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Ditch That Jerk
Jayne, M.A., Pamela. "Ditch That Jerk." In: Dealing with Men Who Control and Hurt Women. Hunter House Publishers pp. 226. 2000. [Book] [1000.jay]
Abstract:Will help you assess whether your partner could be controlling or abusive; & whether he`ll ever change. Includes descriptions, examples, warnings, & even "jerk tests."

Issues in Intimate Violence
Bergen, Raquel Kennedy. "Issues in Intimate Violence." In: Sexual Assault Victims Generall. Sage pp. 314. 1998. [Book] [100.ber]
Abstract:Designed specifically for undergraduate students, this book provides a comprehensive and accessible anthology that prepares the foundation for understanding a wide range of violence that commonly occurs in families and between intimates. It is a collection of 22 scholarly but readable chapters.

Naming the Violence
Lobel, Kerry. "Naming the Violence." In: Speaking Out About Lesbian Battering. The Seal Press pp. 233. 1986. [Book] [1002.lob]
Abstract:First book to break the silence around lesbian battering and to challenge us to face the meaning of violence between women.

The Dark Side of Courtship
Lloyd, Sally A. & Emery, Beth C.. "The Dark Side of Courtship." In: Physical & Sexual Aggression. Sage Publications pp. 177. 2000. [Book] [1007.llo]
Abstract:Blending qualitative interviews with current findings, explores the "dark side" of courtship--the negative interactions that take place between dating & courting partners, most notably physical aggression & sexual exploitation.

What Parents Need to Know About Dating Violence
Levy, Barrie & Giggans, Patricia Occhiuzzo. "What Parents Need to Know About Dating Violence." Seal Press pp. 170. 1995. [Book] [1007.lev]
Abstract:For parents who are concerned about teenagers in abusive dating relationships--a problem which affects as many as one out of four high-school & college-age youth.

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