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Identifying and Treating Sex Offenders
Geffner, Robert & Crumpton Franey, Kristina. "Identifying and Treating Sex Offenders." In: Current Approaches, Research and Techniques. Haworth Maltreatment Press pp. 292. 2003. [Book] [1108.gef]
Abstract:Series of articles and studies on the evaluation and treatment of sex offenders.

Juvenile Sexual Offending
Ryan, Gail D. & Lane, Sandy L.. "Juvenile Sexual Offending." In: Causes, Consequences, and Correction. Lexington Books pp. 435. 1991. [Book] [1107.rya]
Abstract:Designed to aid in the acquisition of the specific knowledge needed to understand the causes, consequences, and correction of juvenile sexual offending.

Men Who Rape
Groth, A. Nicholas & Birnbaum, Jean. "Men Who Rape." In: The Psychology of the Offender. Plenum pp. 227. 1979. [Book] [1102.gro]
Abstract:Differentiates patterns of assault among offenders and examines clinical aspects of their rape behavior.

Out of the Shadows
Carnes, PhD, Patrick. "Out of the Shadows." In: Understanding Sexual Addiction. CompCare Publishers pp. 173. 1983. [Book] [1102.car]
Abstract:Examines the tangled web of love, addictive sex, hate, & fear--usually founded in family relationships.

Sex, Motivation, and the Criminal Offender
Morneau, Jr., PhD, Robert H. & Rockwell, BS, Robert R.. "Sex, Motivation, and the Criminal Offender." Charles C. Thomas Publisher pp. 408. 1980. [Book] [1102.mor]
Abstract:Direction of the book is to train & support the police officer who must deal with the sex offender & the person exhibiting deviant behavior.

Sexual Offender Treatment
Coleman, Eli & Miner, Michael. "Sexual Offender Treatment." In: Biopsychosocial Perspectives. Haworth Press pp. 118. 1999. [Book] [1100.col]
Abstract:Overview of recent research on sex offenders that was presented at a 1998 conference.

Unspeakable Acts
Pryor, Douglas W.. "Unspeakable Acts." In: Why Men Sexually Abuse Children. New York University Press pp. 351. 1996. [Book] [1102.pry]
Abstract:Analysis explores how the lives of offenders prior to their offending led up to & contributed to what they did, the ways that initial interest in sex with children began, the tactics offenders employed to molest their victims over time, how they felt about & reacted to their behavior between offending episodes, & how & why they stopped abusing.

Women and Men Who Sexually Abuse Children
Allen, Craig. "Women and Men Who Sexually Abuse Children." In: A Comparitive Analysis. The Safer Society Press pp. 80. 1991. [Paper/Booklet] [1105.all]
Abstract:Searches to develop a comparitive profile of women and me who abuse children.

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