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A History Worth Celebrating
Black, Sean. "A History Worth Celebrating." ICASA Coalition Commentary pp. 1-5. 2003. [Journal Article] [200.bla]
Abstract:Article on ICASA`s history that appeared in Winter 2003 Coalition Commentary.

A People`s History of the United States
Zinn, Howard. "A People`s History of the United States." In: 1492-Present. Perennial Classics pp. 729. 2003. [Book] [200.zin]
Abstract:Tells America`s history from the point of view of women.

A Promise and A Way of Life
Thompson, Becky. "A Promise and A Way of Life." In: White Antiracist Activism. University of Minnesota Press pp. 482. 2001. [Book] [206.tho]
Abstract:Weaves an account of the past half-century based on the life histories of 39 people who have placed antiracist activism at the center of their lives.

Faludi, Susan. "Backlash." In: The Undeclared War Against American Women. Crown Publishers pp. 548. 1991. [Book] [200.fal]
Abstract:Examination of women`s crumbling status in American life and culture.

, . "Betrayal." In: The Crisis in the Catholic Church. The Boston Globe 2002. [Book] [705.tbg]
Abstract:Story focuses on the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church around the Boston area. It was written by the Boston Globe.

Miner, Valerie & Longino, Helen E.. "Competition." In: A Feminist Taboo?. The Feminist Press pp. 260. 1987. [Book] [200.min]
Abstract:Offers various voices--in contradiction and in agreement--about an issue that has been simmering for years.

Denial links fans to faithful
Black, Sean. "Denial links fans to faithful." ICASA Winter 2003 Coalition Commentary pp. 5. 2003. [Journal Article] [200.bla]
Abstract:Article on public`s denial to believe sexual assault allegations against clergy and famous athletes. Appeared in Winter 2003 Coalition Commentary.

Evaluating Services for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Riger, Stephanie & Bennett, Larry. "Evaluating Services for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault." SAGE Publications pp. 183. 2002. [Book] [200.rig]
Abstract:Provides comprehensive guidelines & field-tested tools for direct service evaluation programs. Also chronicles & celebrates over 30 years of progress made by the anti-violence movement.

Every Mother`s Son
Arcana, Judith. "Every Mother`s Son." In: The Role of Mothers in the Making of Men. The Seal Press pp. 323. 1986. [Book] [205.arc]
Abstract:A compelling examination of male socialization and the role of women in raising sons.

Everyday Violence
Stanko, Elizabeth. "Everyday Violence." In: How women and men experience sexual and physical danger. Pandora pp. 167. 1990. [Book] [200.sta]
Abstract:Explores the efforts of ordinary people to manage sexual and physical danger in everyday life.

Feminist Groupwork
Butler, Sandra & Wintram, Claire. "Feminist Groupwork." Sage Publications pp. 200. 1991. [Book] [200.but]
Abstract:Explores the purposes, practice and effectiveness of groupwork with women.

For Her Own Good
Ehrenreich, Barbara & English, Deirdre. "For Her Own Good." In: 150 Years of the Experts` Advice to Women. Anchor Press/Doubleday pp. 369. 1979. [Book] [200.ehr]
Abstract:An analysis of 150 years of quiet warfare between American women and `expert` professionals, especially doctors.

Gender, Race and Class in Media
Dines, Gail & Humez, Jean. "Gender, Race and Class in Media." Sage Publications pp. 774. 2003. [Book] [200.din]
Abstract:Collection of articles on the impact of media.

Ghosts from the Nursery
Karr-Morse, Robin & Wiley, Meredith S.. "Ghosts from the Nursery." In: Tracing the Roots of Violence. The Atlantic Monthly Press pp. 364. 1997. [Book] [200.kar]
Abstract:Gives new evidence that violent behavior is fundamentally linked to abuse and neglect in the first two years of life.

Hate Crimes Seminar
, . "Hate Crimes Seminar." In: Working Together to Stop Hate Crimes. State of Illinois 1998. [Document] [200.ill]
Abstract:Documents from Hate Crimes Seminar sponsored by the Il. Attorney General`s office in 1998.

Dworkin, Andrea. "Heartbreak." In: The Political Memoir of a Feminist Militant. Basic Books pp. 211. 2002. [Book] [200.dwo]
Abstract:The personal side of Dworkin`s journey as an activist, writer and influential member of the women`s movement.

In our time
Brownmiller, Susan. "In our time." In: Memoir of a Revolution. Delta Trade Paperbacks pp. 360. 2002. [Book] [202.bro]
Abstract:Brownmiller`s memoir of four decades spent on the front lines of the women`s movement.

Dworkin, Andrea. "Intercourse." The Free Press pp. 257. 1987. [Book] [215.dwo]
Abstract:Dworkin asserts that the essece of female oppression is rooted in nothing less than the act of sexual intercourse.

