation.

Management Ideas that Work
, . "Management Ideas that Work." Communications Briefings 1989. [Paper/Booklet] []
Abstract:A compilation of ideas from the newsletter Communication Briefings.

Money and Outpatient Psychiatry
Mikalac, Cecilia. "Money and Outpatient Psychiatry." In: Practice Guidelines ... From Accounting to Ethics. W.W. Norton pp. 398. 2005. [Book] [1200.mik]
Abstract:Course on money management for psychiatrists that covers all aspects.

News for a Change
Wallack, Lawrence & Woodruff, Katie. "News for a Change." In: An Advocate`s Guide to Working with the Media. Sage Puglications pp. 152. 1999. [Book] [1200.wal]
Abstract:Serves as a blueprint for those wanting to increase the power and effectiveness of their social change efforts.

Nonprofit Organizations
Singer, Barbara. "Nonprofit Organizations." In: Operations Handbook for Directors and Administrators. Callaghan and Company pp. 146. 1987. [Book] [1202.sin]
Abstract:Covers a little bit of everything.

Open Space Technology
Owen, Harrison. "Open Space Technology." In: A User`s Guide, 2nd Edition. Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. pp. 173. 1997. [Book] [1200-owe]
Abstract:A hands-on, detailed description of facillitating Open Space Technology (OST). OST enables self-organizing groups of all sizes to deal with hugely complex issues in a very short period of time.

Organizational Prevention of Vicarious Trauma
Bell, Holly & Kulkarni, Shanti. "Organizational Prevention of Vicarious Trauma." Families in Society: Journal of Contemporary Human Services pp. 6. 2004. [Journal Article] [1200.bel]
Abstract:Review of the literature on the organizational components of vicarious trauma and suggested changes in organizational culture to prevent it.

Promoting Cultural Diversity
Hopkins Kavanagh, Kathryn & Kennedy, Patricia. "Promoting Cultural Diversity." In: Strategies for Health Care Professionals. Sage Publications pp. 160. 1992. [Book] [1204.hop]
Abstract:Offers techniques for understanding and appreciating differences in others.

Revelation of Organizational Trauma
Kahn, William. "Revelation of Organizational Trauma." Journal of Applied Behavioral Science pp. 15. V. 39.2003. [Journal Article] [1200.kah]
Abstract:Process by which organizations and their units may experience trauma.

Sexual Assault Services in Pennsylvania: Making a Difference, Changing Lives
, . "Sexual Assault Services in Pennsylvania: Making a Difference, Changing Lives." Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape pp. 60. 1990. [Document] [1200.pca]
Abstract:Guideline used by Pennsylvania coalition.

Strategic Organizational Responses to Workplace Stress, Burnout and Trauma
Fisher, Patricia. "Strategic Organizational Responses to Workplace Stress, Burnout and Trauma." Fisher and Associates pp. 21. 2004. [Journal Article] [1200.fis]
Abstract:Blueprint for how an organization can respond to stress among its employees

The Accidental Techie
Bennett, Sue. "The Accidental Techie." In: Supporting, Managing, and Maximizing Your Nonprofit`s Technology. CompassPoint pp. 160. 2005. [Book] [1200.ben]
Abstract:Shows how to creat a support system that will help your organization use technology more effectivelyShows how to creat a support system that will help your organization use technology more effectivelyShows how to creat a support system that will help your organization use technology more effectively

The Internet and Technology: Making it Part of Our Mission-Based Communications Strategy
Munson, Christie. "The Internet and Technology: Making it Part of Our Mission-Based Communications Strategy." ReShape, July 2001 pp. 4. 2001. [Journal Article] [1200.mun]
Abstract:Article on best ways to use the Internet and to force your organization to make use of technology.

The Nonprofit Management Handbook
Connors, Tracy Daniel. "The Nonprofit Management Handbook." In: Operating Policies and Procedures. John Wiley and Sons pp. 123. 1994. [Book] [1209.con]
Abstract:Covers all aspects of nonprofit management.

Women Managers in Human Services
Haynes, Karen. "Women Managers in Human Services." Springer Publishing Company pp. 100. 2002. [Book] [1204.hay]
Abstract:Guide to career advancement.

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