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Abuse and Religion
Horton, Anne & Williamson, Judith. "Abuse and Religion." In: When Praying isn`t Enough. Lexington Books pp. 297. 1988. [Book] [217.hor]
Abstract:A path to treatment for people involved in a violent relationship, victim and abuser.

An End to Panic
Zuercher-White, Elke. "An End to Panic." In: Breakthrough Techniques for Overcoming Panic disorder - 2nd Edition. New Harbinger Publications, Inc. pp. 218. 1998. [Book] [315.zue]
Abstract:Brings together in-depth coverage of the state-of-the-art treatment strategies, using a supportive, interactive format that lets you move forward with confidence, one step at a time.

Dissociation in Children and Adolescents
Putnam, Frank W.. "Dissociation in Children and Adolescents." In: A Developmental Perspective. The Guilford Press pp. 423. 1997. [Book] [302.put]
Abstract:Comprehensive developmental approach to understanding, diagnosing, and treating dissociation.

Hsiung, Robert. "e-therapy." In: Case Studies, Guiding Principles, and the Clinical Potential of the Internet. W.W. Norton pp. 226. 2002. [Book] [300.hsi]
Abstract:Look at the potential of using the Internet as a counseling tool. Provides case studies and other information.

Emotionally Involved
Campbell, Rebecca. "Emotionally Involved." In: The Impact of Researching Rape. Routledge pp. 176. 2002. [Book] [315.cam]
Abstract:Describes the emotional impact of researching rape and how it feels to deal with working in the sexual violence field.

Feminist Perspectives on Eating Disorders
Fallon, Patricia & Katzman, Melanie. "Feminist Perspectives on Eating Disorders." The Guilford Press pp. 465. 1994. [Book] [500.fal]
Abstract:Looks at the relationship between eating disorder and the everyday problems facing women.

From the Heart to the Hands
Riley, Julia Balzer. "From the Heart to the Hands." In: Keys to Successful Healthcaring Connections. Integrated Management & Publishing Systems, Inc. pp. 160. 1999. [Book] [315.ril]
Abstract:Written as a resource for health care providers whose moments of connection with clients and family sustain them both & build health caring relationships.

Healing the Divided Self
Phillips, Maggie & Frederick, Claire. "Healing the Divided Self." In: Clinical & Ericksonian Hypnotherapy for Post-traumatic & Dissociative Conditions. W.W. Norton & Company pp. 371. 1995. [Book] [306.phi]
Abstract:Provides a step-by-step guide for the use of hypnotic techniques in the treatment of the entire spectrum of dissociative disorders.

Multiple Personality and Dissociation
Calof, David L. & LeLoo, Mary. "Multiple Personality and Dissociation." In: Understanding incest, Abuse, and MPD. Parkside Publishing pp. 93. 1993. [Book] [315.cal]
Abstract:An edited version of an interview for those interested in understanding addiction, abuse, dysfunction, & the healing process.

Multiple Personality Disorder
Ross, Colin A.. "Multiple Personality Disorder." In: Diagnosis, Clinical Features and Treatment. Wiley/Interscience Project pp. 382. 1989. [Book] [300.ros]
Abstract:Comprehensive account of the history, etiology, diagnosis, phenomenology and treatment of MPD. Designed for practitioners.

Outgrowing the Pain
Gil, Eliana. "Outgrowing the Pain." In: A Book for and About Adults Abused as Children. A Dell Trade Paperback pp. 88. 1983. [Book] [303.gil]
Abstract:Book of questions that can pinpoint & illuminate destructive patterns.

Rebuilding the Garden
McLaren, Karla. "Rebuilding the Garden." In: Healing the Spiritual Wounds of Childhood Sexual Assault. Laughing Tree Press pp. 241. 1997. [Book] [303.mcl]
Abstract:Helps readers transform the experience of sexual assault from a personal tragedy into an engagement with the deeper spiritual and cultural issues of the world.

Sexual Violence: The Unmentionable Sin
Fortune, Marie M.. "Sexual Violence: The Unmentionable Sin." In: An Ethical and Pastoral Perspective. The Pilgrim Press pp. 240. 1983. [Book] [217.for]
Abstract:Broken into two parts: examining the roots of the violence and then providing a pastoral perspective of help.

Shattered Assumptions
Janoff-Bulman, Ronnie. "Shattered Assumptions." In: Towards a New Psychology of Trauma. The Free Press pp. 256. 1992. [Book] [306.jan]
Abstract:Constructs comprehensive framework for understanding the psychology of victimization and trauma.

The Angry Heart
Santoro, Joseph & Cohen, Ronald. "The Angry Heart." In: Overcoming Borderline and Addictive Disorders. New Harbinger Publications pp. 253. 1997. [Book] [314.san]
Abstract:Self-help guide combines professional expertise with the words & experiences of Samuel, a young man who is struggling to stay on the path of his own healing journey.

The Courage to Heal
Bass, Ellen & Davis, Laura. "The Courage to Heal." In: A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse. Perennial Library pp. 495. 1988. [Book] [303.bas]
Abstract:An inspiring, comprehensive guide that offers hope & encouragement to every woman who was sexually abused as a child--and those who care about her.

