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Adapting Military Sex Crime Investigations to Changing Times
, . "Adapting Military Sex Crime Investigations to Changing Times." National Academy of Public Administration pp. 217. 1999. [Book] [404.nap]
Abstract:Report given by a panel to the Department of Defense.

And Justice For Some
Murphy, Wendy. "And Justice For Some." In: An expose of the lawyers and judges who let dangerous criminals go free. Sentinel pp. 271. 2007. [Book] [400.mur]
Abstract:Critical look at the justice system by this famed lawyer and victim`s rights advocate.

Battered Women in the Courtroom
Ptacek, James. "Battered Women in the Courtroom." In: The Power of Judicial Responses. Northeastern University Press, Boston pp. 240. 1999. [Book] [400.pta]
Abstract:Exposes many of the myths & dilemmas about the abuse of women & offers crucial insights into the power of judges to encourage or discourage women from claiming their rights.

Consent Handbook for Self-Advocates and Support Staff
Terril, Cathy Ficker. "Consent Handbook for Self-Advocates and Support Staff." American Association of Mental Retardation pp. 36. 1999. [Paper/Booklet] [704.ter]
Abstract:Provides details on the legal issues of consent.

Colson, Charles & Van Ness, Daniel. "Convicted." In: New Hope for Ending America`s Crime Crisis. Crossway Books pp. 111. 1989. [Book] [400.col]
Abstract:Book gives an overview on how crime effects all citizens and how to help victims of crime.

Criminal Justice Politics and Women
SchWeber, Claudine & Feinman, Clarice. "Criminal Justice Politics and Women." In: The Aftermath of Legally Mandated Change. The Haworth Press pp. 133. 1985. [Book] [400.sch]
Abstract:Articles by women on how changes in the law have worked.

Criminalizing Abused Girls
Simkins, Sandra & Katz, Sarah. "Criminalizing Abused Girls." Violence Against Women Journal pp. 25. 2002. [Journal Article] [201.sim]
Abstract:Study of how the justice system criminalizes girls that have been abused.

Cyberstalking and Law Enforcement: Keeping Up With the Web
Hitchcock, J.A.. "Cyberstalking and Law Enforcement: Keeping Up With the Web." Crime Victims Report pp. 3. V. 6.2002. [Journal Article] [500.hit]
Abstract:Article on cyberstalking, with history and recent law enforcement efforts to combat the crime.

DNA: Critical Issues for Those Who Work with Victims
, . "DNA: Critical Issues for Those Who Work with Victims." US Department of Justice 2007. [Video] [400.pre]
Abstract:Intended to raise awareness for those involved in cases with DNA evidence.

Homosexuality and the Law
Knutson, Donald. "Homosexuality and the Law." In: Volume 1 of the Monograph Series, Research on Homosexuality. The Haworth Press, Inc. pp. 160. 1980. [Book] [702.knu]
Abstract:Essays to encourage dialogue among professionals to help dispel the notion that the worth of individual men & women can be determined by stereotypical conduct attributed to "homosexuals."

It`s the Law
Carrel, Annette. "It`s the Law." In: A young person`s guide to our legal system. Volcano Press pp. 183. 1994. [Book] []
Abstract:General review of the U.S. court system.

Memory, Trauma Treatment, and the Law
Brown, Daniel & Scheflin, Alan W.. "Memory, Trauma Treatment, and the Law." In: An essential reference on memory for clinicians, researchers, attorneys, & judges.. W.W. Norton & Company pp. 786. 1998. [Book] [311.bro]
Abstract:Designed to be a one-stop text for clinicians & experimentalists who wish to understand the workings of memory in & out of the therapeutic arena.

Mothers on Trial
Chesler, Phyllis. "Mothers on Trial." In: The Battle for Children and Custody. The Seal Press pp. 558. 1987. [Book] [400.che]
Abstract:Portraits of the psychological and economic consequences for women and children that are separated in custody battles.

My Court Notebook
, . "My Court Notebook." In: Family Court. State of South Carolina pp. 25. 1988. [Document] [412.ssc]
Abstract:Workbook for kids to use while waiting in court.

National Survey of Victim-Offender Mediation Programs in the United States
, . "National Survey of Victim-Offender Mediation Programs in the United States." Office for Victims of Crime pp. 25. 2000. [Document] [400.ovc]
Abstract:Research findings from study. Touches on wide variety of areas.

New Directions from the Field: Victims` Rights and Services
, . "New Directions from the Field: Victims` Rights and Services." In: Strategies for Implementation. Tools for Action. U.S. Department of Justice pp. 120. 1997. [Book] [400.doj]
Abstract:Book contains various strategies and a video discussing implementation of strategies.

Promising Practices
, . "Promising Practices." In: Improving the Criminal Justice System`s Response to Violence Against Women. Stop Violence Against Women Grants Technical Assistance Proj pp. 500. 1995. [Document] [409.sva]
Abstract:Designed to help programs with specific problems and develop plans to combat the problems.

Public Hearing on Ordinances to Add Pornography as Discrimination Against Women
, . "Public Hearing on Ordinances to Add Pornography as Discrimination Against Women." In: Minneapolis City Council. Organizing Against Pornography pp. 100. 1983. [Paper/Booklet] [803.dwo]
Abstract:Minutes from the city council meeting discussing the Dworkin/MacKinnon Doctrine in 1983.

Rape and the Culture of the Courtroom
Taslitz, Andrew E.. "Rape and the Culture of the Courtroom." New York University Press pp. 210. 1999. [Book] [400.tas]
Abstract:From his own experience as a prosecutor, Taslitz spotlights the enduring obstacles to effective enforcement of our laws against rape.

Response to Rape: Detours on the road to Equal Justice
, . "Response to Rape: Detours on the road to Equal Justice." U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee pp. 64. 1983. [Document] [401.sjc]
Abstract:Report given to the SJC. Includes review, stats and recommendations.

Sexual Assault Response Teams
, . "Sexual Assault Response Teams." In: Partnering for Success. Office for Victims of Crime 2006. [Video] []
Abstract:Training video demonstrates the progress being made to improve victim services and to enchance prosecution of sexual assault cases. It is designed as a resource for professionals who work with victims of sexual assault. It is eight minutes long.

Sexual Relationships between Adult Males and Young Teen Girls
Elstein, Sharon & Davis, Noy. "Sexual Relationships between Adult Males and Young Teen Girls." In: Exploring the Legal and Social Responses. American Bar Association pp. 41. 1997. [Document] [400.els]
Abstract:Review of laws and procedures with recommendations to improve the system.

The Criminalization of a Woman`s Body
Feinman, Clarice. "The Criminalization of a Woman`s Body." Harrington Park Press pp. 221. 1992. [Book] [401.fei]
Abstract:Articles on the legal systems crackdown on how a woman uses her body.

The Vulnerable Social Worker
Besharov, Douglas. "The Vulnerable Social Worker." In: Liability for Serving Children and Families. National Association of Social Workers pp. 275. 1985. [Book] [410.bes]
Abstract:Guideline for social workers in handling abuse cases.

Unwanted Sex
Schulhofer, Stephen. "Unwanted Sex." In: The Culture of Intimidation and the Failure of Law. Harvard University Press pp. 318. 1998. [Book] [402.sch]
Abstract:Discusses the need to refocus laws against rape and sexual harassment.

You the Jury
Roseman, Mark & Craig, William. "You the Jury." In: A Recovered Memory Case. Seven Locks Press pp. 467. 1997. [Book] [407.ros]
Abstract:Goes through a recovered memory case and leaves the decision in the hands of the reader as to the person`s guilt.

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