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A Teacher Saved My Life
, . "A Teacher Saved My Life." Illinois State Bar Association pp. 35. 1992. [Paper/Booklet] [604.isb]
Abstract:To be used in conjunction with the videotape of the same name.

Bullying 101
, . "Bullying 101." In: Basic Tools to Stop Bullying in Middle School. Hazelden Prevention Library 2001. [Video] []
Abstract:Provides basic discussion points and shows how bullying differs in middle school from elementary school. Comes with a study guide.

Bullying at School
Olweus, Dan. "Bullying at School." In: Understanding Children`s Worlds. Blackwell Publishing pp. 127. 1993. [Book] [604.olw]
Abstract:Provides effective ways of counteracting and preventing bully/victim problems at schools. Provides research based methods. Based on a program in Norway that reduced bullying by 50-percent.

Bullying Behavior
Geffner, Robert & Loring, Marti. "Bullying Behavior." In: Current Issues, Research and Interventions. Haworth Maltreatment & Trauma Press pp. 200. 2001. [Book] [604.gef]
Abstract:Provides insight on how bullying influences later relationships and provides prevention programs for elementary schools.

Empowering Adolescent Girls
LeCroy, Craig Winston & Daley, Janice. "Empowering Adolescent Girls." In: Examining the Present and building skills for the future with the Go GRRRLS Program. W.W. Norton pp. 306. 2001. [Book] [602.lec]
Abstract:Book strives to provide positive images for girls. Provides a program to teach young girls. There is also a workbook available.

Expect Respect
Beck, Irene. "Expect Respect." In: A Sexual Harassment Prevention Module for Middle School. American Association of University Women pp. 184. 1998. [Paper/Booklet] [604.bec]
Abstract:Ideas and curriculum on a program to prevent sexual harassment.

Feeling Yes, Feeling No
, . "Feeling Yes, Feeling No." In: A Sexual Assault Prevention Program for Young Children. Perennial Education pp. 86. 1987. [Paper/Booklet] [602.can]
Abstract:Information on prevention program based in Canada.

Gender Violence in Elementary and Secondary Schools
Stein, Nan. "Gender Violence in Elementary and Secondary Schools." ICASA Coalition Commentary Fall 2001 pp. 4. 2001. [Journal Article] [604.ste]
Abstract:Focuses on sexual harassment and gender violence in schools and provides 13 steps to prevent the problem.

Gender Violence, Gender Justice
Stein, Nan & Cappelo, Dominic. "Gender Violence, Gender Justice." Wellesley College Center for Research on Women pp. 124. 1999. [Paper/Booklet] [601.ste]
Abstract:Teaching guide for teachers of English, literature, social studies, psychology, health, peer counseling and family and consumer sciences. For grades 7-12.

Growing Smart: What`s Working for Girls in School
Hansen, Sunny & Walker, Joyce. "Growing Smart: What`s Working for Girls in School." American Association of University Women Educ. Foundation pp. 102. 1995. [Book] [601.han]
Abstract:Report includes executive summary and an action guide.

Helping Teens Stop Violence
Creighton, Allan & Kivel, Paul. "Helping Teens Stop Violence." In: A Practical Guide for Counselors, Educators and Parents. Hunter House pp. 155. 1992. [Book] [602.cre]
Abstract:Multi-racial step-by-step program which empowers teenagers to resist abuse and prevent violence in relationships.

Making the Peace
Kivel, Paul & Creighton, Allan. "Making the Peace." In: A 15-Session Violence Prevention Curriculum for Young People. Hunter House Publishing pp. 180. 1997. [Book] [602.kiv]
Abstract:Produced by the Oakland Men`s Project.

Preventing Violence in Relationships
Schewe, Paul. "Preventing Violence in Relationships." In: Interventions Across the Life Span. American Psychological Association pp. 265. 2002. [Book] [603.sch]
Abstract:Compilation of articles and research on a variety of issues regarding violence prevention. Focuses on healthy interpersonal relationship skills as the basis for preventing violence.

Protecting Young Children from Sexual Abuse
Gilbert, Neil & Berrick, Jill Duerr. "Protecting Young Children from Sexual Abuse." In: Does Preschool Training Work?. Lexington Books pp. 158. 1989. [Book] [601.gil]
Abstract:Examines if sexual prevention education works at a preschool level and what directions educators could take to make teaching more effective.

Responding to Hate at School
, . "Responding to Hate at School." In: A Guide for Teachers, Counselors and Administrators. Teaching Tolerance pp. 63. 1999. [Document] [604.tol]
Abstract:A branch of the Southern Poverty Law Center discusses how to teach tolerance to students. Provides a variety of methods and tools.

Responding to Sexual Assault on Campus
, . "Responding to Sexual Assault on Campus." State Council of Higher Education for Virginia pp. 26. 1991. [Paper/Booklet] [604.vir]
Abstract:Three-part manual focusing on preventing sexual assault in a university setting.

Right on Course
, . "Right on Course." In: How Trauma and Maltreatment impact children in the classroom and how you can help Grades K-6. Civitas pp. 191. 2002. [Book] [602.civ]
Abstract:A handbook and toolbook providing curriculum on how to help traumatized children.

Sexual Abuse Prevention
Fortune, Maria M.. "Sexual Abuse Prevention." In: A Study for Teenagers. United Church Press pp. 32. 1984. [Paper/Booklet] [602.for]
Abstract:Training guide for working with teenagers.

Sexual Abuse Prevention: A Lesson Plan
Kleven, Sandra. "Sexual Abuse Prevention: A Lesson Plan." Soap Box Productions pp. 20. 1984. [Paper/Booklet] [602.kle]
Abstract:Curriculum based on "The Touching Problem."

Still More Games Trainers Play
Scannell, Edward & Newstrom, John. "Still More Games Trainers Play." McGraw Hill pp. 311. 1994. [Book] []
Abstract:101 different activities for trainers.

The Go GRRRLS Workbook
LeCroy, Craig Winston & Daley, Janice. "The Go GRRRLS Workbook." WW Norton pp. 111. 2001. [Book] [602.lec]
Abstract:Workbook with activities to help provide positive thoughts for girls on a variety of subjects from self-image to making and keeping friends.

The Trouble with Secrets
Johnsen, Karen. "The Trouble with Secrets." Parenting Press pp. 27. 1984. [Paper/Booklet] [601.joh]
Abstract:Focuses on teaching children when to keep a secret.

Top Secret: A discussion guide
Flerchinger, Billie Jo & Fay, Jennifer. "Top Secret: A discussion guide." Network Publications pp. 53. 1985. [Book] [602.fle]
Abstract:Discussion guide to be used with the Top Secret program.

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