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Issues in Intimate Violence
Bergen, Raquel Kennedy. "Issues in Intimate Violence." In: Sexual Assault Victims Generall. Sage pp. 314. 1998. [Book] [100.ber]
Abstract:Designed specifically for undergraduate students, this book provides a comprehensive and accessible anthology that prepares the foundation for understanding a wide range of violence that commonly occurs in families and between intimates. It is a collection of 22 scholarly but readable chapters.

License To Rape
Finkelhor, David & Yllo, Kersti. "License To Rape." In: Sexual Abuse of Wives. The Free Press pp. 258. 1985. [Book] [1008.fin]
Abstract:Examines why this abuse remains legal & why people still romanticize & dismiss it as a marital tiff. Explores the patterns of sexual coercion, the motives of husbands who rape, & the emotional aftermath for wives.

Rape in Marriage
Russell, Diana E. H.. "Rape in Marriage." Indiana University Press pp. 421. 1990. [Book] [1008.rus]
Abstract:Study which yields comprehensive & undeniable findings on wife rape.

Stopping Sexual Assault in Marriage
, . "Stopping Sexual Assault in Marriage." In: A Guide for Women, Counselors & Advocates. Center for Constitutional Rights pp. 13. 1986. [Paper/Booklet] [1008.cen]
Abstract:Intended to let you know about the problem of marital rape, about how the law treats it, and some things that you can do about it.

Wife Rape
Bergen, Raquel Kennedy. "Wife Rape." In: Understanding the Response of Survivors & Service Providers. Sage Publications pp. 177. 1996. [Book] [1008.ber]
Abstract:Addresses the deep pain & humiliation of sexual assault suffered by countless numbers of women at the hands of their partners.

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