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A Very Touching Book
Hindman, Jan. "A Very Touching Book." In: ...for little people and for big people.... AlexAndria Associates pp. 51. 1992. [Book] [602.hin]
Abstract:Through the use of humor, the book encourages children & adults to hold, cuddle, laugh, care, share & most importantly, TALK.

Acquaintance Rape
Bateman, Py. "Acquaintance Rape." In: Awareness and Prevention. Alternatives to Fear pp. 24. 1984. [Paper/Booklet] [602.bat]
Abstract:Tips for avoiding putting yourself in situations where acquaintance rape is more likely.

Advances in Art Therapy
Wadeson, Harriet & Durkin, Jean. "Advances in Art Therapy." John Wiley and Sons pp. 459. 1989. [Book] [306.wad]
Abstract:Explores developments in applications, methodology and training of art therapy using articles from a variety of practitioners.

Art Therapy Practice
Wadeson, Harriet. "Art Therapy Practice." In: Innovative Approaches with Diverse Populations. John Wiley & Sons pp. 452. 2000. [Book] [602.wad]
Abstract:Featuring case examples and client artwork, the book provides instruction on both the classic and contemporary techniques necessary for working with children, adolescents and adults. Also, the book touches on new ways to work with diverse groups from inner-city children to the elderly.

Be Aware, Be Safe
Wong, Debbie. "Be Aware, Be Safe." King County Rape Relief pp. 35. 1982. [Paper/Booklet] [601.won]
Abstract:Booklet designed for southeast Asian teens.

Breaking the Silence
, . "Breaking the Silence." In: Preventing Violence Against Asian American Women. National Asian Women`s Health Organization 2006. [Book] [600.naw]
Abstract:Discussion Group Curriculum features three modules.Discussion Group Curriculum features three modules. Focuses on fostering communication between asian american women and anti-violence advocacy groups.

Dating Violence Curriculum
Nelson, Debbi. "Dating Violence Curriculum." A Woman`s Fund pp. 67. 1997. [Document] [602.nel]
Abstract:Compiled by a Woman`s Fund in Urbana.

Elder Sexual Abuse: The Hidden Victim
, . "Elder Sexual Abuse: The Hidden Victim." In: Training for Law Enforcement. Florida Council Against Sexual Assault pp. 400. 2005. [Document] [703.fla]
Abstract:Manual to train law enforcement. Two volumes (binders)

Empowering Adolescent Girls
LeCroy, Craig Winston & Daley, Janice. "Empowering Adolescent Girls." In: Examining the Present and building skills for the future with the Go GRRRLS Program. W.W. Norton pp. 306. 2001. [Book] [602.lec]
Abstract:Book strives to provide positive images for girls. Provides a program to teach young girls. There is also a workbook available.

Expect Respect
Beck, Irene. "Expect Respect." In: A Sexual Harassment Prevention Module for Middle School. American Association of University Women pp. 184. 1998. [Paper/Booklet] [604.bec]
Abstract:Ideas and curriculum on a program to prevent sexual harassment.

Feeling Yes, Feeling No
, . "Feeling Yes, Feeling No." In: A Sexual Assault Prevention Program for Young Children. Perennial Education pp. 86. 1987. [Paper/Booklet] [602.can]
Abstract:Information on prevention program based in Canada.

Focusing on Pride
CALCASA, . "Focusing on Pride." In: Sexual Assault Prevention in the LGBT Community (Part 1). California Coalition Against Sexual Assault pp. 30. 2001. [Book] []
Abstract:Designed as an introduction to the LGBT community, along with recommendations on working with LGBT sexual assault survivors.

Gender Violence, Gender Justice
Stein, Nan & Cappelo, Dominic. "Gender Violence, Gender Justice." Wellesley College Center for Research on Women pp. 124. 1999. [Paper/Booklet] [601.ste]
Abstract:Teaching guide for teachers of English, literature, social studies, psychology, health, peer counseling and family and consumer sciences. For grades 7-12.

Helping Teens Stop Violence
Creighton, Allan & Kivel, Paul. "Helping Teens Stop Violence." In: A Practical Guide for Counselors, Educators and Parents. Hunter House pp. 155. 1992. [Book] [602.cre]
Abstract:Multi-racial step-by-step program which empowers teenagers to resist abuse and prevent violence in relationships.

Helping Your Child to be safe
Wittet, Scott. "Helping Your Child to be safe." Washington State Department of Health and Social Services pp. 40. 1987. [Paper/Booklet] [600.wit]
Abstract:Provides information aimed at people from Southeast Asia. Written in English, Cambodian and Lao

Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Assault
Osattin, Alison. "Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Assault." In: A Guide to Training Materials and Programs for Health Care Providers. Centers for Disease Control pp. 112. 1998. [Book] [602.osa]
Abstract:Listing of materials and programs compiled by the CDC.

It Happens to Boys too....
Satullo, Jane & Russell, Roberta. "It Happens to Boys too....." Berkshire Press pp. 36. 1987. [Book] [602.sat]
Abstract:Book for young children showing that sexual abuse can happen to boys.

It`s O.K. To Say No!
Pally, Regina. "It`s O.K. To Say No!." Preschool Press pp. 30. 1984. [Paper/Booklet] [602.pal]
Abstract:A coloring book.

Keeping Kids Safe
Tobin, Pnina & Farley, Susan Levinson. "Keeping Kids Safe." In: A Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Manual. Learning Publications pp. 153. 1990. [Book] [601.tob]
Abstract:Developed from the Children`s Self-Help Project.

