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Abuse and Religion
Horton, Anne & Williamson, Judith. "Abuse and Religion." In: When Praying isn`t Enough. Lexington Books pp. 297. 1988. [Book] [217.hor]
Abstract:A path to treatment for people involved in a violent relationship, victim and abuser.

, . "Betrayal." In: The Crisis in the Catholic Church. The Boston Globe 2002. [Book] [705.tbg]
Abstract:Story focuses on the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church around the Boston area. It was written by the Boston Globe.

Clergy Abuse: Unveiling the Coverup
Corgan, Carol. "Clergy Abuse: Unveiling the Coverup." ICASA Coalition Commentary Summer 2002 pp. 1, 3-7. 2002. [Journal Article] [705.cor]
Abstract:Article on the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. Focuses on what the Church needs to do to address the issue.

Denial links fans to faithful
Black, Sean. "Denial links fans to faithful." ICASA Winter 2003 Coalition Commentary pp. 5. 2003. [Journal Article] [200.bla]
Abstract:Article on public`s denial to believe sexual assault allegations against clergy and famous athletes. Appeared in Winter 2003 Coalition Commentary.

Forgiveness and Abuse
Fortune, Marie & Marshall, Joretta. "Forgiveness and Abuse." In: Jewish and Christian Reflections. Haworth Personal Press pp. 148. 2004. [Book] [705.for]
Abstract:Collection of stories and articles dealing with forgiveness.

It Should Never Happen Here
Zarra, Ernest. "It Should Never Happen Here." In: A Guide for Minimizing the Risk of Child Abuse in Ministry. Baker Books pp. 142. 1997. [Book] [605.zar]
Abstract:Provides tips to churches on how to run a worker screening, maximize liability protection, spot signs of abuse and develop a response plan for reporting abuse.

Keeping the Faith
Fortune, Marie M.. "Keeping the Faith." In: Questions and Answers for the Abused Woman. Harper and Row pp. 95. 1987. [Book] [1000.for]
Abstract:Written by a minister. Uses spirituality to provide answers.

Men`s Work in Preventing Violence Against Women
Newton Poling, James & Cozad Neuger, Christie. "Men`s Work in Preventing Violence Against Women." Haworth Pastoral Press pp. 126. 2003. [Book] []
Abstract:Collection of articles with a focus on the role of religion in stopping domestic violence and sexual assault.

Professional Ethics: Sexual Abuse by Clergy and other Ministers
, . "Professional Ethics: Sexual Abuse by Clergy and other Ministers." Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence 1989. [Paper/Booklet] [217.cen]
Abstract:Articles and worksheets

Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church
Fortune, Marie M. & Longwood, W. Merle. "Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church." In: Trusting the Clergy?. The Haworth Pastoral Press pp. 106. 2003. [Book] [705.for]
Abstract:Collection of Catholic & non-Catholic perspectives, statements, & responses regarding Catholic clergy sexual abuse from a public symposium entitled "Trusting the Clergy?"

Sexual Violence
Fortune, Marie. "Sexual Violence." In: The Sin Revisited. The Pilgrim Press pp. 280. 2005. [Book] [705.for]
Abstract:Challenges preconceptions about sexual violence within Christian communities in a biblically grounded and theologically sound fashion.

Sexual Violence: The Unmentionable Sin
Fortune, Marie M.. "Sexual Violence: The Unmentionable Sin." In: An Ethical and Pastoral Perspective. The Pilgrim Press pp. 240. 1983. [Book] [217.for]
Abstract:Broken into two parts: examining the roots of the violence and then providing a pastoral perspective of help.

Survivor Prayers
Foote, Catherine J.. "Survivor Prayers." In: Talking with God about Childhood Sexual Abuse. Westminster/John Knox Press pp. 93. 1994. [Book] []
Abstract:Provided to survivors of abuse, especially survivors of childhood sexual abuse, offering them a way of exploring the impact that abuse has had on their relationship with God.

The Cardinal`s Commission on Clerical Sexual Misconduct with Minors
, . "The Cardinal`s Commission on Clerical Sexual Misconduct with Minors." In: Report to Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, Archdiocese of Chicago. pp. 93. 1992. [Document] []
Abstract:Report & recommendations for policy regarding sexual misconduct with minors by priests.

Understanding Clergy Misconduct in Religious Systems
Benyei, Candace R.. "Understanding Clergy Misconduct in Religious Systems." In: Scapegoating, Family Secrets, and the Abuse of Power. The Haworth Pastoral Press pp. 197. 1998. [Book] [705.ben]
Abstract:Helps you see spiritual leaders in a way that the world has been afraid to see them--in a glass clearly.

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