Making Violence Sexy
Russell, Diana E.H.. "Making Violence Sexy." In: Feminist Views on Pornography. Teachers College Press pp. 302. 1993. [Book] [800.rus]
Abstract:Collection of feminist articles that show pornography causes harm to women.

New Versions of Victims
Lamb, Sharon. "New Versions of Victims." In: Feminists Struggle with the Concep. New York University Press pp. 210. 1999. [Book] [200.lam]
Abstract:Series of articles about feminism and rape and complexities of the issues.

News for a Change
Wallack, Lawrence & Woodruff, Katie. "News for a Change." In: An Advocate`s Guide to Working with the Media. Sage Puglications pp. 152. 1999. [Book] [1200.wal]
Abstract:Serves as a blueprint for those wanting to increase the power and effectiveness of their social change efforts.

Not For Sale
Stark, Christine & Whisnat, Rebecca. "Not For Sale." In: Feminists Resisting Prostitution and Pornography. Spinifex pp. 445. 2004. [Book] [202.sta]
Abstract:Essays from feminists on the sex industry with radical critiques of racism, poverty, militarism and Essays from feminists on the sex industry with radical critiques of racism, poverty, militarism and corporate capitalism.

Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions
Steinem, Gloria. "Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions." New American Library pp. 370. 1983. [Book] [200.ste]
Abstract:Steinem speaks out provocatively and personally through an exceptional collection of her best writings.

pedagogy of the oppressed
Freire, Paulo. "pedagogy of the oppressed." Continuum pp. 183. 2003. [Book] [200.fre]
Abstract:30th Anniversary edition of renowned novel.

Pure Lust
Daly, Mary. "Pure Lust." In: Elemental Feminist Philosophy. Beacon Press pp. 467. 1984. [Book] [215.dal]
Abstract:Using the new realm of spheres, Daly focuses on and spirals off of the traditional Deadly Sin of Lust.

Remembering Andrea Dworkin
, . "Remembering Andrea Dworkin." Rain and Thunder pp. 43. 2005. [Magazine] [200.gen]
Abstract:Special issue commemorating the life of feminist Andrea Dworkin.

Revolution from Within
Steinem, Gloria. "Revolution from Within." In: A Book of Self-Esteem. Little Brown and Company pp. 378. 1992. [Book] [200.ste]
Abstract:Book by feminist leader focuses on self-esteem and uses stories and research to build self-esteem in women.

Sexual Abuse in America: Epidemic of the 21st Century
Freeman-Longo, Robert & Blanchard, Geral. "Sexual Abuse in America: Epidemic of the 21st Century." Safer Society Press pp. 220. 1998. [Book] [200.fre]
Abstract:Book provides wide range of information from causes of sexual abuse to the media`s role in sexual abuse to prevention strategies.

Sexual Assault and Abuse
Swift, Carolyn. "Sexual Assault and Abuse." In: Sociocultural Context of Prevention. Haworth Press pp. 186. 1995. [Book] [601.swi]
Abstract:Collection of articles.

Shortchanging Girls, Shortchanging America
, . "Shortchanging Girls, Shortchanging America." In: A nationwide poll that assesses self-esteem, educational experiences, interest in math and science. American Association of University Women pp. 19. 1994. [Document] [205.aau]
Abstract:Commissioned by the American Association of University Women

Sisterhood is Global
Morgan, Robin. "Sisterhood is Global." In: The International Women`s Movement Anthology. Anchor Press pp. 812. 1984. [Book] [200.mor]
Abstract:Features articles by feminists from around the world. Each article is preceded by statistics.

McCullough, Rita I.. "Sources." In: An Annotated Bibliography of Women`s Issues. Knowledge, Ideas & Trends, Inc. pp. 320. 1991. [Book] [200.mcc]
Abstract:Guide to the most recent books on women`s issues. Over 1500 titles listed from more than 160 publishers.

The American Woman 1987-88
Rix, Sara E.. "The American Woman 1987-88." In: A Report in Depth. W.W. Norton & Company pp. 350. 1987. [Book] [200.rix]
Abstract:Provides current information about the status of women and women`s issues in America.

The American Woman 1988-89
Rix, Sara E.. "The American Woman 1988-89." In: A Status Report. W. W. Norton & Company pp. 442. 1988. [Book] [200.rix]
Abstract:The 2nd annual report on the status of women in the U.S. answers a multitude of questions regarding the social, economic, and political characteristics of American women.

The American Woman 1990-91
Rix, Sara E.. "The American Woman 1990-91." In: A Status Report. W. W. Norton & Company pp. 446. 1990. [Book] [200.rix]
Abstract:The 3rd annual report on the status of women in the U.S.documents the current social, economic, and political status of American women.

