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A Profile of Women`s Health Status in Illinois
, . "A Profile of Women`s Health Status in Illinois." IL Dept of Public Health pp. 89. 1998. [Document] [506. ill]
Abstract:A building block for creating a comprehensive women`s health agenda for Illinois. Using a variety of resources, this book provides a sampling of data about the differing health status of Illinois women.

Effectiveness of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Programs
Campbell, Rebecca & Patterson, Debra. "Effectiveness of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Programs." Trauma, Violence and Abuse pp. 13. 2005. [Document] []
Abstract:Review of psychological, medical, legal and community outcomes.

Improving the Health of Adolescent Girls
Meyer, Jane E. & Leiman, Joan M.. "Improving the Health of Adolescent Girls." In: Policy Report of The Commonwealth Fund Commission on Women`s Health. The Commonwealth Fund pp. 63. 1999. [Paper/Booklet] [500.mey]
Abstract:Information & policy goals to give special attention & resources to the health of adolescent girls.

Mayor Daley`s Task Force on Women`s Health
, . "Mayor Daley`s Task Force on Women`s Health." In: Urban Women`s Health Agenda. Dept. of Health, City of Chicago pp. 135. 1994. [Paper/Booklet] [500.chi]
Abstract:Guidebook for those of us who believe we must meet the challenges addressed by this Task Force in its first report. These challenges prevent urban America`s women & girls from achieving the health that is their birthright.

Sacrificing Our Selves For Love
Hyman, Jane Wegscheider & Rome, Esther R.. "Sacrificing Our Selves For Love." In: Why Women Compromise Health and Self-Esteem...and How To Stop. The Crossing Press pp. 230. 1996. [Book] [500.hym]
Abstract:Explains society`s role in promoting this sacrifice & provides exercises to counter societal pressure.

Selected Facts on U.S. Women`s Health
Leiman, Joan M. & Meyer, Jane E.. "Selected Facts on U.S. Women`s Health." In: Chart Book. The Commonwealth Fund pp. 99. 1997. [Book] [506.lei]
Abstract:A chart book of selected information on women`s health for a broad audience -- a sampling of important statistics.

Women`s Health Chart Book
, . "Women`s Health Chart Book." In: A Regional Inventory. Health & Medicine Policy Research Group 1994. [Book] [506.USD]
Abstract:Intended to serve as a reference for planners, researchers, policy makers, state & regional office staff, as well as other health professionals who are seeking an overview of health status, programming & funding of women`s health in Region V.

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