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A Book About Sexual Assault
, . "A Book About Sexual Assault." Montreal Health Press Inc. pp. 50. 1987. [Paper/Booklet] [300.mon]
Abstract:General information about sexual assault.

Abused Women and Survivor Therapy
Walker, Lenore. "Abused Women and Survivor Therapy." In: A Practical Guide for the Psychotherapist. American Psychology Association pp. 487. 1994. [Book] [300.wal]
Abstract:Guide to tweaking psychotherapy to best suite female clients.

An End to Panic
Zuercher-White, Elke. "An End to Panic." In: Breakthrough Techniques for Overcoming Panic disorder - 2nd Edition. New Harbinger Publications, Inc. pp. 218. 1998. [Book] [315.zue]
Abstract:Brings together in-depth coverage of the state-of-the-art treatment strategies, using a supportive, interactive format that lets you move forward with confidence, one step at a time.

And They Call it Help
Armstrong, Louise. "And They Call it Help." In: The Psychiatric Policing of America`s Children. Addison-Wesley pp. 383. 1993. [Book] [300.arm]
Abstract:Investigation into whether children today have more psychiatric problems than ever or if this is a by product of our adult society being brainwashed by the language and business of the psychiatric industry.

Art of Survival
Kazmierczak, Elka. "Art of Survival." In: Women, Healing and the Arts. Elka Books pp. 34. 2006. [Book] [300.kaz]
Abstract:Reflects on relevance of art and aesthetic experience to the lives of women and their impact on the Reflects on relevance of art and aesthetic experience to the lives of women and their impact on the Reflects on relevance of art and aesthetic experience to the lives of women and their impact on the

Assessing Sexual Abuse
Prentky, Robert & Edmunds, Stacey Bird. "Assessing Sexual Abuse." In: A Resource Guide for Practitioners. SaferSocietyPress pp. 151. 1997. [Book] [300.pre]
Abstract:Book provides surveys and questionaires to use.

Children and Trauma
Monahon, Cynthia. "Children and Trauma." In: A Guide for Parents and Professionals. Josey-Bass pp. 222. 1993. [Book] [305.mon]
Abstract:Teaches parents and professionals about the effects of traumas on children and offers a blueprint for restoring a child`s sense of safety and balance.

Spiegel, David. "Dissociation." In: Culture, Mind, and Body. American Psychiatric Press, Inc. pp. 227. 1994. [Book] [300.spi]
Abstract:First book to combine cultural anthropology, cognitive psychology, neurophysiology, and the study of psychosomatic illness to present the latest information on the dissociative process.

Hsiung, Robert. "e-therapy." In: Case Studies, Guiding Principles, and the Clinical Potential of the Internet. W.W. Norton pp. 226. 2002. [Book] [300.hsi]
Abstract:Look at the potential of using the Internet as a counseling tool. Provides case studies and other information.

Emotionally Involved
Campbell, Rebecca. "Emotionally Involved." In: The Impact of Researching Rape. Routledge pp. 176. 2002. [Book] []
Abstract:Describes the emotional impact of researching rape and how it feels to deal with working in the sexual violence field.

Handbook of Prevention and Treatment with Children and Adolescents
Ammerman, Robert T. & Hersen, Michel. "Handbook of Prevention and Treatment with Children and Adolescents." In: Intervention in the Real-World Context. John Wiley and Sons pp. 654. 1997. [Book] [601.amm]
Abstract:Collection of articles discussing a variety of intervention strategies and problems faced.

Handbook of the Psychology of Women and Gender
Unger, Rhoda. "Handbook of the Psychology of Women and Gender." John Wiley and Sons pp. 558. 2001. [Book] [ung]
Abstract:Provides a balanced, in-depth treatment of major contemporary theoris, trends and advances in the field of women and gender. Looks at a variety of approaches.

Multiple Personality Disorder
Ross, Colin A.. "Multiple Personality Disorder." In: Diagnosis, Clinical Features and Treatment. Wiley/Interscience Project pp. 382. 1989. [Book] [300.ros]
Abstract:Comprehensive account of the history, etiology, diagnosis, phenomenology and treatment of MPD. Designed for practitioners.

Rape: The Misunderstood Crime
Allison, Julie A. & Wrightsman, Lawrence S.. "Rape: The Misunderstood Crime." Sage Publications pp. 307. 1993. [Book] [306.all]
Abstract:Comprehensive account of why rape as a crime and its affects are misunderstood by most people.