The Courage to Heal Workbook
Davis, Laura. "The Courage to Heal Workbook." In: For Women and Men Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse. Harper and Row pp. 460. 1990. [Book] [303.dav]
Abstract:Workbook to use in conjunction with the book The Courage to Heal.

The Depression Workbook
Copeland, Mary Ellen & McKay, Matthew. "The Depression Workbook." In: A Guide for Living with Depression & Manic Depression. New Harbinger Publications, Inc. pp. 304. 1992. [Book] [314.cop]
Abstract:Expanding on particular treatment strategies in greater detail, each chapter lets you note your own responses to vital self-help queries side-by-side with those of the 120 survey participants.

The Mosaic Mind
Goulding, Regina A. & Schwartz, Richard. "The Mosaic Mind." In: Empowering the Tormented Selves of Child Abuse Survivors. W.W. Norton pp. 365. 1995. [Book] [303.gou]
Abstract:Uses the internal family systems theory to study child abuse survivors.

The Path to Wholeness
Tuttle, Carol. "The Path to Wholeness." In: A Personal Approach to Spiritual Healing and Empowerment for Individuals Recovering from Sexual and. Covenant pp. 233. 1993. [Book] [314.tut]
Abstract:Especially relevant to those who grew up in strict religious systems.

The Psychopathic Mind
Meloy, J. Reid. "The Psychopathic Mind." In: Origins, Dynamics, and Treatment. Jason Aronson Inc. pp. 474. 1992. [Book] [315.mel]
Abstract:Represents the confluence of many steams of thought & addresses the interest of the whole mental health field in a way in which few others have.

The Scarred Soul
Alderman, Tracy. "The Scarred Soul." In: Understanding & Ending Self-Inflicted Violence. New Harbinger Publications, Inc. pp. 216. 1997. [Book] [314.ald]
Abstract:Written for the victims of self-inflicted violence--teaches them what they can do to stop hurting themselves.

The Survivor`s Guide
Lee, Sharice A.. "The Survivor`s Guide." Sage Publications pp. 144. 1995. [Book] [315.lee]
Abstract:Provides information to survivors of sexual abuse about how the abuse can affect a person.

Trauma and the Therapist
Pearlman, Laurie Anne & Saakvitne, Karen W.. "Trauma and the Therapist." In: Countertransference and Vicarious Traumatization in Psychotherapy with Incest Survivors. W.W. Norton & Company pp. 449. 1995. [Book] [303.pea]
Abstract:Explores the role and experience in the therapeutic relationship by examining countertransference and vicarious tramatization.

Treating Children with Sexually Abusive Behavior Problems
Burton, PhD, Jan Ellen & Rasmussen, PhD, Lucinda A.. "Treating Children with Sexually Abusive Behavior Problems." In: Guidelines for Child and Parent Intervention. The Haworth Maltreatment & Trauma Press pp. 279. 1998. [Book] [306.bur]
Abstract:Pioneering venture in the area of sexual abuse, this integrated treatment approach suggests ways to develop parallel treatment strategies for both parents and children who display harmful sexual behavior.

Treating Sexually Abused & Their Nonoffending Parents
Deblinger, Esther & Heflin, Anne Hope. "Treating Sexually Abused & Their Nonoffending Parents." In: A Cognitive Behavioral Approach. Sage Publications pp. 256. 1996. [Book] [306.deb]
Abstract:Addresses the needs and behaviors of sexually abused children and treats the importance of parent/caretaker involvement with great respect, intelligence, and creativity.

Treatment of Multiple Personality Disorder
Braun, Bennett. "Treatment of Multiple Personality Disorder." American Psychiatric Press pp. 204. 1986. [Book] [306.bra]
Abstract:Merges clinical understanding and MP research into therapeutic approaches that can be employed in clinical practice.

Trust After Trauma
Matsakis, Aphrodite. "Trust After Trauma." In: A Guide to Relationships for Survivors & Those Who Love Them. New Harbinger Publications pp. 344. 1998. [Book] [305.mat]
Abstract:Stimulating & practical guide to the difficult journey from traumatic isolation & aloneness to meaning & human intimacy.

United We Stand
Gil, Eliana. "United We Stand." In: A Book for People with Multiple Personalities. Launch Press pp. 43. 1990. [Book] [315.gil]
Abstract:Written for individuals with multiple personalities, & explains what multiplicity is.

Woman, Why Do You Weep?
Flaherty, Sandra M.. "Woman, Why Do You Weep?." In: Spirituality for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse. Paulist Press pp. 166. 1992. [Book] [315.fla]
Abstract:Practical suggestions for nurturing the inner life of the spirit.

Women, Girls, & Psychotherapy
Gilligan, Carol & Rogers, Annie G.. "Women, Girls, & Psychotherapy." In: Reframing Resistance. Harrington Park Press pp. 272. 1991. [Book] [306.gil]
Abstract:Brings together papers on adolescent girls to reframe the clinical understanding of resistance to include both the notion of resistance as a health-sustaining process and the practice of resistance as a political strategy.

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