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Be Aware, Be Safe
Wong, Debbie. "Be Aware, Be Safe." King County Rape Relief pp. 35. 1982. [Paper/Booklet] [601.won]
Abstract:Booklet designed for southeast Asian teens.

Best Practices of Youth Violence Prevention
Thornton, Timothy. "Best Practices of Youth Violence Prevention." In: A Sourcebook for Community Action. Centers for Disease Control pp. 206. 2000. [Book] [606.tho]
Abstract:Practices from four strategies for preventing youth violence.

Focusing on Pride
CALCASA, . "Focusing on Pride." In: Sexual Assault Prevention in the LGBT Community (Part 1). California Coalition Against Sexual Assault pp. 30. 2001. [Book] []
Abstract:Designed as an introduction to the LGBT community, along with recommendations on working with LGBT sexual assault survivors.

Gender Violence in Elementary and Secondary Schools
Stein, Nan. "Gender Violence in Elementary and Secondary Schools." ICASA Coalition Commentary Fall 2001 pp. 4. 2001. [Journal Article] [604.ste]
Abstract:Focuses on sexual harassment and gender violence in schools and provides 13 steps to prevent the problem.

Growing Smart: What`s Working for Girls in School
Hansen, Sunny & Walker, Joyce. "Growing Smart: What`s Working for Girls in School." American Association of University Women Educ. Foundation pp. 102. 1995. [Book] [601.han]
Abstract:Report includes executive summary and an action guide.

In Search of Love
, . "In Search of Love." In: Dating Violence Among Urban Youth. Motivational Educational Entertainment pp. 168. 1996. [Paper/Booklet] [603.mee]
Abstract:Results of a study done by the CDC. Includes analysis. There is also a video.

Keeping Kids Safe
Tobin, Pnina & Farley, Susan Levinson. "Keeping Kids Safe." In: A Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Manual. Learning Publications pp. 153. 1990. [Book] [601.tob]
Abstract:Developed from the Children`s Self-Help Project.

Making Connections to Improve Treatment
, . "Making Connections to Improve Treatment." In: Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse. ICASA pp. 189. 1991. [Document] [601.ica]
Abstract:Manual from training held in 1991.

One Size Does Not Fit All
Quinn, Kathleen. "One Size Does Not Fit All." ICASA Coalition Commentary Spring 2002 pp. 1, 3-5. 2002. [Journal Article] [603.qui]
Abstract:Article focuses on what works in prevetion education programs and how programs must be adjusted to the audience.

Preventing Violence in Relationships
Schewe, Paul. "Preventing Violence in Relationships." In: Interventions Across the Life Span. American Psychological Association pp. 265. 2002. [Book] [603.sch]
Abstract:Compilation of articles and research on a variety of issues regarding violence prevention. Focuses on healthy interpersonal relationship skills as the basis for preventing violence.

Protecting the Gift
de Becker, Gavin. "Protecting the Gift." In: Keeping Children and Teenagers Safe (And Parents Safe). The Dial Press pp. 336. 1999. [Book] [601.deb]
Abstract:Book works to empower parents to trust their instincts when it comes to protecting their children. Shows warning signs and offers suggestions to enhance the child`s safety.

Protecting Young Children from Sexual Abuse
Gilbert, Neil & Berrick, Jill Duerr. "Protecting Young Children from Sexual Abuse." In: Does Preschool Training Work?. Lexington Books pp. 158. 1989. [Book] [601.gil]
Abstract:Examines if sexual prevention education works at a preschool level and what directions educators could take to make teaching more effective.

Rape: Guidelines for a Community Response
Carrow, Deborah. "Rape: Guidelines for a Community Response." U.S. Department of Justice pp. 23. 1980. [Document] []
Abstract:Executive Summary of a DOJ research project.

Sexual Assault and Abuse
Swift, Carolyn. "Sexual Assault and Abuse." In: Sociocultural Context of Prevention. Haworth Press pp. 186. 1995. [Book] [601.swi]
Abstract:Collection of articles.

Steps to Healthy Touching
MacFarlane, Kee & Cunningham, Carolyn. "Steps to Healthy Touching." In: A treatment workbook for kids 5-12 who have problems with sexually inappropriate behavior. KidsRights pp. 157. 1988. [Book] [601.mac]
Abstract:Written in the tradition of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The Gift of Fear
de Becker, Gavin. "The Gift of Fear." In: Survival Signals that protect us from violence. Little Brown and Company pp. 331. 1997. [Book] [601.deb]
Abstract:Groundbreaking book that shows how people can predict violent behavior in others.

Turmoil to Turning Points
Kagan, Richard. "Turmoil to Turning Points." In: Building Hope for children in crisis placement. W.W. Norton and Company pp. 270. 1996. [Book] [601.kag]
Abstract:Author shares his experience through a series of cases.

With the Best of Intentions
Berrick, Jill Duerr & Gilbert, Neil. "With the Best of Intentions." In: The Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Movement. Guilford Press pp. 221. 1991. [Book] [601.ber]
Abstract:Traces the origins and developments of prevention programs. Recommends changes to the way programs are implemented and developed.

Youth Violence Prevention
Powell, Kenneth E. & Hawkins, Darnell E.. "Youth Violence Prevention." In: Descriptions and Baseline Data from 13 Evaluation Projects. Oxford University Press pp. 134. 1996. [Book] [603.pow]
Abstract:Supplement to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine

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