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Dangerous Relationships
Russell, Diana E.H.. "Dangerous Relationships." In: Pornography, Misogyny, and Rape. Sage Publications pp. 206. 1998. [Book] [804.rus]
Abstract:Discussion of how pornography harms women and children.

Fuel on the Fire
Rosenberg, Jean. "Fuel on the Fire." In: An Inquirey into pornography and Sexual Aggression in a free Society. Safer Society Press pp. 88. 1989. [Book] [805.ros]
Abstract:Look at the relationships between sexual media and sexual aggression.

Gay Male Pornography
Kendall, Christopher. "Gay Male Pornography." In: An issue of Sex Discrimination. UBC Press pp. 270. 2004. [Book] [800.ken]
Abstract:Author argues that gay male pornography reinforces social attitudes that create systemic inequality on the basis of sex and sexual orientation by sexually conditioning gay men to those attitudes and practices.

How to Make Love Like a Porn Star
Jameson, Jenna. "How to Make Love Like a Porn Star." In: A Cautionary Tale. ReganBooks pp. 575. 1900. [Book] [800.jam]
Abstract:Memoirs of pornography star Jameson. Details abuses encountered and degredation that is the porn industry. Extremely graphic and contains photos.

Just a Prude on Pornography?
Jensen, Robert. "Just a Prude on Pornography?." ICASA Coalition Commentary pp. 6. 2005. [Journal Article] [800.jen]
Abstract:Article on pornography and why we should oppose its production.

Making Violence Sexy
Russell, Diana E.H.. "Making Violence Sexy." In: Feminist Views on Pornography. Teachers College Press pp. 302. 1993. [Book] [800.rus]
Abstract:Collection of feminist articles that show pornography causes harm to women.

Paul, Pamela. "Pornified." In: How pornography is transforming our lives, our relationships, and our families. Times Books pp. 304. 2005. [Book] [800.pau]
Abstract:Drawing on the results of more than a hundred interviews and an exclusive nationwide poll, Paul exposes how porn has infilitrated and unsettled our lives.

Dines, Gail & Jensen, Robert. "Pornography." In: The Production and Consumption of Inequality. Routledge Press pp. 184. 1998. [Book] [800.din]
Abstract:Analysis of the pornography industry.

Dworkin, Andrea. "Pornography." In: Men Possessing Women. The Women`s Press pp. 301. 1979. [Book] [800.dwo]
Abstract:Focuses on how pornography is at the heart of male supremacy.

Pornography and Civil Rights
Dworkin, Andrea & MacKinnon, Catharine. "Pornography and Civil Rights." In: A New Day for Women`s Equality. Organizing against Pornography pp. 142. 1988. [Book] [803.dwo]
Abstract:Discussion on how to use the legal system to stop pornography, specifically the Dworkin/MacKinnon doctrine.

Pornography: Driving the Demand In International Sex Trafficking
, . "Pornography: Driving the Demand In International Sex Trafficking." Captive Daughters Media pp. 440. 2007. [Book] [800.cdm]
Abstract:Making the connections between pornography and sex trafficking.

Public Hearing on Ordinances to Add Pornography as Discrimination Against Women
, . "Public Hearing on Ordinances to Add Pornography as Discrimination Against Women." In: Minneapolis City Council. Organizing Against Pornography pp. 100. 1983. [Paper/Booklet] [803.dwo]
Abstract:Minutes from the city council meeting discussing the Dworkin/MacKinnon Doctrine in 1983.

Sex Trafficking of Women in the United States
Raymond, Janice & Hughes, Donna. "Sex Trafficking of Women in the United States." In: International and Domestic Trends. Coalition Against Trafficking in Women pp. 121. 2001. [Document] [706.ray]
Abstract:Research into the trafficking of women.

Take Back the Night
Lederer, Laura. "Take Back the Night." In: Women on Pornography. William Morrow and Company pp. 358. 1980. [Book] [800.led]
Abstract:Collection of articles, interviews and research by women against pornography.

Who wants to be a Porn Star
Dines, Gail & Jensen, Robert. "Who wants to be a Porn Star." In: Sex and violence in today`s pornography industry. 2007. [Document] [din.800]
Abstract:Powerpoint Presentation regarding pornography and its harmful effects on societyPowerpoint Presentation regarding pornography and its harmful effects on society

Whores and other Feminists
Nagle, Jill. "Whores and other Feminists." Routledge pp. 290. 1997. [Book] [802.nag]
Abstract:Examines sex work and the sex industry through the eyes of self-identified feminist sex workers.

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