Recovering from Sexual Abuse, Addictions and Compulsive Behaviors
Knauer, Sandra. "Recovering from Sexual Abuse, Addictions and Compulsive Behaviors." In: Numb Survivors. Haworth Social Practice Press pp. 367. 2002. [Book] [312.kna]
Abstract:Discusses what a survivor needs to do to eliminate addictive and compulsive behaviors.

Rediscovering childhood trauma
Goodwin, Jean M.. "Rediscovering childhood trauma." In: Historical Casebook and Clinical Applications. American Psychiatric Press pp. 215. 1993. [Book] []
Abstract:Analyzes famous psychiatric cases from a modern viewpoint.

Repression and Dissociation
Singer, Jerome. "Repression and Dissociation." In: Implications for Personality Theory, Psychopathology and Health. University of Chicago Press pp. 512. 1990. [Book] [300.sin]
Abstract:Experts examine the historical origins of the concept of repression, survey the clinical and research evidence for its existence as a psychological function, and summarize the major theoretical formulations of repression.

The Dance of Anger
Lerner, Harriet Goldhor. "The Dance of Anger." In: A Women`s Guide to Changing the Patterns of Intimate Relationships. Perennial Library Harper & Row pp. 239. 1985. [Book] [200.ler]
Abstract:Insightful and prescriptive guide that shows women how to turn anger into a constructive force for reshaping their lives.

The Path to Wholeness
Tuttle, Carol. "The Path to Wholeness." In: A Personal Approach to Spiritual Healing and Empowerment for Individuals Recovering from Sexual and. Covenant pp. 233. 1993. [Book] [314.tut]
Abstract:Especially relevant to those who grew up in strict religious systems.

The Psychopathic Mind
Meloy, J. Reid. "The Psychopathic Mind." In: Origins, Dynamics, and Treatment. Jason Aronson Inc. pp. 474. 1992. [Book] [315.mel]
Abstract:Represents the confluence of many steams of thought & addresses the interest of the whole mental health field in a way in which few others have.

Transforming Trauma
Salter, Anna. "Transforming Trauma." In: A Guide to Understanding and Treating Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse. Sage pp. 349. 1995. [Book] [303.sal]
Abstract:Book uses clinical illustrations as well as an empathetic approach. Includes concepts like benign transformationa nd malignant competition.

Trauma and Recovery
Herman, Judith Lewis. "Trauma and Recovery." In: The aftermath of violence from domestic abuse to political terror. Basic Books pp. 276. 1992. [Book] [300.her]
Abstract:Herman`s 1992 groundbeaking work. Two copies include a new afterword written in 1997.

Trauma and the Therapist
Pearlman, Laurie Anne & Saakvitne, Karen W.. "Trauma and the Therapist." In: Countertransference and Vicarious Traumatization in Psychotherapy with Incest Survivors. W.W. Norton & Company pp. 449. 1995. [Book] [303.pea]
Abstract:Explores the role and experience in the therapeutic relationship by examining countertransference and vicarious tramatization.

What to do When the Police Leave
Jenkins, Bill. "What to do When the Police Leave." In: A Guide to the First Days of Traumatic Loss. WBJ Press pp. 157. 2001. [Book] [305.jen]
Abstract:Gives concise, practical, and authoritative answers to the question that inevitably follows the newsGives concise, practical, and authoritative answers to the question that inevitably follows the newsGives concise, practical, and authoritative answers to the question that inevitably follows the news

With the Phoenix Rising
Grossman, Frances & Cook, Alexandra. "With the Phoenix Rising." In: Lessons from Ten Resilient Women who overcame the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. Jossey-Bass pp. 258. 1999. [Book] [303.gro]
Abstract:Lessons from 10 women who have successfully integrated the expereince of traumatic childhood sexual abuse into their lives. Provides hope for fellow survivors and gives clinicians the insight they need to help encourage other women.

Women and Sex Therapy
Cole, Ellen & Rothblum, Esther D.. "Women and Sex Therapy." The Haworth Press pp. 300. 1988. [Book] [300.col]
Abstract:Collection of articles for the sex therapist interested in the woman`s perspective, and the mental health practitioner interested in current issues in sex therapy that pertain to women.

Working with Children from Violent Homes
Davis, Diane. "Working with Children from Violent Homes." In: Ideas and Techniques. Network Publications pp. 29. 1986. [Paper/Booklet] [300.dav]
Abstract:Focuses on domestic violence.

Working with parents of aggressive children
Cavell, Timothy A.. "Working with parents of aggressive children." In: A Practitioner`s Guide. American Psychological Association pp. 265. 2000. [Book] [304.cav]
Abstract:Focuses on Cavell`s Responsive Parent Therapy program, which is structured to work with the parents of young school-age children.

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