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False Memory Syndrome
, False Memory Foundat. "False Memory Syndrome." False Memory Foundation 1993. [Document] [312.fms]
Abstract:Newsletters and articles dealing with false memory.

Inaccuracies in children`s Testimony
Meyer, Jon`a F.. "Inaccuracies in children`s Testimony." In: Memory, Suggestibility, or Obedience to Authority?. The Haworth Press pp. 164. 1997. [Book] [311.mey]
Abstract:Illuminates the most critical & difficult aspect of prosecuting crimes against children, i.e., the believability of the child victim/witness.

Memory and Abuse
Whitfield, Charles L.. "Memory and Abuse." In: Remembering and Healing The Effects of Trauma. Health Communications, Inc. pp. 375. 1995. [Book] [311.whi]
Abstract:Provides crucial information for anyone affected by a traumatic experience.

Memory of Childhood Trauma
Reviere, Susan L.. "Memory of Childhood Trauma." In: A Clinician`s Guide to the Literature. The Guilford Press pp. 178. 1996. [Book] [311.rev]
Abstract:Distills the current scientific research on childhood trauma & memory.

Memory, Trauma Treatment, and the Law
Brown, Daniel & Scheflin, Alan W.. "Memory, Trauma Treatment, and the Law." In: An essential reference on memory for clinicians, researchers, attorneys, & judges.. W.W. Norton & Company pp. 786. 1998. [Book] [311.bro]
Abstract:Designed to be a one-stop text for clinicians & experimentalists who wish to understand the workings of memory in & out of the therapeutic arena.

Misinformation Concerning Child Sexual Abuse and Adult Survivors
Whitfield, Charles & Silberg, Joyanna. "Misinformation Concerning Child Sexual Abuse and Adult Survivors." Haworth Maltreatment & Trauma Press pp. 217. 2001. [Book] [100.whi]
Abstract:Collection of articles working to counter those who disregard the trauma of sexual abuse.

Psychological Assessment of Adult Posttraumatic States
Briere, John. "Psychological Assessment of Adult Posttraumatic States." American Psychological Association pp. 250. 1997. [Book] [301.bri]
Abstract:Social, scientific and legal context of the debate about recovered memories.

Recollections of Sexual Abuse
Courtois, Christine A.. "Recollections of Sexual Abuse." In: Treatment Principles and Guidelines. W.W. Norton & Company pp. 436. 1999. [Book] [311.cou]
Abstract:Provides the practicing clinician with information about the controversy surrounding delayed/repressed memory of sexual abuse.

The Recovered Memory/False Memory Debate
Pezdek, Kathy & Banks, William P.. "The Recovered Memory/False Memory Debate." Academic Press pp. 394. 1996. [Book] [311.pez]
Abstract:Presents the latest contributions from researchers representing the full range of positions on the issues and using many different approaches to the questions.

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