Kids Online
Hughes, Donna Rice. "Kids Online." In: Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace. Baker Book House pp. 269. 1998. [Book] [602.hug]
Abstract:Provides step-by-step directions for keeping kids safe while allowing them to benefit from the Internet.

Lifestyle Redirection
, . "Lifestyle Redirection." Illinois Department of Corrections pp. 255. 1999. [Document] [602.tcc]
Abstract:Program used at Taylorville Correctional Center.

Making the Peace
Kivel, Paul & Creighton, Allan. "Making the Peace." In: A 15-Session Violence Prevention Curriculum for Young People. Hunter House Publishing pp. 180. 1997. [Book] [602.kiv]
Abstract:Produced by the Oakland Men`s Project.

No More Secrets For Me
Wachter, Oralee. "No More Secrets For Me." Little Brown and Company pp. 46. 1983. [Book] [600.wac]
Abstract:Aimed at children between the ages of 2 and 14.

Nursery School Curriculum
Walters, Marcella. "Nursery School Curriculum." Rockford Sexual Assault Counseling pp. 67. 1985. [Paper/Booklet] [602.wal]
Abstract:Program guidelines developed by the Rockford Sexual Assault Crisis Center.

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: Ages 9-12
Reid, Kathryn Goering & Fortune, Marie. "Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: Ages 9-12." United Church Press pp. 126. 1989. [Book] [602.rei]
Abstract:Curriculum for working with children ages 9-12.

Reaching Men
Funk, Rus. "Reaching Men." In: Strategies for Preventing Sexist Attitudes, Behaviors and Violence. JIST pp. 315. 2005. [Book] []
Abstract:Provides information and strategies that educators and advocates against sexism and violence can use to create effective men`s programs.

Red Flag Green Flag People
Williams, Joy. "Red Flag Green Flag People." Rape and Abuse Crisis Center of Fargo-Moorhead pp. 28. 1980. [Paper/Booklet] [600.wil]
Abstract:Booklet to use with younger children

Right on Course
, . "Right on Course." In: How Trauma and Maltreatment impact children in the classroom and how you can help Grades K-6. Civitas pp. 191. 2002. [Book] [602.civ]
Abstract:A handbook and toolbook providing curriculum on how to help traumatized children.

Sexual Abuse Free Environment for Teens
, . "Sexual Abuse Free Environment for Teens." Vermont Coalition Against Sexual Assault pp. 20. 1999. [Paper/Booklet] [602.vcs]
Abstract:Information on the SAFE-T Program organized by the Vermont Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

Sexual Abuse Prevention
Fortune, Maria M.. "Sexual Abuse Prevention." In: A Study for Teenagers. United Church Press pp. 32. 1984. [Paper/Booklet] [602.for]
Abstract:Training guide for working with teenagers.

Sexual Abuse Prevention: A Lesson Plan
Kleven, Sandra. "Sexual Abuse Prevention: A Lesson Plan." Soap Box Productions pp. 20. 1984. [Paper/Booklet] [602.kle]
Abstract:Curriculum based on "The Touching Problem."

Share the Secret
Plezia, Sharon. "Share the Secret." Haven pp. 35. 1986. [Paper/Booklet] [602.ple]
Abstract:Information booklet for parents to use in teaching children about sexual abuse.

Steps to Healthy Touching
MacFarlane, Kee & Cunningham, Carolyn. "Steps to Healthy Touching." In: A treatment workbook for kids 5-12 who have problems with sexually inappropriate behavior. KidsRights pp. 157. 1988. [Book] [601.mac]
Abstract:Written in the tradition of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Still More Games Trainers Play
Scannell, Edward & Newstrom, John. "Still More Games Trainers Play." McGraw Hill pp. 311. 1994. [Book] []
Abstract:101 different activities for trainers.

Street Smarts
Rafkin, Louise. "Street Smarts." In: A Personal Safety Guide for Women. Harper pp. 182. 1995. [Book] [609.raf]
Abstract:Tips to ensure safety at home, school, in the car, at work and on the street.

Talking to Children/Talking to Parents about Sexual Assault
Loontjens, Lois. "Talking to Children/Talking to Parents about Sexual Assault." Network Publications pp. 68. 1984. [Paper/Booklet] [602.loo]
Abstract:Guide to discussing sexual assault with parents and how they can discuss it with children.

The Go GRRRLS Workbook
LeCroy, Craig Winston & Daley, Janice. "The Go GRRRLS Workbook." WW Norton pp. 111. 2001. [Book] [602.lec]
Abstract:Workbook with activities to help provide positive thoughts for girls on a variety of subjects from self-image to making and keeping friends.

The Trouble with Secrets
Johnsen, Karen. "The Trouble with Secrets." Parenting Press pp. 27. 1984. [Paper/Booklet] [601.joh]
Abstract:Focuses on teaching children when to keep a secret.

Top Secret: A discussion guide
Flerchinger, Billie Jo & Fay, Jennifer. "Top Secret: A discussion guide." Network Publications pp. 53. 1985. [Book] [602.fle]
Abstract:Discussion guide to be used with the Top Secret program.

Turmoil to Turning Points
Kagan, Richard. "Turmoil to Turning Points." In: Building Hope for children in crisis placement. W.W. Norton and Company pp. 270. 1996. [Book] [601.kag]
Abstract:Author shares his experience through a series of cases.

Unequal Partners
Phillips, Lynn. "Unequal Partners." In: Teaching about power and consent in adult-teen relationships. pp. 222. 1993. [Document] [602.phi]
Abstract:Materials for a training developed by author.

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