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Guidelines for Officers Responding to Victims of Rape/Sexual Assault
, . "Guidelines for Officers Responding to Victims of Rape/Sexual Assault." Family Resources Inc. pp. 41. 1990. [Document] [404.qcr]
Abstract:Manual published by ICASA`s center in the Quad Cities.

Investigating Sexual Assault:
Archambault, Joanne. "Investigating Sexual Assault:." In: The Preliminary Response. SATI, Inc. 2004. [Video] [404.arc]
Abstract:Series provides comprehensive training on the criminal justice response to sexual violence. Designed in "roll call length" segments to be used for ongoing training.

Promising Practices
, . "Promising Practices." In: Improving the Criminal Justice System`s Response to Violence Against Women. Stop Violence Against Women Grants Technical Assistance Proj pp. 500. 1995. [Document] [409.sva]
Abstract:Designed to help programs with specific problems and develop plans to combat the problems.

Step by Step
Hindman, Jan. "Step by Step." In: 16 steps toward legally sound sexual abuse investigations. AlexAndria Associates pp. 43. 1987. [Paper/Booklet] [404.hin]
Abstract:Guideline for interviewing victims of sexual assault

The Role of Law Enforcement in the Response to Child Abuse and Neglect
Pence, Donna. "The Role of Law Enforcement in the Response to Child Abuse and Neglect." U.S. Department of Health and Human Services pp. 78. 1992. [Document] [412.pen]
Abstract:Part of the User Manual Series.

Understanding Sexual Violence
, . "Understanding Sexual Violence." In: The Judge`s Role in Stranger and Nonstranger Rape and Sexual Assault Cases. National Judicial Education Program pp. 160. 2003. [Video] [400.nie]
Abstract:Video curriculum teaches judges about how victims react differently to sexual assault and how judges should handle a courtroom in sexual assault cases. Features three videos and 160 pages of material.

When a Child Reports a Crime
, . "When a Child Reports a Crime." In: Encouraging children to report crime and responding appropriately when they do. National Crime Prevention Council pp. 75. 1992. [Book] [404.ncp]
Abstract:Advice on how to get children to report any crime.

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