The Book of Women`s Firsts
Read, Phyllis J. & Witlieb, Bernard L.. "The Book of Women`s Firsts." Random House pp. 511. 1992. [Book] [200.rea]
Abstract:Compiles the achievements of a rich variety of almost 1,000 American women who were the first in their fields.

The Dance of Anger
Lerner, Harriet Goldhor. "The Dance of Anger." In: A Women`s Guide to Changing the Patterns of Intimate Relationships. Perennial Library Harper & Row pp. 239. 1985. [Book] [200.ler]
Abstract:Insightful and prescriptive guide that shows women how to turn anger into a constructive force for reshaping their lives.

The Decade of Women
Levine, Susan. "The Decade of Women." In: A Ms. History of the Seventies in Words and Pictures. Ms. Magazine pp. 252. 1980. [Book] [200.lev]
Abstract:Year by year look at the 1970s through photos and articles.

The F Word
Rowe-Finkbeiner, Kristin. "The F Word." In: Feminism in Jeopardy. Seal Press pp. 332. 2004. [Book] [200.row]
Abstract:Written to remind women of their power and challenge them to move beyond labels and work to protect and further women`s rights and freedom.

The First Ms. Reader
Klagsbrun, Francine. "The First Ms. Reader." In: An anthology of articles.. Warner Paperback Library pp. 282. 1973. [Book] [200.kla]
Abstract:How women are changing their lives -- in work, sex, politics, love, poers, and life styles.

To Form a More Perfect Union
, . "To Form a More Perfect Union." In: Justice for American Women. United States State Department pp. 382. 1976. [Book] []
Abstract:Report of the National Commission on the Observance of International Women`s Year 1976.

Victimology: A New Focus
Drapkin, Israel & Viano, Emilio. "Victimology: A New Focus." In: Exploiters and Exploited: The Dynamics of Victimization. D.C. Heath and Company pp. 204. V. V.2001. [Book] [200.dra]
Abstract:Comprehensive presentation of current work originated in the international scholarly community

Violence against Women
Bachman, Ronet. "Violence against Women." In: A National Crime Victimization Survey Report. U.S. Department of Justice pp. 14. 1994. [Book] [200.bac]
Abstract:Report is based upon a nationally representative sample survey of women and entailing about 400,000 individual interviews.

What a Girl Wants
, . "What a Girl Wants." Media Education Foundation 2002. [Video] [200.mei]
Abstract:Insightful responses from 11 girls about how the media portrays girls.

Woman Hating
Dworkin, Andrea. "Woman Hating." E.P. Dutton pp. 219. 1974. [Book] [200.dwo]
Abstract:Dworkin`s groundbreaking work.

, . "Women." In: Challenges to the Year 2000. United Nations pp. 96. 1992. [Document] [200.una]
Abstract:United Nations report of difficulties facing women across the world.

Women and Girls in the Social Environment
Smyth, Nancy J.. "Women and Girls in the Social Environment." In: Behavioral Perspectives. The Haworth Press, Inc. pp. 246. 2003. [Book] [200.smy]
Abstract:Examines women`s bahavior in the context of social stages & situations occurring over the course of a lifetime.

Women at the Margins
Figueira-McDonough, Josefina & Sarri, Rosemary. "Women at the Margins." In: Neglect, Punishment and Resistance. Haworth Press pp. 432. 2002. [Book] [200.fig]
Abstract:Compilation of research and articles on different cultures and groups of women facing oppression.

Women in the World
Seager, Joni & Olson, Ann. "Women in the World." In: An International Atlas. Simon & Schuster, Inc. pp. 128. 1986. [Book] [200.sea]
Abstract:Complete guide to the global status of women in vivid, easy-to-understand atlas form.

Women, Power, and Change
Weick, Ann & Vandiver, Susan T.. "Women, Power, and Change." National Association of Social Workers, Inc. pp. 214. 1980. [Book] [200.wei]
Abstract:Articles show growing awareness by social workers of the sense of powerlessness that women feel, individually and collectively.

Women`s Growth in Diversity
Jordan, Judith V.. "Women`s Growth in Diversity." In: More Writings from the Stone Center. The Guilford Press pp. 342. 1997. [Book] [200.jor]
Abstract:Second compilation of writings on the special paths of women`s psychological development.

Women`s Lives, Men`s Laws
MacKinnon, Catharine A.. "Women`s Lives, Men`s Laws." Harvard Press pp. 557. 2005. [Book] [200.mac]
Abstract:Collection of previously unpublished writings from MacKinnon from 1980 to the present.

Women`s Reality
Schaef, Anne Wilson. "Women`s Reality." In: An Emerging Female System in a White Male Society. Winston Press pp. 169. 1985. [Book] [200.sch]
Abstract:Dissection of the psycho-social differences between male and female experience.

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