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Abuse and Religion
Horton, Anne & Williamson, Judith. "Abuse and Religion." In: When Praying isn`t Enough. Lexington Books pp. 297. 1988. [Book] [217.hor]
Abstract:A path to treatment for people involved in a violent relationship, victim and abuser.

Is Nothing Sacred?
Fortune, Marie. "Is Nothing Sacred?." In: When sex invades the pastoral relationship. Harper and Row pp. 167. 1989. [Book] [605.for]
Abstract:Case story designed as a blueprint for churches on preventing and finding effective solutions for sexual misconduct against parishioners by clergy.

It Should Never Happen Here
Zarra, Ernest. "It Should Never Happen Here." In: A Guide for Minimizing the Risk of Child Abuse in Ministry. Baker Books pp. 142. 1997. [Book] [605.zar]
Abstract:Provides tips to churches on how to run a worker screening, maximize liability protection, spot signs of abuse and develop a response plan for reporting abuse.

Sexual Violence: The Unmentionable Sin
Fortune, Marie M.. "Sexual Violence: The Unmentionable Sin." In: An Ethical and Pastoral Perspective. The Pilgrim Press pp. 240. 1983. [Book] [217.for]
Abstract:Broken into two parts: examining the roots of the violence and then providing a pastoral perspective of help.

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