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Criminal Justice Politics and Women
SchWeber, Claudine & Feinman, Clarice. "Criminal Justice Politics and Women." In: The Aftermath of Legally Mandated Change. The Haworth Press pp. 133. 1985. [Book] [400.sch]
Abstract:Articles by women on how changes in the law have worked.

Illinois Criminal Sexual Assault Law
, . "Illinois Criminal Sexual Assault Law." In: A Report on the Public Hearings. ICASA pp. 27. 1986. [Document] [402.ica]
Abstract:Report stemming from ICASA sponsored hearings on the criminal sexual assault law in 1986.

Intimate Intrusions
Stanko, Elizabeth. "Intimate Intrusions." In: Women`s Experience of Male Violence. Routledge and Kegan Paul pp. 211. 1985. [Book] [102.sta]
Abstract:British-based work examines women`s experiences of male violence and the reaction of those to whom women complain about male violence.

National Symposium on Sexual Assault
, . "National Symposium on Sexual Assault." F.B.I. pp. 43. 1984. [Magazine] [401.fbi]
Abstract:Collection of articles on sexual assault training. Symposium took place in 1984.

On Trial
Dziech, Billie Wright & Schudson, Charles. "On Trial." In: America`s Courts and their Treatment of Sexually Abused Children. Beacon Press pp. 226. 1989. [Book] [401.dzi]
Abstract:Examines how child victims and their families are treated in the judicial system.

Rape and Its Victims
, . "Rape and Its Victims." In: A Report for Citizens, Health Facilities, And Criminal Justice Agencies. U.S. Department of Justice pp. 362. 1975. [Book] [401.doj]
Abstract:Comprehensive report done in 1975 on rape, crisis centers and victims.

Rape and the Culture of the Courtroom
Taslitz, Andrew E.. "Rape and the Culture of the Courtroom." New York University Press pp. 210. 1999. [Book] [400.tas]
Abstract:From his own experience as a prosecutor, Taslitz spotlights the enduring obstacles to effective enforcement of our laws against rape.

Rape Study Committee
, . "Rape Study Committee." In: Report to the House of Representatives and the 82nd General Assembly of the state of Illinois. State of Illinois pp. 202. 1982. [Book] [401.rsc]
Abstract:Study of Illinois sexual assault laws from 1982. Library also includes report from 1980.

Response to Rape: Detours on the road to Equal Justice
, . "Response to Rape: Detours on the road to Equal Justice." U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee pp. 64. 1983. [Document] [401.sjc]
Abstract:Report given to the SJC. Includes review, stats and recommendations.

The Criminalization of a Woman`s Body
Feinman, Clarice. "The Criminalization of a Woman`s Body." Harrington Park Press pp. 221. 1992. [Book] [401.fei]
Abstract:Articles on the legal systems crackdown on how a woman uses her body.

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