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Bread & Spirit
Aponte, Harry J.. "Bread & Spirit." In: Therapy with the New Poor. W.W. Norton & Company pp. 257. 1994. [Book] [307.apo]
Abstract:Stressing culture, community, and choice, this book speaks to therapy for the new poor, a people poor more because they have lost their spirit than because they lack bread.

Counseling the Culturally Diverse
Wing Sue, Derald & Sue, David. "Counseling the Culturally Diverse." In: Theory and Practice. Wiley & Sons pp. 505. 2003. [Book] [307.win]
Abstract:Completely updated edition of a standard. Includes new updated chapters on counseling African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos and Native Americans, LGBT, developmentally disabled and others.

Counseling the Older Adult
McDonald, Patricia Alpaugh & Haney, Margaret. "Counseling the Older Adult." In: A Training Manual in Clinical Gerontology. Jossey-Bass pp. 190. 1988. [Book] [307.mcd]
Abstract:Provides step-by-step method for understanding the basic problems of the elderly. Organized into a workbook format.

Cultural Competency and Native Women
, . "Cultural Competency and Native Women." In: A Guide For Non-Natives who advocate for battered women and rape victims. Sacred Circle pp. 72. 2002. [Paper/Booklet] [701.sac]
Abstract:Booklet produced by Sacred Circle.

Culturally Competent Services
, . "Culturally Competent Services." Virginia Department of Social Services 2001. [Journal Article] [307.vir]
Abstract:In depth article on providing culturally competent services to survivors of sexual assault and abuse.

Gender Loving Care
Ettner, Randi. "Gender Loving Care." In: A Guide to Counseling Gender-Variant Clients. W.W. Norton & Company pp. 181. 1999. [Book] [702.ett]
Abstract:Comprehensive guide to understanding & treating gender identity disorders.

Lessons from the Lion`s Den
Cotton, Nancy. "Lessons from the Lion`s Den." In: Therapeutic Management of Children in Psychiatric Hospitals and Treatment Centers. Jossey-Bass pp. 311. 1993. [Book] [302.cot]
Abstract:Outlines specific actions that apply to dailty situations and behavioral crisis.

, . "Respect." In: An Equal-Opportunity Attitude. Blue Tower Training Center pp. 19 minutes. 2007. [Video] []
Abstract:Meet 6 brave & outspoken people who know what it`s really like to be living with disabilities.Meet 6 brave & outspoken people who know what it`s really like to be living with disabilities.

Transcending Silence
, . "Transcending Silence." In: A series about speaking out and taking action in our communities. Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault pp. 78. 2001. [Paper/Booklet] [707.wis]
Abstract:Series includes a booklet on on sexual assault and people with disabilities, the elderly, people with physical or sensory disabilities and people with psychiatric disabilities. Produced by the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

Treating Sexually Abused Women Inmates: A Group Treatment Manual
Ganz, Shelly. "Treating Sexually Abused Women Inmates: A Group Treatment Manual." Shelly Ganz pp. 79. 2002. [Document] [711.gan]
Abstract:Work by Prairie Center counselor that shows how to set up group counseling sessions and provides 10 session ideas.

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